Learn all about becoming a public figure on Instagram: what is it, how it works, what benefits it offers, how to activate a public profile to get Instagram stats and other tools to promote your social media account.
How To Become A Public Figure On Instagram! The Complete Guide!
We have already known that social networks are not only a tool for communication and placement of visual content but also a platform for the active promotion of entrepreneurial ideas. If you plan to become a public figure on Instagram and to make your profile more attractive to the TA. Or maybe you are a marketer and want to qualitatively advertise the goods, services of the brand/company, then you need to be a real public figure on Instagram. For this, you need to switch your personal account to business. So, I’ve prepared for you the ultimate guide on how to do this and also find out what it is useful for. Be ready, it will be sooooooo informative!

What does public figure mean on Instagram?

As a rule, such a signature is given to bloggers or famous people who have Instagram account. Also, they point out the field of the user’s activity. What benefits this signature can bring to you? Firstly, the option of connection, that is available now. It is a good opportunity for commercial accounts to find them as quickly as possible. The second - is the option of statistics. This feature allows fixing the activity measures of your followers. Thirdly, this mark will identify you from the other users of Instagram and add some special power and authority, and make you a real opinion leader.

To get the status of a public figure, you need to switch your profile on Instagram to business. Let’s see how to do this and what additional benefits bring this to you. This will the pros and cons and decide whether this option is necessary for you or not!

Firstly, talk about the benefits of a business account.

#1 Access to statistics

If you have a business account, you get access to advanced statistics:

For the profile:
  • find out who your followers are (region, age range, gender, hours and days with maximum follower activity);
  • account interactions (number of profile visits, reach, impressions per week and compared to the previous period);
  • statistics on weekly content (how many publications and stories, the most popular of them, features of promotions).
For a specific publication:
  • how many likes, comments, bookmarks, sending to friends;
  • the total number of views, the number of unique users, transitions to the profile after viewing the post;
  • where were the impressions: from the main, from hashtags, from geolocation.
For stories:
  • how many people and who exactly saw your story;
  • who followed the links posted in the history;
  • how many followings occurred after viewing.
#2 The expanded profile description

In your business account, you can:
  • signature that indicates the scope of activity under the name of the account;
  • specifying the address of the organization;
  • button "How to call”, which allows the customer to immediately connect;
  • button "Address”, when the person clicks on it, the service will automatically redirect him to the message box.;
  • a "Where to find" button that opens a Google map with a mark of your location;
  • action button (Buy tickets, Book, Sign Up, Make an order).

#3 Function "Promotions”

It allows you to create advertising campaigns directly on your Instagram account. The easiest and fastest way to promote your publications.

The only disadvantage of the business account is that unfortunately, there is no possibility to create a private account. Of course, for companies, it is not an appropriate one, cause their goal is to attract an audience. But if you plan to connect a business account to your personal page, make sure that your profile is open, otherwise, you will not be able to go to the company profile.

How to become a public figure on Instagram?

The switching process is carried out in 2 steps:

  1. Create a company page on Facebook.
  2. Linking Facebook to Instagram account.

Let's analyze step by step how to do it.

Step #1. Creating a company page on Facebook

To create a company page, log in to your personal account on Facebook. If you haven’t such a page, register on the site. For this, enter your phone number or email and think about the password. After registration and log in to your account do the following:

  1. Go to the Facebook page creation or click on the arrow in the profile header.
  2. Click “Start” under the “Company or Brand” or “Community” or “Public Person" it depends on your goals.
  3. Enter all the required information about the company.

The info from the “Category" column will be displayed in the Instagram profile. You can always change this information in the app, so don't worry if you can't find the right category right away. This can be revisited later in the customer service account.

Step #2. Switching to a business account on Instagram

Facebook and Instagram accounts need to be linked in order to switch to a business account. To do this, go to the app on your phone. Although Instagram is available for viewing on the computer, the web version is limited in functionality and it will not be possible to link accounts:

  1. Go to “Menu” - click on the button “Settings”.
  2. Select “Account”, then go to the business account.
  3. Click “Continue”.
  4. Select the “business profile category”.
  5. Confirm or change your contact details (phone, email, address).
  6. In the next step, link the Facebook page. To do this, log in to your Facebook account and select the page you created.
  7. Press the tap “Done”.

Congratulations! You’ve managed to connect Instagram into a business profile yourself!

How to create a business account on Instagram without Facebook

If you do not plan to maintain a company page on Facebook or simply do not want to bother with registration and creation of a Facebook page, you can go to the business profile of the company without being tied to Facebook. To do this go the same way:

  1. Go to Facebook and click “Settings”.
  2. Go to the business account and select a category.
  3. Select "Do not link to Facebook".
  4. Confirm the data.

In this case, the FB will create a page with your name, which does not have an owner, and you will be able to fully use the tools of the Instagram business profile.

More about such feature as business account I’ve written in the article Enjoy Amazing Earning Opportunities Of Running Instagram Business Account! Read it now to know the most useful information!

Now, you are a real public figure on Instagram! You have access to available goodies that Instagram has!

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