If you want to create a public IG page, how you introduce yourself on it is extremely important. I’ve decided to share some catchy ideas for an Instagram bio for girls!
Are There Any Requirements For Instagram Bios For Girls? A Selection Of Fresh Instagram Bio Ideas Inside. Updated December 2021

When you create your profile on any social network, you need to fill in some standard forms that let your audience learn more about you. As a rule, these details include your full name, age, marital status, your interests and so on and so forth
But Instagram does not have such a form. So how do you tell your audience about yourself? How do you share your interests and reveal what your blog is about? To do it, you can use the space under your name on your page. Yes, to introduce ourselves on IG, we use a bio.

You can use this space to tell others what you wish about yourself. But don’t forget that your bio should be no longer than 150 characters. That’s why you need to think carefully before creating your informative but short bio for Instagram.

top hashtags on instagram


Though I’ve already mentioned that the IG bio is a form of introduction, let me explain it with a real example in order to sound weightier.

Let’s suppose that a new person who has never seen your page before visits your account. What are the first things that he or she will pay attention to? They are your bio (he or she wants to understand who you are) and the general layout of your account.

By the way, if you want to wow the public, you definitely need to study one of our articles – Instagram Design Trends: How To Make Your Account Look Stylish? In that article, we shared some great ideas on how you can arrange your photos in order to create a unique and catchy feed.

Let’s return to our situation. A person comes to your page, what can he or she read about you? What do you want them to know about you? It’s a very important question that you should ask yourself.

And look at a good example of cool Instagram bios. Selena Gomez decided to philosophize. Her bio translates Selena's values, such as love for God and humanity. There are a few words, and we understand her life concept. Note that Selena uses a website link. Tapping the link, you can learn more about the non-profit organization Planned Parenthood that is about sexual health care in the United States and globally.

instagram bio for girls of selena gomez


Although a person may think that he or she has come to your page just after having occasionally noticed your post in recommendations for example, it’s not fully true. For that person it can be an absolutely unexpected situation, but from your side it can be just a result of a well-developed promotional strategy.

The easiest way to appear in people’s searches or recommendations (on the basis of the publications that they have previously liked) is to use appropriate hashtags. I am sure that you have already heard about the opportunities that they can offer you.

Such a way of promotion doesn’t require any special efforts from your side. Just don’t forget to add hashtags that are related to the topics covered in your post. Of course, it can be rather time-consuming to find all the appropriate (= popular) hashtags manually, but I have another offer for you. To facilitate your life you can use our hashtag generator that will suggest the most widely-used hashtags to help people find you “occasionally”.

By the way, you can use not only popular hashtags but also your own ones. You can create some individual tags that will help your audience to find the posts on a single topic much easier. If you have one main individual hashtag you can also put it in your bio as today hashtags added to bios are clickable.

More and more individuals want to be a blogger. According to your niche, you can come up with your bio. When creating your story, try to adhere to the style of your posts. There will be more chances that the profile will draw a random user's attention, and he or she will follow your page. And don’t forget to add comprehensive contact information and adorable and funny emojis. Ensure there is something to admire and something to stand out from the crowd.

Learn from the wife, mama, NYT best selling author Audrey Mirabella Roloff. She definitely knows how to create an ideal girl Instagram bio!

instagram bio for girls audrey roloff


Nevertheless, let’s return to our main topic of discussion. If we speak about the information that can be presented in your bio, you should remember a couple of simple general tips.

As a rule, you can use your bio to tell people the following things:

  • who you are;
  • what is your sphere of activities;
  • where they can find you and your business (it can be a link to your website or a catalog or just a country or city).

These things can be included in your bio regardless of the precise type of account that you have. They are applicable for Insta bios for girls as well as for bios for corporate accounts. The difference is only that if you have an individual blog, you need to write about yourself. But if you run a corporate account, you need to write about your brand. Nevertheless, I think that it is absolutely logical.

What additional information can you add to your bio?

  • your interests (if your blog is devoted to them);
  • your achievements (if they can help other people to understand who you are or recognize you);
  • your contact details (if you really want other people to have an opportunity to reach you);
  • a CTA (for example a call to action may be used to invite other people to get familiarized with your works, watch your videos or visit your other accounts or websites);
  • a quote that characterizes you, your motto or life principle.

