If you still ask yourself a question how to get real followers on Instagram, this article will tell you how to do that fast!
Buzz Topic: How To Get Real Followers On Instagram?
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All your attempts were in vain - still do not see the results of your hard work on promotion of your account? Well, Instagram is a competitive area - to gain success, you have to beat your brains out. If you really want to stand out from others on IG, to create a nice account is not enough. It's time to learn how to get real followers on Instagram, how to do that effectively, and how we can help you. Read attentively!

What to start with?

Before you begin to take any action, you need to decide on a global strategy. You need to set a clear goal and, on its basis, think over the global topics and themes of your account.

Make a content plan for the coming month, where you would briefly indicate what exactly you want to tell your followers. You need a clear understanding of what audience of users your account is designed for and how it will attract potential followers.

I won't disclose it in details, as I've already written about it in my article "Striking Strategy: How to Plan Instagram Content?". Don't hesitate to read it.

The most important thing is the design of your profile. This is the first touch with users. Therefore it is important that the profile meets all the criteria:

  • Put a search keyword in your username or nickname. These two fields are indexed by the search engine, so it is very important to enter the key correctly and harmoniously.
  • The photo should be simple, clear, and bright. Avoid complex images and various labels.
  • A filled-in description. Use this field to the maximum, write short abstracts about your work, insert emoji to attract attention, and so on. You can read more about it here - "Instagram Bio Tricks + Funny Instagram Bios for Your Inspiration!"
  • Clickable link. Share with readers a link to your site, social media profiles, YouTube channel, or a specific video.

If your profile does not match at least one of the above points, then it's time to work on this. Your profile should also be filled in a single style that is fully consistent with the theme of the blog or your brand. Name, login, description, avatar, and all publications should correspond to the general aesthetics of the account.

How to get real followers on Instagram

A correctly arranged profile is not at all a guarantee of a large number of followers. You can creatively fill the page, publish a lot of useful information every day, but the number of followers will not grow at all. Undoubtedly, it frees you from any motivation, and your Instagram page comes into oblivion.

This is a common problem that most users who have decided to engage in the serious promotion of their accounts. The initial enthusiasm is replaced by apathy and irritation from the number of likes on competitors' similar records. All this can be avoided if you know the simple secrets of page promotion.

Personal contacts

Once you have created an account, go to the "Settings" menu, and then to Follow and Invite Friends. But do not forget to connect your FB page and other networks. All the users you choose will be notified of this and may follow you in return.

The more contacts you have, the more followers you will get. Let's hope you are a highly social person.

Other social platforms

Promotion of an account on Instagram works well in conjunction with your accounts on other social networks. You can get followers on Instagram by posting an active link in the profile descriptions on FB, Twitter, etc.


How to get more real followers on Instagram? Just use relevant and diverse hashtags for each post! Users search for the necessary posts by hashtags. Add hashtags to each post, up to 30 tags are allowed. Use Hashtags generator to facilitate the process of selecting relevant tags.

More questions

To increase engagement, ask your followers questions. Post with questions and a call to answer in the comments. Be interested in the opinions they share, find out what they love, and so on. This will not only bring comments but also improve communication with the audience. The obtained data can also be used in the development of a content plan.

The more ER of your audience, the higher you will be in IG ratings. Thus, your posts will be shown more often. That will bring new followers.

Live streams

In the app, you can also broadcast live, and this is a great opportunity to attract users during a direct appeal, which win over more followers than properly produced content.

Polls, stickers

Get your audience involved. Conduct polls, add funny stickers, ask users to share their opinions, and answer the question. This will not only affect activity statistics but also help to attract followers.


Make active use of calls-to-action. At first glance, this may seem that it's an obsessive begging for "likes," but in practice, this significantly increases the engagement of the audience. Simple "Put like if you liked" or "Share your story" look unobtrusive and are quite effective.

What do we offer?

Inflact's team offers an advanced approach to your promotion - joint work of specially designed software and a team of professionals.

  • Accurate targeting - by hashtags, location, usernames, language, and gender;
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  • Insight report - estimate the results of promo campaign and improve your strategy.

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