Your Instagram bio is a striking business card, and more than you might believe it triggers your account visitors to follow you or not. In this article, you will learn what to put in your Instagram bio. Also, you will find Instagram bio ideas for 2021 to copy and paste.
300 Instagram bio ideas & tools to research competitors’ bios and keywords (+Instagram bio quotes to copy and paste)

The Instagram bio is a section that is subject to trends the same as IG content and captions. So, it’s crucial to experiment with your bio, change it according to the latest community shifts, global trends, and your personality.

We have studied 300 accounts to find creative Instagram bio ideas – for girls, for boys, and for shops – and simple short quotes for your Instagram bio that you can copy and paste. These accounts are currently popular on Instagram so you can be sure that these ideas correspond to the latest trends.

What is special about this article is that you will learn how to research cool Instagram bio ideas, even thousands of them, in several minutes. Instagram User Search will help you to find niche profiles and study them – this way you can highlight the most valuable hacks from your competitors' Instagram bios. Also, this article will be updated and we will add even more Instagram bio quotes for different niches.

Bio ideas: does a perfect formula for bios exist?

They say that there are no perfect formulas, and sometimes it’s challenging to fit all the information about yourself/your business into just 150 characters. At the same time, this space has a very strong influence on whether new people will subscribe to your updates or not. Therefore, if you need to come up with a bio for your personal account, or if you manage the profile of a company, then you may have difficulties with formulating clear ideas and selecting keywords for your bio. Surely, an IG bio can be based not only according to a key formula but also be an outstanding funny quote showcasing a sense of humor of your brand or its philosophy.

And in this article, we will look at examples of bios that are delivered according to a clear formula. Some bios that are just creative, or celebrities, or accounts that have millions of followers can even put a single emoji into the bio. Thanks to this tutorial with 300+ examples, you can easily create a creative and high-performing profile description on Instagram.

So, let’s get closer to the formula that will help you to generate an Instagram bio by yourself.

  • Instagram profile picture
Instagram profile picture

The bio consists of an important visual element – it's your Instagram account profile picture. This picture, though small, has a huge impact on whether other users will notice you. Also, if subscribers are attracted by your main profile picture, then they will be psychologically disposed to open your stories more often. Therefore, choose a bright and noticeable main profile picture, which is an identifying part of the Instagram bio.

  • The Instagram name

Instagram has a search engine, and the name is one of the rare IG parts that is sensitive to search queries. So, you need to add keywords to this section.

If any user enters words in the search bar on Instagram, the first thing they will see in the search is your profile if it matches these keywords and if this user is close to your location. Therefore, using keywords in the name section is an important factor that helps people find you through the Instagram app.
  • The Instagram description

Here you should very clearly, concisely, and humorously formulate why you are different from competitors if you are running a business account. This piece of text should be a creative reflection of your uniqueness and what your content is about.

  • Instagram bio link

You can beat the system and add not only the link to Instagram now. There are many special services, called “link in bio” tools, that allow you to build a mini landing page in seconds. This link, uniting up to 10 links to other socials, chats, and messengers, can be inserted into the Instagram field. Look at successful examples of using a lot of links. You need to understand which links are most relevant for you for quick communication with people who are interested in your offer or product.

how to add many links to ig bio

Finally, the perfect formula for a perfect Instagram bio in 2021 can look like this:

  • Bright and eye-popping Instagram profile picture.
  • Instagram name, including top keywords. These can be your location, specialization, etc. Read below how to study top queries in your industry.
  • The Instagram description, including your mission or Unique Selling Proposition.
  • Set of links combined in one Instagram bio link via any of the link in bio services.

Insider hack: how to research Instagram bio ideas and keywords among thousands of competitors

A convenient way to read several hundred or even thousands of IG bios in your niche at once exists – follow the link to the User Search tool. You can find, mark, and download a spreadsheet with all Instagram summaries in order to define keywords or just to understand what competitors are writing in their bios. It will help you determine what your Unique Selling Proposition is that’ll help you to stand out.
how to make instagram bio ideas

With this tool, you can easily find the profiles of almost all your competitors, without digging in the Instagram application for hours. By sorting profiles by the number of subscribers and categories and using keywords in search, you will find the most relevant Instagram bio ideas.