If you are a travel blogger, don’t forget to mention the specifics of your account. Are you traveling with a child or alone? Are you hitchhiking with backpacks or shopping all over the world? What is your route? Let your followers know that you share not only beautiful photos but remarkable stories.

instagram bio for girls of kate gosselin

Just let me remind you once again: the number of characters that your IG bio may contain is limited to 150. That’s why, please, bear this factor in mind when you are preparing a text.


Though I have told you that there are some general rules that can be applicable to all types of accounts with some peculiarities, it doesn’t mean that there are no interesting tips for some particular types of accounts.

For example, now I would like to share with you cool Instagram bio ideas for girls.

By the way, if you really feel that these quotes for an Instagram bio for girls perfectly suit you, don’t hesitate to use them. I am not greedy. But even if you take some ready-made ideas for your bio, don’t forget to add your name and some contact details if you are open for cooperation.

  1. Not trying to be perfect. Just trying to stay real.
  2. Working on making my dreams come true.
  3. The best roof is an open sky.
  4. Girls can be strong.
  5. Smart and silly.
  6. Making everything sparkle (glitter is the best tool to do it).
  7. I don’t want you to love me if you don’t know my soul.
  8. I am a princess. But my crown is invisible.
  9. Bags under my eyes? Don’t worry, it’s Gucci! (an ideal variant for a copywriter)
  10. Life is too short to spend it on boring books and boring people.
  11. Want to stay trendy? Just be happy!
  12. Sorry, but I never listen to other people’s opinions.
  13. I am perfect in my imperfectness.
  14. Who cares what you are wearing if you are crying.
  15. I am not old enough to stop doing crazy things.
  16. Keep your head high and don’t stop following your principles.
  17. You can rule the world.
  18. I am here not for likes but for your smiles.
  19. A smile is the best lipstick that I’ve ever worn.
  20. New cities, new people, the same dreams.
  21. Don’t forget about your dreams.
  22. Bad girls are also dreaming about a happy ending.
  23. A good heart is much more valuable than all the brilliance in the world.
  24. Stay yourself, don’t try to be anybody else.
  25. I am not afraid to look silly, I am afraid to be unhappy.
  26. High heels make you look amazing and a smile makes you look perfect.
  27. I love this world and I feel that it loves me back.
  28. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd.
  29. If you don’t like me, it doesn’t mean that I will ever notice it.
  30. My standards are high. Much higher even than my heels.
  31. Dresses, shoes and makeup are just a cover. Your heart is a real beauty.
  32. Good glitter can hide all the disadvantages of this world.
  33. You can always stay who you want.
  34. I am not a gift, but you are not a Christmas tree.
  35. The most valuable things in life are free.
  36. Choose happiness to be your top priority.
  37. I am never satisfied with the place where I am. I always want to move higher.
  38. I never regret the moments when I was happy.
  39. In my world, unicorns exist.
  40. If you are not a Cinderella, stop waiting for smb to bring you new shoes. Buy them on your own.
  41. You always get what you deserve.
  42. If I were a Disney Princess, I would be myself.
  43. The best idea for this weekend is to be happy.
  44. There is no goal that you can’t achieve.
  45. Please, be happy. It’s the best plan for your life.
  46. The wind is my best hairdresser.
  47. Eating tasty or healthy? That’s the question.
  48. Always eating and complaining about my weight.
  49. I am not looking for a boy, I am waiting for a man.
  50. You are much more beautiful and much more powerful than you think.
  51. I never thought I could be happy until I tried to do it.
  52. If you are angry, just buy a new lipstick (I always do).
  53. Living my life to make this world kinder.
  54. A red lipstick can make even the worst day better.
  55. Don’t try to understand me, just try not to prevent me from doing what I should do.
  56. Even wearing my old jeans I know that I am a princess.
  57. Fairy tales are good for little girls. I prefer to read the New York Times.
  58. Sorry, I need to feed my unicorn.
  59. I prefer looking silly to being bored.
  60. Let’s do crazy things together. Keeping smiling is the best one.

Of course, these are just a small part of all possible variants for an interesting Instagram bio for girls. You can use some of them to create something really unique for your account.

