Does it happen that after the new update of Instagram your Direct stops working? Believe me, I also faced with this more than once. Therefore, I decided to share with you useful information about why Instagram direct message not working and what should you do in this case.
“Instagram Direct Message Not Working”. Why?
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God Direct: Instagram messages

Do you know that Direct is a symbiosis of e-mail and messenger, which is designed for private correspondence between users? Users often turn to the question of what it means, answered in the Direct on Instagram. This means that the person doesn’t want to answer your question in the comments under the photo, and answered you privately in Direct.

Don’t forget that we have created for you a guide to the use of Instagram direct. If you are not using all its features, then don’t waste time! More interesting information about the possibilities of Direct Messages you can find out here.

Many will say that such a "message inbox" is implemented in most social networks and will be right. Indeed, personal correspondence is perfectly implemented in Facebook and other social platforms. However, in the Insta there are several "tricky part" that bring the confidentiality of information transfer to a new level, and also allow you to use the messenger to promote your account.

Unlike other social programs, Instagram Direct allows you to send a message to a group of up to 15 people at once, without creating a separate chat! it’s a kind of magic!

All in all, there are also Instagram's Direct disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the inability to send messages from the web-version of Insta. However, from your computer you can write and receive messages in Direct by installing the Instagram app for Windows 10, using the Android emulator or the functionality of specialized services.

I’ve already told you some tricky cases about how to send messages on Instagram on a computer. Read each of them and will be ready to fight with any problems!

Another one is the temporary problems with the work of Instagram, in particular, direct messenger. What to do in this case?

Why is an Instagram direct message not working?

It should be understood that the popular social network, designed for the publication of photo and video content, requires huge resources. The more people publish "heavy" photos, the higher the load on the server, which often leads to failures in the system. There are several reasons why an Instagram direct message not working. Among the most common are:

  • Application crashes after updates are released. As a rule, this problem is solved by itself after a while. If not – you should restart the application or contact support.
  • Exceeding limits. Blocking can take from an hour to a day.
  • Using forbidden services for promotion.
  • Some problems with your gadgets.
  • The old version of Instagram.
This should be emphasized. The problem looks like this: messages are sent only to people with whom the dialogue is already open, near the other followers on the list is an exclamation mark. The only way out is to wait and then not to violate the limits set by the administration of the site.


How to fight with it?

  • Option #1 Reinstall Instagram or update to the latest version.
This option is rather the most popular, as not all users update their applications. To update Instagram you need to go to your app store. Next, you need to find Instagram and if it has an update, then click on it. If there is no update, then go to the phone settings and delete the entire application, including the application cache. Then re-install the application on your phone. The Instagram bug should also disappear because the reason for not working direct Instagram may be a too large cache of the application, sometimes because of this Instagram takes up too much space. But it also happens that this method doesn’t help. In this case, there is a second method, which is also quite effective.

  • Option #2 Install an older, earlier version of Instagram.
Instagrams can also get an error just after updating to the latest version, in this case, it is enough to simply roll back Instagram to the previous version of the application. This solution is the most work, as all who have used it have noted its positive outcome.

  • Option #3 Restart the Internet.
If Instagram direct doesn’t work for you, sometimes it is enough to simply exit the application, turn off the Internet, then go to Instagram without the Internet and in five or ten seconds turn it on again.

  • Option #4 Appeal to support team.
One of the most effective ways and the final is to appeal to the user support. After all, the problem can be much deeper, and the faster you deal with it, the faster you start using Instagram direct in the usual mode.

After the battle!

When you’ve coped with the problem, you can start to send messages again. Do you remember how to do this? Let’s refresh this in mind! Creating a chat or a group of users for a conversation is very easy. To do this:

  1. Open and sign in to the Instagram app;
  2. Touch the icon buttons of "airplane" at the top right of the ribbon;
  3. Click the "+" icon in the upper right corner of the window;
  4. Select respondents to send the message. The conversation should not involve less than two people.
Then it's simple: type the text of the letter, add a picture by clicking on the button with the image of the photo, or take a new photo by touching the "camera" button.

After that, use the effects, make a signature and send a "letter" to the selected group of persons by clicking on the "Send" button. Now you can keep the name of this dialogue. To do this, touch the letter “i” in the upper right corner of the dialogue ribbon, type the name in the appropriate field and confirm the action by clicking on the "Finish" button.

So, you received a message in Direct, and your mobile device received a notification. To view it and answer you need:

  1. Open the application.
  2. In the upper right corner of the ribbon, touch the airplane icon.
  3. The window that opens displays followers, dialogue participants, and messages. Incoming unread will be highlighted in bold.
  4. In the appropriate field, enter the text of the answer, if necessary, add an image and click on "Send".
If you received an email from a group dialogue, the algorithm is similar to the response of one user: go to Direct from the feed, open the dialogue, answer, send. Yeah, right! Tell me another!

It is always difficult to start using Instagram again after its bugs. However, you should train yourself not to be afraid and follow the already proven scheme of work.

Final word

In this publication, I’ve considered in detail the question of why is an Instagram message not working. To summarize problems with sending may be related:

  • with system errors caused by server load;
  • released update;
  • ban for exceeding limits.
If you have such problems, don’t waste time! Try to do everything possible for resolving it! But if you want to streamline your Direct Messaging, check Inflact Auto DM service!