Hack: It’s possible to find Instagram profiles by phone numbers. Simply paste the number into the User Search input section and you will find the IG account tied to it.

  • The mechanism of researching bio quotes for Instagram by competitors
  1. Specify keywords or categories. In order to study the Instagram bio category of your competitors, you need to enter the keywords into the search bar. It will find competitors who use those words in the profile description, name, or username.

Alternatively, you can choose the appropriate category in the filters and find the related profiles in this way. The list of categories includes more than 20 popular profile categories that are currently trending on Instagram.

  • Mark and add to a list

In order to study the Instagram bios of selected accounts and download them, you need to select the accounts you see in the search results.

For example, let’s say I want to explore the Instagram bios of photographers’ accounts. To do this, I can enter the keyword “photographer” and select the category “photographer.”

Also, if you want to study the bios in your location, for example in Prague, you can enter the keyword “Prague” and select the category of “photographers.”

In this case, the tool will show you all the profiles of photographers that are in the database with the keyword “Prague” in the bio sections. The service will offer you results according to the specified search criteria and profiles that are in the database.

Find Instagram bio ideas

Our profile database lists millions of accounts and is constantly updated, so the data that you will receive will be representative.

When you see the list of profiles, mark those that seem to you the most attractive and add them to the list. Later, you can immediately download this collection in the form of a convenient table, from which we will copy the column with bios.

In this table, the bios of all your competitors will be collected in one column, from which you can discover a bunch of ideas and keywords for the name and description.

  • Download the XLS file and copy the bios

When you have downloaded the XLS file, open it and find the column “Description.” In this column you will find Instagram bio ideas copied from Instagram accounts in the selected niche.

Finally, you now see all the successful bios in front of your eyes and you can use some of them.

  • Where else can I get a swag bio for Instagram?
  1. Explore quotes from movies.
  2. Find quotes on special accounts that publish quotes and sayings.
  3. Use a quote from an interview of an influential person for you or your audience.

If you don’t want to overthink the bio section for Instagram, you can find a lot of ideas for copy-and-paste in this article.

300 Instagram bio ideas for study or copy-and-paste

The bio ideas selection in this article were all compiled taking into account Instagram trends.