Don’t forget that your main aim is to show who you really are to your potential followers and to explain to them what they can expect after joining your audience.

instagram bio for girls of emy roloff

Stay honest with yourself and with your followers. Don’t promise them something that you are not going to fulfill. By the way, you should always remember this rule while communicating with your audience. Don’t try to seem better than you are.


Writing a text for your bio is only one half of your work. Don’t forget that it can be a rather interesting idea to add some additional elements that will make your bio stand out from the crowd.

  • Interesting fonts

They can draw people’s attention and make your IG account look recognizable. Moreover, with them your bio will definitely be unique. I especially recommend using custom fonts for a cute Instagram bio for a girl. If you want to find out how these fonts can be used, you can study one of our articles published in our blog earlier: How To Use Custom Instagram Font?

  • Emojis

Do you know that as a rule, we need less than a second to look to an account that we have never seen before to get a first impression? This time is definitely not enough for us to read all the words written in a bio, but this time will be enough for our eye to catch bright emojis that help to illustrate what is written. Moreover, in bios, they fulfill the role of separators to make the text legible. And of course, they will look bright and cool in any Instagram bio for girls.

Let’s look at the comics’ Instagram from the illustrator, cartoonist, and big silly. Here we can find a piece of contact information and a link to a personal site. The artist's Instagram is straightforward and witty, and her bio is the same.

I hope you have enjoyed our cool IG bio ideas. Now, when your bio looks amazing, what about promotion itself? Do you want to see the number of followers growing?

Then you definitely need to create the right promotional strategy and follow it strictly. It sounds like you need to spend all your time on it. But if you do not have 48 hours per day, you will definitely like the idea of sharing your responsibilities with somebody (or it would be better to say: with something) else.

And I already know what I can offer you in such a case. Want to promote your account just in a couple of clicks


The reasons to use creative Instagram bios with emojis are obvious. Firstly, Instagram limits its users on the number of characters they can write in a bio section. When creating a bio, girls, boys, bloggers, companies, and pets are to be precise and to the point – this info should drive visitors to tap the "Follow” button. Secondly, emojis say more in a shorter space than words. You can replace "city" and "phone" with symbols like ☎️ and 📍.

Note! Don't be super emoji-happy and overload your bio with emoticons.

Let's explore the proven Instagram bio ideas with emojis:

1. Use emojis to call-to-action

A simple emoji can spur visitors to follow a URL you mention in your bio. As a result, you drive traffic to your website and stimulate reactions and sales. Do it like this:

Kristenanniebell Instagram account with using emojis to call-to-action

2. Highlight what is crucial via emojis
You can't use various fonts and colors on IG for highlighting must-read content. When you surround a key phrase or line with bright images, the audience has no chance to miss it! You can use this technique in your account:
Spotteddogbakery Instagram account with Highlight what is crucial via emojis

3.Highlight your contacts via symbols
Regardless of whether you are an influencer or a local brand, people should get in touch with you quickly. Use fewer unnecessary words and highlight your contact details, as in this example:

Thesilvermermaidxo Instagram account with Highlight your contacts via symbols

Keep in touch and follow the updates to create the best Instagram bio to get followers!


"I'm not a simple girl. I'm a model. Could you recommend cute Instagram bios?"

Sure! If you are a fitness model, a top-model, or a plus-size model, your bio must promote, sell, and catch attention to motivate viewers to scroll your feed and follow. What are Instagram bio ideas for models? Let's learn from those who are in demand. Discover 9 Instagram bio examples from leading models and adopt some concepts for your account:

1. Elsa Hosk Instagram bio

Elsa Hosk Instagram bio

Elsa Hosk should be highlighted for her minimalistic and precise Scandinavian bio. The Swedish model uses emojis, her life motto, and contacts. If you are represented by a mother agency, mention it in your bio, providing contact details. Some scouts might be willing to book you after they discover your IG profile.

2.Fitness model Instagram bio

Fitness model Instagram bio

A catchy bio for a fitness guru should be motivating and strong. Look at the example by Linda – she points out her niche, location, and directs to her website through her profile description. Don't forget to add several emojis to divide the text and save some space.

3. Cara Delevingne Instagram bio inspiration

Cara Delevingne Instagram bio inspiraion

Cara's Instagram page counts over 44m followers. Surely not only because of her bio but her distinguished modeling style. Nevertheless, her profile description obviously highlights her uniqueness and creativity. Though she doesn't surprise the audience with a one-of-a-kind philosophy, she claims her position in life.

