As Instagram grows, so does the amount of fake accounts and scams. So, proven your authenticity is a must for big names and business. In the article we will remain with you along the whole way it takes to obtain a verified badge.
How to get verified on Instagram: 5 tips and 3 tools for getting the blue badge tick

All of them stand out among the usual audience, and this happens even on a visual level, thanks to a special tick or verified badge on Instagram. Want to get a badge as an Instagram influencer, business account, or brand? Let's take a closer look at what it is, why you need it, and how to get it.

get verified on Instagram

Purpose of Instagram verification

At first glance, it may seem that such a move allows a certain person to stand out among the crowd, to show their uniqueness and high status. In fact, in a sense, this is indeed the case.

Status and reputation

Hundreds of popular personalities, owners of companies, and brands who value their reputation are on Instagram every day.

At the same time, there are some people who want to ruin this reputation or take advantage of the good name of a celebrity and pull off another fraudulent scheme on innocent people. That is why the blue checkmark on Instagram serves as a kind of separator of real people from fakes who only hide behind someone else's face.

This was done so that no one could impersonate you or introduce dishonest business.

Another equally important advantage is a sharp rise in your profile in the search. For example, if a person is engaged in cosmetics, then, with appropriate requests, their profile will be displayed higher than unverified users.

blue badge tick

Lowered block possibility

A checkmark reduces the chances of being blocked.

Your account is given maximum attention from the creators of the social network, but at the same time, your account from this moment is not under “supervision” but rather under the protection of Instagram.

Attention: Scammers on Instagram have once again shown their creativity: now they deceive users by offering for them to go through the account verification process and receive a blue checkmark. Some hackers create fake profiles and offer checkboxes in exchange for the user's personal data. Others trick influencers in this way to gain access to their accounts. Some people sell these badges for thousands of dollars.

How to get verified on Instagram?

To be verified, an account must comply with the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. You can find even more in the Instagram official instructions for getting a verified badge. To apply, you need the following:

  • The account must represent a real person, business or organization.
  • The account must be unique.
  • Animals and fictional characters are also eligible for verification.
  • Only one account per person or company can be verified, excluding language-specific accounts.
  • The account must be public and contain a bio, profile photo, and at least one post.
  • The account must represent a well-known or popular person, brand, or organization.
Instagram verification

These are the formal conditions that you need to have in order to get a tick from Instagram—but this is not enough, as you understand, otherwise most of the accounts of little-known users or those doing business would be verified.

By the way: Verification confirms the authenticity of the account. This does not mean that the social network approves of the user's content or somehow supports it.

5 tips to get a tick on Instagram for sure

What you can do to make you more likely to be given a verified Instagram tick:

  1. Get as many publications about you in the media as you can

Work this point as much as possible. Pay 5-10 sites with high traffic and direct relevance to the topic of your account to post articles mentioning your account.

  1. Show your verified accounts in other social networks

For example, Twitter is easier to get, YouTube needs 100k subscribers.

Be sure to develop your accounts in the maximum number of social networks and show Instagram that when you enter your brand name or your name in a Google search, a lot of results are returned, which inspires confidence.

How to get verified on Instagram
  1. Get a large number of Instagram followers

Build relevant, loyal, and true Instagram followers with trusted and professional follower growth bots! If you get a cheap and untried one, instead of a blue checkmark, Instagram will give you a ban.

Use the most engaging content; try to do it without sweepstakes and contests as Instagram does not strongly encourage this. Use cross-posting with other accounts, and, of course, use only professional and proven mass following that Instagram will not have questions or suspicions about. Don't try to use cheap and unverified auto-follower bots. It could lead your account to disaster.

  1. Post only permanent, unique content

Use the special post scheduler to make your posting consistent and professional. See how popular and ultra-engaging accounts post twice or even three times a day!

Find and produce only unique content to get Instagram’s love and the blue tick verified badge.

  1. No cheating or violations of Instagram rules

If you’ve had a ban from Instagram at least once, your chances of getting a verified badge are lower. Here are three main reasons for violations of Instagram rules:

Copyright infringement

Instagram cares about the rights of content creators and aims to ensure that people show their creative sides, and don't use other people's labor. Therefore, copyright infringement is one of the common reasons for blocking and sanctions from social networks. This category includes not only the use of someone else's photos or videos but also the publication of logos of other companies.

Complaints and spam

Your Instagram account can be suspended after complaints about spam and negative comments.

Explicit content

You can be in a shadow ban for the publication of pornography and erotic content. By the way, if you post your little ones in a negligee, then you can easily get a ban for children's naked photos.

Note: You can check if your account status is good if you go to Settings - Account - Account status

Bonus 6th fact:

Posts should encourage visitors to stay on Instagram. That is, do not post with a call to go see your video on YouTube.

By the way: The photo sharing platform does not publish statistics on how many users have verified their account in a year, but the platforms almost never revoke the status unless the user openly violates the terms. This means that even if you leave the industry or stop doing what made you popular, you will not lose the icon next to your name.

How to request verification on Instagram


First, you need to find the Instagram application on your device and open it.


Click on the three stripes in the upper right corner and open the settings.


After you have entered the settings, you need to open an account.

Instagram official instructions for getting a verified badge


From the proposed actions in your account you need to select 'Request Verification'.


You must fill in the blank fields—username, first and last name, nickname—and select an account category. You also need to provide a photo of your ID—passport, driver's license, or company documents.


After the steps are taken, you need to wait for confirmation from Instagram.

If your request is denied, you can reapply after 30 days.