tool to copy quotes for instagram bio

Instagram bio for girls and women– 56 examples

  1. 5' tall. Affordable #petitefashion
  2. Computer nerd by day • Blogger by night
  3. Wife + mom to Mei (6) and Dylan (8)
  4. believer. mama of ✌?. classic & feminine style. blogging since 2009 at
  5. Lover of all things pretty//Bay Area designer//
  6. Check out our newly launched website!
  7. Queen of the Moon
  8. Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice.
  9. I make people sweat on YouTube ?
  10. Meet my community @itschloeting
  11. Mother of the Dragons
  12. Contact for work 0619245636
  13. Dreamer / Adventurer / Teller of Stories.
  14. life is an art, make it your masterpiece.
  15. Mother of 2
  16. Professional Cinderella ✨
  17. Dreamer•loyalist•actor•Drama Queen•Mommy to @koko_tanna ❣️
  18. Business
  19. If I fall, I will rise again.
  20. C'est la vie — sponsorship:
  21. Mental and spiritual well-being advocate, actress, singer, songwriter.
  22. I am the vessel that birth magical things to life ✨
  23. {Just your average millennial mom}
  24. Everyday Style, Travel, Mom Life, Faith, & Fun
  25. Let’s be friends
  26. wife + mom of ✌
  27. Child of God | Fatima on @sistasonbet | Creative Director | Producer |
  28. Am I doing this right?
  29. Is that chocolate or poop?
  30. Wife+Mama to 8"
  31. Achievable everyday style inspo
  32. Fashion | Positivity | Fun
  33. Come hang w/ us in stories!
  34. Shop my style
  35. Fighter | Wife | 5x World Champion
  36. Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane
  37. ethical mom-trepreneur
  38. direct message for work.
  39. ✨family, beauty, home decor + a whole lot of Jesus
  40. ✨living out my purpose to inspire through faith & love
  41. Paint enthusiast, artist, encourager & writer | customizing a suburban home |
  42. Actress, TV Host, Brand Ambassador & Business Woman
  43. Mother of @raphaelmoeis @mikhaelmoeis2
  44. We are stardust brought to life, then empowered by the universe to figure itself out — and we have only just begun - Neil deGrasse Tyson
  45. ᴍᴇ ʏᴇsᴛᴇʀᴅᴀʏ ᴠs. ᴍᴇ ᴛᴏᴅᴀʏ
  46. Fashion designer and author. Redefining a sophisticated yet modern lifestyle.
  47. Eat. Drink. Dress. Lela.
  48. Founder of @honest & @honest_beauty. Terrible speller, loyal friend. Chingona. I play make believe for a living? Partnerships email in LinkTree ✨
  49. fashion • food • fitness • fam
  50. amor awaken eat plants repeat
  51. Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans.
  52. I Help those who constantly DO for others, build a habit of showing up for themselves in 21 days!
  54. Share LOVE wherever you go!
  56. Come see my fun side.

Key takeaways for a girly Instagram bio:

  • In girly bios, users often indicate data about children and families.
  • Women love to write the names of their children in the bio.
  • Women indicate their profession, hobbies or give links to business accounts.
  • Girls often copy quotes from movies or books.

Instagram bio for boys and men: 48 examples

  1. Style & Travel, Most Likely To Be Watching Bravo
  2. ᴍᴇ | ᴄᴀᴛs | ᴘʟᴀɴᴛs | ᴅᴀɪʟʏ sʟɪᴄᴇ ᴏғ ʟɪғᴇ
  3. sʜᴏᴛ ᴏɴ ɪᴘʜᴏɴᴇ xs & sᴏɴʏ ᴀɪɪ
  4. I’ve turned $12k into $7 million trading stocks, traveling/building schools, click link to apply to be my student, co-founder @karmagawa @savethereef
  5. Cufflinks, Watches, Wine, Food, Travel, and London style.
  6. Love is ALWAYS stronger than HATE! ❤
  7. #WorldTraveler ✈ #SelfBelief
  8. An accurate representation. I am thou, thou art I.
  9. Gaymer. Bear. Cook. Baker. Meme Junkie. Leo. Proud Guncle.♌️
  10. Keep chasing Your dreams!
  11. ✈️ CWT travel agent - Amgen
  12. Believe In yourself and all you love In this life?‍❤️
  13. Presenter & host of Capital Breakfast
  14. Entrepreneur | AMBITIOUS VISHES PODCAST | @lsdcustoms cash app $veavishes
  15. Cosmopolite based in London
  16. So many books, so little time
  17. "~ mindfulness • mysticism • energy with a ?✨
  18. Where there’s a @mitch.will, there’s a way.
  19. Passport Stamp Collector (113 countries & ↗️). Also, I have a reading problem. List of recommended Black authors below:
  20. •Inspired by the past •Photographer/Creative Director
  21. Proud father who loves to build Unicorns ($1bn companies) and support entrepreneurship for a better tomorrow!
  22. You ain't coming out your shell, you really ain't been yourself
  23. airplane / Interior / furniture / product designer
  24. I’m going to travel around the world without airplanes in 180 days. Right now crossing Mediterranean Sea.
  25. A man with an eye for creativity. Lover of sneakers & Good music. North Carolina raised, Gemini made ♊️
  26. Food Art | Family | Fun Recipes
  28. Turn LIFE into an OFFERING!
  29. I'm just a symbol to remind you that there's more to see.
  30. Excellence it’s not a skill, it is an attitude.
  31. Businessperson. Investor. Self made. Entrepreneur.
  33. ‏WKF Karate Professional Coach.
  34. Musician, Motocross instructor, and traveling contributor for RacerX Illustrated #
  35. ...i give what i get... ..and i like things in small doses.. ..prints for purchase are available.. DM..
  37. Not a private page but it’s still my private life
  38. I want to be a role model but I just model and get roles.
  39. ❌Nothing For Sale, All Pictures Are Mine❌
  41. I take crappy pics of my tanks, pets, and hobbies.
  42. You Become What You Believe.
  43. • Father of Three • Crazy Aries • Humorous
  44. God || Family || Church || Friends || Reformed Theology || Philosophy || Books || Coffee || Mugs
  45. Saved by Grace
  46. Property Investor & Mentor
  47. Thankful and grateful
  48. believe in #lawofattraction
  • Boys mostly write about their activities and achievements in the bio.
  • Often in a boy’s bio there is information about travel, locations, and the number of countries.
  • Men also like to write that they are fathers and list the names of children.
  • Men choose motivational quotes for an IG bio.