A good Instagram bio idea from Cara: add your nickname on Snapchat and other socials to your bio. That's how you explode your accounts with followers across platforms. If you run several IG profiles, mention all of them in your bio. Thus, you can run an account with a modeling portfolio for work and private one for your daily life.

4.An idea for your bio from Alexis Ren

The idea for your bio from Alexis Ren

Well, well, well, don't judge a book by its cover. While being a prosperous model and sexy bombshell, Alexis Ren is struggling to raise money for saving coral reefs. She places a CTA on her bio description driving viewers to the fundraising webpage – bravo!

We bet you also donate to homeless animals, people in need, and other charitable organizations. Why not put these bright social ideas in your Instagram bio! A call-to-action helping others creates a much better portrait of you than any catchy Instagram quote bio.

5. Bio example from Tanya Tate

Bio example from Tanya Tate

Tanya Tate is a model, mom, and founder of a PR agency serving adult entertainment. This model definitely knows what to mention in an Instagram bio. This is what she recommends:

  • In the first line mention your modeling niche and/or accurate occupation;
  • For lines 2-3 cover your location and hobbies/extra achievements;
  • Go straight to the point: add links to your other profiles, socials, hashtags you promote.
  • The icing on the cake is a URL to your personal website.

BTW, if you still don't use Instagram hashtags, you probably don't know how to do this and how brilliant the effect could be. Read the success stories in our blog and generate your set of follower-growing hashtags.

6. Blanca Padilla bio – inspiration for Instagram

Blanca Padilla bio-inspiration for Instagram

This model highlights her motto and a call-to-action with symbols. That's why her description looks minimalistic, clear, and to the point. Blanca also mentions her MA, which is a must for any model running an Instagram account. Location and contact email for bookings – a five-star bio, Blanca!

How do you add symbols in a bio for Instagram? Well, there are special sites and apps where you can copy and paste icons not available by default on your device. These websites also list emoji texts, text art, and Instagram fonts that are helpful to highlight essential information. But we suggest that you don't use a bunch of these options for a 200 symbols piece of text. Don't mix fonts. Otherwise, your bio will be off-style. As the practice shows, less is often better.

7. Kelly Gale description on Instagram
Kelly Gale description on Instagram

If you are a model, it’s likely your followers are eager to know where these blessed genes are from. Kelly Gale indicates in her bio nothing more than her roots. This model has some Indian and Australian blood in her veins – this fact always fascinates her followers and random visitors. Maybe this hot model feels Swedish, that's why she adds "Kinda Swedish." Though she doesn't seem cold-hearted in her crop tops and bikini pics!

And again, a link to a charity website – Red Cross. Mind this tendency when thinking over your bio.

Well, a good idea for your model bio – mention your nationality and roots. People are always curious about the origin of brilliant physical shapes and beautiful minds!

8. Sara Sampaio's witty and humorous bio

Sara Sampaio's witty and humorous bio

Sara's bio proves that a good sense of humor is a must-have for a successful model. She is beating off all the cliches and making the whole world aware of her passion for karaoke. Also, Sara adds an emoji flag of Portugal, uncovering her place of birth. The way she presents the agencies representing her also deserves attention. Instead of identifying an agency name that might be unfamiliar to a viewer, Sara provides links to the agency's IG accounts. Thus, bookers can estimate how popular and trustworthy your MA is. The only thing we would recommend adding to this bio – contact details for business enquiries.

9. Shay Mitchell displays her bio on IG

Shay Mitchell displays her bio on IG

This model and celebrity seems to be kinda aware of how to promote across social media. She doesn't overwhelm her bio with unnecessary and wordy phrases – only business! Thus, Shay provides links to her accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and the website.

Tip from Shay Mitchell: if you need to drive people to your website, add this link under your bio. Mention your web page in the description instead if it doesn't mean a lot for your current promotional goal. Boost the attention with a catchy CTA, just like Shay Mitchell does.

Also, separate text blocks with symbols or emojis and have fun!

