How to grow on Instagram if this is your first time? Dig into practical advice from experts in this guidance.
How to Grow on Instagram: 5 Practical Tips for Beginners
"How to grow on Instagram quickly?". This question is one of the TOP how-to's for many reasons. Building a community is a must-have for local businesses, influencers, and big brands. The main point is to attract the right connections that grow to leads further. The strategy we will discover below turns followers into customers.

In this detailed guide, you'll discover five steps on how to grow your Instagram account regardless of your goals and experience. Stay tuned!

How to grow on Instagram on your own?

These tips are what you should do right now to boost your audience. They don't require additional investment only your efforts. The online service that facilitates promotion on Instagram with extended tools will be covered too.

Step #1 – Design a catchy IG profile

When people come across your page, the first thing they see is your brief bio. So, the offer should be explicit and catchy at the same time so that they want to follow you.

You have a few seconds to make them click, how to improve the chances?
  • Assure the profile picture is recognizable in case you have a personal account;
  • Add some keywords on the description to indicate the niche;
  • Bullet points will be helpful to make use of the limited spacing;
  • Add emoji to say more with just a single symbol.

Step #2 – Think over an elegant gallery layout

Instagram is a visual social media; that's why grids for Instagram are getting so popular. While companies invest in an SMM-designer, that's what you should mind when planning the content on your own:
  • Pick several colors that express the philosophy of the brand or profile. Some big companies and designers maintain the IG gallery black-and-white, which looks very stylish and minimalistic. Discover the latest trends in Graphic Design if you don't have a brand book yet.
  • Fonts for posts containing text should be the same. Choose one from the brand book or the broad collection of free Google fonts.
  • Maintain the same posts styling. Designers who work with IG grid, develop a template for the general type of content – entertaining, engaging, informative, etc. Use the same filters if edit pics.
  • Plan the layout using the scheduled posting. Igramer scheduled posting is a sufficient tool to keep the identical grid. You see the content in advance and just set up the time for posting.
  • Brand Stories highlights. Download some free icons to design highlights – this works great for Insta user-experience.

Step #3 Upload stories consistently
Stories are the most natural way to get noticed on Instagram. There is a lower chance that people will skip the content as IG algorithms don't rank stories. Basically, Instagrammers don't miss them!
  • Add several times a day. IG bump your Story to the front every time you upload new media, so the most effective time range is every 2-3 hours. Add geo and hashtags to boost the audience.
  • Focus on animation. Videos, GIFs, animated ads work better than static content. Make them bright and short – no longer than 10 seconds.
  • Reveal behind-the-scenes. Show what people are curious about – sensational news, live streaming, manufacturing process, etc. Make polls to and check stats to measure the engagement after.
  • Post on Stories automatically. For example, Inflact's Post Planner allows users to plan not just feed but Stories. So, you save time every day when planning in advance. Amazing price fall is going right now – 5 hours of your spare time will cost just 0.76 euro!
Mind that you curated the best materials into Highlights!

Step #4 – Indicate your hashtags

Unless you are as famous as Kanye West, you should use hashtags. To explore the power of hashtags in details, read our dedicated article.

The importance of hashtags is the same on the feed and on Stories. That is how the content is explored and how to grow your Instagram metrics. The most important is to define the right tags and modify the list systematically. To sort the relevant and hashtags make sure you exclude:
  • Broad meaning tags, like #happy, #love, #girl – they won't generate leads.
  • Too promotional hashtags;
  • Misleading;
  • Spammy;
  • Unrelated to your strategy.

Inflact in-built Hashtag generator is the right tool to find a set of relevant and niche tags. It offers the most popular combinations that you copy-paste on your caption effortlessly.

Step #5 – Add an appealing caption
You don't need to hire a copywriter or a marketer to generate catchy headings. The main rule to stay over the competition is to be Human on Instagram; your follower's heart will melt. That's how to do this:
  • Share personal insights. People love the encouraging stories like "before and after." All of us are afraid to fail; the honest content contrasting to glamorous images will work for you. Write a success story; don't hesitate to add or eliminate some details.
  • Ask open questions. Don't talk only about yourself; express the interest for your followers. At the end of each post, ask a question which they can't answer 'yes' or 'no.' Also, you can make a poll, sharing several options in a carousel.
  • Ask for advice. Even when you gain loyal customers, don't act like a guru on everything. People love to feel needed and show their broad knowledge. You will be surprised how followers can contribute to the creation of the content themselves!

How to grow on Instagram using an automated service?

We mentioned the Inflact's features briefly earlier. Let's sum up all the advantages to promote using automation:
  • Save your time and eyesight. Having DMs, feed, posting on the Desktop is essential for those whose Instagram is busy. The big screen is 100% more effective and fast than IG for mobile. Enjoy the instant responses on the IG chats, welcome new followers using auto-massages, schedule posts for the prime-time! The results will be overwhelming.
  • Money-saving promotion. Inflact works as an SMM agency but at a reasonably lower cost. Moreover, our pricing is flexible, which allows you to pick what you need. Follow our sales and price cut!
  • Advanced targeting. Segment your followers to generate a unique message and auto-send. Inflact's filters consider the age, location, and other metrics to adapt to the followers' behavior.
  • 24/7 personal assistance. You are welcome anytime to ask the wildest questions. We respond in a minute!

All in all, the listed tips in combination with automated service for DMs, posting and Hashtag generator will gain like-minded people on your Insta community!