Good quotes for Instagram bio for shops: 65 examples

cool instagram bio ideas
  1. Support Canadian Skateboarding. 100% Authentic hypebeast sh!t. In stock item here #neighborhypestock
  2. It Begins w/ Original Hand Drawn Art, & Ends on Ultra Soft Fabric MADE in LOS ANGELES
  3. Crew / Clothing Based out of New York Worldwide shipping ?✈️
  4. New York Store open Saturdays 12-6 #ftlbmx
  5. love мυммaнн™ eѕт 2014. нoмe oғ тнe orιgιnal leopard loaғer genυιne leaтнer вaвιeѕ - ĸιdѕ - adυlтѕ - wнoleѕale
  6. A contemporary fashion brand known for our perfectly fitted blazers. Founded and designed by Andrea and Christie.
  7. Australian Fashion Label ✨ Free shipping within Aus
    ♡ Shop now, pay later with after pay
    Our favorite ruffle one piece will keep you and your mini protected all summer long!
  8. 🍉 watermelon lip oil available now! ✨ vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, sulfate free & paraben free
  9. Online Order via Website/Whatsapp WA : 0878 1294 9253
  10. Vintage inspired essentials with a hint of Rock ‘n’ Roll. #imaragdoll
  11. Shop the Stay Cozy collection
  12. Everyday Refined Outerwear
    Styled By You #soiaandkyo
  13. ☀️Fun, sun-safe brand started by mom with skin cancer
  14. ☀️UPF 50+ blocks 98% of harmful rays
  15. Your Everyday staples Amplified for the Ultimate timeless wardrobe
  16. Fashionable, Fun & Sexy Womenswear
  17. Makers of high-performance boots, BLVD Collection, & apparel for 135+ years. Tag us at #mywolverines.
  18. Ready Stock, stylish Swimwear fit for Asian Physiques
  19. Championing Innovative & Responsible Design
  20. Since 2009 ♻️ #RaeburnAtHome
  21. We love seeing your TEMT outfits!
  22. Tag your looks @temtau #temtau for a chance to be featured & win a monthly $100 voucher ORIGINAL MADE IN BRASIL ?? Produtos desenvolvidos com paixão e qualidade! Made with passion!❤️? ⬇️Loja Virtual ⬇️
  23. Wedding dresses designed and made with love in Canada since 1937. Check out our latest collection!
  24. Modern Design x Luxury Fabrics
  25. Lingerie & Swimwear✨Made in NYC?✨
  26. Enjoy Being Sexy
  27. Fashion Brand. Flagship Store. Contact 0048 792 334 958
  28. Hold your head high.
  29. It’s a brand new year and we’re just getting started.
  30. Luxury Wedding Dresses
  31. Made in Italy
  32. For Real Brides: use #GiuseppePapini or tag @giuseppepapini to be reposted"
  33. Limited edition clothing made in the UK
  34. Independently owned and run since 2013 We ship worldwide
  35. Handmade, for you.
  36. Lounge, Basics, Occasion wear Custom sizes/lengths ✂️ UK Based
  37. Delivery is 2-3 weeks | Worldwide shipping ?
  38. Shop the World of Vivienne Hu & VHNY @vhnynewyork
  39. Tailored Dresses Made to order. High-quality tailor.
  40. Sartorial Elegance | Creative Freedom
  41. Creating luxurious, bespoke menswear in our exclusive, private lounge. #mykingandbay
  42. Bespoke tailoring, made-to-measure and ready-to-wear menswear. Based in London and ↟ exploration ↟ inspiration ↟ conservation ↡ every sale helps preserve our natural lands ↡
  43. Designed in Byron Bay | Online only
  44. Ethical | Plant-based fibers
  45. We ship from Brisbane
  46. Your Go-To Summer Label @glamouruk
  47. ✨Welcome to #BannedApparel
  48. ✨#Retro #vintageinspired goodness
  49. Sign up for 10% OFF
  50. ✨Worldwide shipping ?
  51. Alternative sis: @bannedalternative"
  52. The Official Instagram Page of Babylon luxury brand - Made in Italy ?? #babylonstyle ❗100% Authentic❗️
  53. Ready Stock & Pre Order:
  54. Streetwear & Sneakers
  55. Founded in Madrid, 2014
  56. Curated archive of garments, objects and publications at @edmmond_store
  57. Luxury Bespoke Fashion Brand Made In The UK
  58. As Seen In #Vogue #LFW #monacomagazine #dailymail"
  59. At Miladys, we’re real about women – real about your style & real about making sure you look & feel your best. We get it because we’re women too.
  60. By women for all. Officially Licensed ✨
  61. Shop now, pay later @afterpayusa
  63. ✖️Sustainable, Socially Conscious and Ethically Made
    ✖️Luxury Italian Lycra
  64. Balancing handmade craftsmanship & innovation, exuding a sophisticated gentleman’s appeal, reimagining tailoring as if it were art - #inmyorazio
  65. Modern fashion to celebrate progressive issues + elect a DEM majority!