Well, we reviewed eight bios on Instagram created by not just girls but world-famous models. Let's sum up what most quick-witted Instagram bio ideas for models include:

  • roots/country of birth;
  • links to mother agencies;
  • your life motto/ inspirational quote;
  • hobbies/extra activities;
  • symbols, emojis, fonts for Instagram;
  • links to your other accounts;
  • nickname on Snapchat; location;
  • link to a charity event you support;
  • branded hashtags you promote;

Feel free to exclude or add different lines to your profile description! Be unique and wild!


Even though this article aims to provide you with ready-made bio quotes for girls, you should bear in mind that authenticity always wins over copy-paste. We hope with our creative Instagrammers that learning the catchiest quotes and ideas with emojis will inspire you to think over your genuine description. Discover what famous female personalities mention on their Instagram bios and get your own thoughts:

1. Bio tip from Rasheeda – provide more information on your persona.

Rasheeda Instagram account.

You don't have to be as hilarious as a stand up comic. If people come across your profile, they might be interested in who you are, without masks and cliches. Point out your job, hobby, or achievements. If this idea doesn't sound funny and creative for you, follow other examples.

2. Bio idea from Selena Gomez – highlight your life-motto.

Selena Gomez Instagram account

We bet there is a key phrase that describes your overall position and philosophy in this life accurately. Don't blindly copy ideas from other people since followers don't appreciate recycled wit and wisdom. Get inspired by Selena Gomez mentioning an excellent and rare quote on her account – a good Instagram bio for girls!

3. Inspo from Carolina Henessy – use quotes you like the most.

Carolina Henessy Instagram account

Okay, you can copy and paste some romantic quotes from a book or the internet if it corresponds to your personality or current state of mind. Celebrities also do this often!

4. Instagram bio by Dua Lipa – business goes first.

Dua Lipa Instagram account

Dua Lipa directs her Instagram visitors strictly to the online shop selling T-shirts. This singer is striving to raise money for the earthquake victims in Albania. If you are a girl who runs her own business or donates to fundraising funds, it's a brilliant and practical idea to consider this in your bio. Why copy-paste meaningless quotations if you plan to change this world for the better and take advantage of real actions!

Thank you, Dua Lipa, for the ingenious idea for girl Instagram bios.

5. Camila Cabello's bio – uncover your true self
Camila Cabello's bio This tempting singer mentions in her bio that she is a very emotional person. We don't know whether this is sincere or not, but this star helps her Instagram visitors to discover her soul deeply.

Pick one or two most outstanding traits of your character and put them in your bio – be as honest as you can!

6. Katy Perry Instagram bio idea – be minimalistic and use emojis.

Katy Perry Instagram account
We are grateful to this songbird for her mind-boggling melodies, fabulous performances, and catchy Instagram bio idea. Choose 2-3 words that correspond to your personality and put the identical emojis in the beginning and the end of the phrase – that's it! An easy yet powerful bio that is way better than someone's reused thoughts.

7. Bio idea from Kim Kardashian West – post the up-to-date news on bio.

Kim Kardashian West Instagram account

There is nothing bad about updating your bio every week or two – that's how followers get to know what is the essential issue for you. Dwell upon the hottest and upcoming events you are organizing or taking part in. Announce travel plans and random thoughts on your bio – more people will get in touch. Random visitors on IG might not open some images, but their eyes definitely notice lines of your bio. Kim Kardashian is a master of gaining public attention, so her account is a helpful tutorial for any girl who is an influencer.

Use evident and working tips from celebrities!

8. Ciara's bio for your inspiration – add some hashtags to your bio.

Ciara's Instagram account

Ciara doesn't miss an opportunity to drive followers to the branded hashtags of her new album. This technique is super beneficial since a hashtag mentioned in the bio section has higher chances of getting noticed.

Even if you are not a pop star releasing a new album, you better use hashtags for Instagram promotion. This tool is easy to apply, and it boosts post impressions up to 3 times on average. If you have no idea how to apply right hashtags, read clear-cut case stories with guidance supplied. You can generate relevant popular and niche hashtags or use Inflact's constantly updated list of TOP hashtags for free.

9. Bella Hadid Instagram bio – focus on details
Bella Hadid Instagram bio
Who doesn't know who Bella Hadid is? If you don't, you probably haven't been on your phone for a long time. This pretty supermodel aka celebrity appears around every corner on the internet. Even though she is tremendously popular, this girl uncovers specific details about her persona – just in case you missed them on the press and news.

