Why do you need automation of DMs, and what are the best services for that? Answers are inside!
10 Best Tools To Automate Instagram Direct Messages

Sending messages via Instagram Direct is an excellent tool that allows you to interact with followers and engage in commercial activities: sell goods or services, make advertisements, etc. I'm sure it is used both by ordinary users and specialists who are responsible for running and promoting a brand or a product on social networks.

Why do you need to use Instagram DM not only for fun?

You may do not know, but Instagram Direct offers much more than just fun content sharing. It allows:

- Messaging to communicate any information: be it an advertisement or a commercial offer for the maximum number of users. A message may offer goods or services, apply various tactics to interest and engage a person in the process.
- Providing any information to a selected circle of people: notifications about the start of promotions and discounts, about the contests, news, and other announcements.
- Sending a welcome message so that a person who starts following your profile can receive a standard text containing "thank-you" (or maybe you know another way to express gratitude).
- Calling for mutually beneficial cooperation with advertisers or artists who publish interesting content, which is popular among a certain segment of the audience.

What are the ways of bulk messaging?


It's suitable only for those who "have time".

- It does not require cash investments;
- There is no need to transfer personal data (login and password) to third-party resources so that they gain access to the account;
- The main disadvantage of the manual mode is that it is quite tedious.

Automatic. Those who know the real value of time use special tools and services to automate the process.
- It saves time;
- Increase the reach;
- Boost efficiency.

That's why it is of prime importance to choose the right tool. What are the best tools to automate Instagram Direct Messages? Read on!

What are the best tools to automate Instagram Direct Messages?

1. Inflact

Of course, we can speak with certainty only for ourselves. We've recently launched the service of automatic DMs. Now Inflact is even more efficient!

You can manage your Instagram account completely with Inflact now, even from PC and Mac! It's the safest service on the market as it applies the Artificial Intelligence technology; it takes into account the updated Instagram limits.

Our messenger offers:
- Audience segmentation;
- Text, photo, video formats available;
- DMs for all new followers;
- Custom lists for a proper targeting;
- Welcoming messages;
- Instant replies.

Besides Auto Direct Messages, we provide advanced service for Scheduled Posting. You can learn more about it - Refreshed Scheduled Posting: How to Post on Instagram Online in a New Way? , free Hashtags Generator and the accurately targeted liking and following (both manual and automatic) and many other gimmicks you will find stunning.

Price: $21/month

2. BigBangram

BigBangram is the next tool for Instagram activity automation, which deserves your close attention.

Its auto DM service includes:
- 100 free DM Templates;
- Free sales scripts;
- Flexible Distribution List.

It includes all possible services for promotion as well (even Comment Tracker). Its competitive edge is the pricing below market and simultaneously high quality of work.

Price: $9/month

3. Instavast

Instavast is an Instagram bot with good reviews. It also introduces an all-in-one promotional service.

It offers to:
- Send DMs to either new followers or create a custom list or all;
- Auto pause;
- Filter Recipient list;
- Send photo, link or a post.

Price: $10/month

4. IG:dm

IG:dm is open-source software and needs downloading. Moreover, it offers only messaging in Direct, no additional services. But still, it deserves the 4th place because of its generosity.

With it, you can:
- Look through the Users list and start chat;
- View list of users who do not follow you back;
- Quote messages;
- View images.

Price: $0


5. Instazood

That's a quite famous bot which also provides a wide range of automation services for promotion.

It allows:
- Send welcome DM;
- Make up a custom list;
- DMs for all users.

Price: $14.99/month

6. iDirect

iDirect offers purely automatic messaging service, a cloud-based one.

- Mailing from multiple accounts;
- Active links in DMs;
- Communication in Direct from PC;
- Up to 125000 messages per day.

Price: $2/month

7. AiGrow

The service positions itself as a business-oriented service. But I can assure you it remains to be the oldy-moldy Instagram bot which offers post scheduling and auto DMs.

- Targeting;
- AiGrown branded/unbranded DMs.

Price: at least $49 (full package)/month

8. MaherGram

MaherGram is a cool service with auto Comment and Repost features in addition to standard functionality.

Its Auto Direct messaging tools enables:

- Auto DMs to new followers

Price: at least $49 (full package)/month

9. IGAssistant

This is Instagram growth service, very circumspect, and carefully developed. It offers a complex solution for Instagram promotion.

As for the Auto Direct Messenger, it provides:
- Spintax format messaging;
- Multiple Campaigns;
- Image attachment;
- Up to 200 DMs per day;
- Custom List;
- Vast filtering Options.

Price: $15/month

10. Instamber

This Instagram bot also positions itself as a tool purely for businesses and influencers. It includes an IG bot, auto DMs, IG scheduler. You can even buy likes and follows (do not think that businesses and influencers would undertake such a venture.)

- Filters;
- Customized DMs;
- Image or post attachment.

Price: $10/month


That's all! Use Auto Messengers wisely, do not spam badly, be creative to engage people to a great extent. You can find some ideas in our blog - Genius Instagram Direct Templates That Will Inspire You!

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