57 bio ideas to copy-and-paste

  1. The truth hurts, buy a bandage
  2. I'm better in life than on Instagram
  3. I came, I saw, I forgot what I wanted 😜
  4. Would everything in this life be as simple as getting fat
  5. A great day to get drunk
  6. Brains are something, I wish everyone had them 🧠
  7. Smile, it annoys everyone
  8. Be cool or go home
  9. Have you heard about the new restaurant "What you sow, you reap:"? There is no menu: you will get what you deserve.
  10. Another beautiful day, ruined by responsibilities.
  11. I don't want to be in a relationship, I'd rather be in a Mercedes.
  12. I know the voices in my head aren't real, but their ideas are sometimes amazing.
  13. My life is a constant struggle between the desire to eat and the unwillingness to get fat.
  14. I think there is something missing in my life. Well, $203 million, for example.
  15. I like rumors. I learned a lot of new things about myself there, which I didn't even suspect before.
  16. Every beauty needs her monster. 👹
  17. 75% of my humor starts with a bad photo.
  18. The best wedding is the one that isn't mine.
  19. Why fall in love if you can sleep?
  20. My life without love is like a year spent without summer.
  21. Today I will follow the sun into summer.
  22. I ran after the sun, but it ran away from me.
  23. Every summer sunset is the beginning of a bright dawn.
  24. Some more of my summer spam.
  25. It seems to me that even the young moon is in love at the beginning of summer.
  26. Summertime is the most beautiful thing in my life.
  27. Every summer is my little story.
  28. It's so easy to forget how young and free we were this summer.
  29. I will enjoy every moment.
  30. When the wind blows, the sun's rays will remain in my heart.
  31. I remember being called hot summer nights.
  32. It's time for a change.
  33. Happiness is a path, not a destiny.
  34. Smile.
  35. We have to appreciate every moment.
  36. Love as if you've never been hurt.
  37. Due will come, what has happened is invariable.
  38. Everything that we do not wish for will be given to us.
  39. Follow your dream. 🌄
  40. The ability to let go simplifies life.
  41. It's never too late
  42. And that it was possible!?
  43. Do what you have to do, and come what may.
  44. Wine, it won't drink itself!
  45. Only I know what I'm capable of. 🤨
  46. From love to hate... (finish it yourself)
  47. Eat, pray, swim! 🙂
  48. We won't be younger than we are now.
  49. Don't waste your time on resentment and envy.
  50. Who! If not me!?
  51. The main thing is self-belief. 🙏
  52. Success = action.
  53. Friendship = Responsibility
  54. I've just started, and you've already finished…
  55. On your knees, servants! The queen is in the house 👑😂
  56. You can't fall if you don't get up.
  57. If you want to lift yourself up, then lift someone else