Follow her example. Indicate your origin, link to your business IG profile, contact details, and the city you live in.

10. Bio idea from Kendall Jenner – leave it blank!

Kendall Jenner Instagram account

Well, this celebrity seems never to wrack her brain on what to write in her profile description. Why the hell does she need to explain who she is if she rocks the world! This bio idea fits self-confident and super mysterious girls who are not willing to uncover their real personality.

All in all, Instagram is a visual platform, so you don't have to be obsessed with words to win over your audience. Make the first look at your profile appealing by arranging highlights or attract people with an unusual profile picture just as Kendall does! We absolutely love this idea. Sometimes it's better to keep silent!

We understand that even after reading inspiring bio ideas, you might not be done with your own yet. Don't worry; we offer you authentic lines for the description you can simply copy!

Want memorable quotes for girl Instagram bios to paste right now? How about this list of 11:

  1. Mermaids don't do homework
  2. Life is dumb, and I want to sleep
  3. I speak fluent sarcasm
  4. I'm a motivational speaker cause I'm always motivated to speak
  5. Proud supporter of messy hair and sweatpants
  6. Know your worth
  7. Love me like I'm brand new
  8. Just another ex-love, you don't wanna see
  9. No further explanation
  10. Sweet Serial Killer
  11. Keep up & catch up

We bet this tip of the most gifted girls and their bios has sparked up your creativity, and you come up with a self-made description. Stay in touch to explore more Instagram quotes bio and ideas for girls – this article is updated regularly!


As we talk about bio quotes for girls, we can’t forget about the young generation. These are free souls, troublemakers, and optimists. They are incredible, and their bios should be special.

So, I have prepared for you a selection of the best teenage Instagram bios. Get a load of it!

  1. I have one job as a teen. That’s to enjoy my life.
  2. Learning who I am 🤓.
  3. Future prom queen… and life queen.
  4. Every great woman was a teen. I’m on my way, guys!
  5. You can't spell awesome without ME:)
  6. Trying to be a good daughter, sister, and friend.
  7. Music and ice-cream are my painkillers.
  8. Young, extremely wild, and very free!
  9. Trying not to become an adult too early.
  10. Break the rules, it’s funnier!
So, today, you’ve got a load of cute girly Instagram bios to make your profile catchier and a lot of Instagram bio ideas with emojis to make your account more teasing. I hope with it, you will be able to create a stunning account and attract a ton of followers.

Instagram bios for girls: top examples for a business Instagram

Selling on Instagram in 2022 is simple for boys and girls – by creating a catchy bio you can encourage new visitors to start following you. You can sell your skills, physical goods, presets, courses, or provide any kind of services.

No matter what your business niche, a bio for a sales Instagram must be remarkable. Usually, an account description should be based on your competitive advantage and unique selling point. After reading it, a visitor should understand what your strengths are compared with your competitors.

If you analyze numerous bios for Instagram, you will find out that many entrepreneurs, both boys and girls, offer free things. Usually, the free materials or coupons are kept under a link in the bio. You can use this trick as a lead magnet too.

Here are several bright ideas for a bio that can accelerate leads and follows. Grab them right away:

#1 @lugevity.com

This bio by a girl is perfectly arranged for attracting new clients. Here are several key success points:
  • Keywords in the name section. Specify keywords that users may enter in the search bar when they want to find pages like yours on Instagram. You need to research what words some of your competitors use – analyze 10-15 accounts.
  • Clear niche statement. When users first open this account, they immediately understand that this girl is a face sculptor, specializing in face, body, and skin.
  • Many links in the bio. Use dedicated services to add more than the one link allowed by default on IG.
#2 @breannaaponte

The description of this business Instagram can also be inspiring in terms of business. As you can see from the name section, two key phrases are indicated there, which means people who type either “social media coach” or “brand coach” will come across it.

Also, numerous links are gathered under one, and the first one leads to a free call, which is helpful in collecting leads.

#3 @stylememaeve

The bio for an Instagram girl couldn’t be better than this one. It can be easily understood that this is the account of a wardrobe stylist. What’s more, if an account is mostly focused on your personal images, you can include links to business accounts or shops, like in the example below.