51 Swag bios for Instagram

  1. Everything is decided by heaven - remember, whoever you are.
  2. What is creativity? It's when ten fools watch one squirm.
  3. And someone has a lot of money – but life sucks
  4. And I'm happy – if it's not a day, it's a holiday.
  5. We focus on such things, they are not noticed, they are silent about them, but they need to be known.
  6. I repent of all the sins in the world, baby I'm to blame.
  7. I don't want to be beautiful, I don't want to be rich. I want to be a face-shooting machine gun.
  8. The past cannot be abandoned and abandoned.
  9. You can't melt all the snow, but you can warm a piece of ice in the palm of your hand.
  10. And people go to work, but work is a trap.
  11. The battle between crazy thoughts will never end.
  12. Cubic meters of this space is covered by an indestructible spirit of brotherhood.
  13. Don't listen to anyone, only your heart - it knows everything
  14. You're not evil, no, of course not, you're a saint and it's all about me.
  15. There will be a movie if you take up the barrel.
  16. The man said - the man did.
  17. It takes courage to finish everything.
  18. And simplicity and benevolence are already so… Forgotten and lost.
  19. But no one taught me to say the word stop!
  20. I'm sorry, Mom, that I didn't become who you wanted, but I really love what I do.
  21. I attach importance to nuances and gestures, but I miss simple and honest conversations.
  22. Scraps of serious adult words no longer prevent me from dreaming…
  23. Like my city, I’m frowning.
  24. To the pain — let it be even more painful, out of spite!
  25. If you can do something, don't do it for free
  26. If you want something, then go and get it.
  27. Where's your love, bitch.
  28. Aren't you tired of romance yet?
  29. Where you see success, I'm a catch.
  30. Love dies first, hate is immortal.
  31. There must be more than just smoke behind the words.
  32. I love the truth, and I also like to justify myself.
  33. I eat smoke during the day, and at night I write about what I see.
  34. I can't stand it when someone hurries me somewhere, because I've been Mr. Vice Versa since childhood.
  35. Love is blind is a fact for most onlookers.
  36. Do you want to know how I earned my bread? I smoke, I rap.
  37. Why did you decide that you have the right to decide for everyone?
  38. There must be more than just smoke behind the words.
  39. Where money is there and evil, where success is there and envy.
  40. And all the time I act according to tradition at random.
  41. I bend my line. Heaven, love me! The city will remember us exactly like this.
  42. You can even draw happiness with soot.
  43. But time jumps, burning days with bonfires, childhood ran away with yards.
  44. They fell to the bottom, like in an office chair.
  45. And I can see where the exit is, but I can see through binoculars.
  46. Rap on an empty stomach is juicier.
  47. It's cool on Mars!
  48. It's better to be poor than cheap.
  49. We play games, then games play us.
  50. Let everything change. The path remains the same.
  51. God is a conductor, and I am one of his restless proteges.