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Face-to-Face Matters: How to Create Video Chat on Instagram?
I've already written a lot about how to you the marvelous Instagram tool - Direct. You can refresh your memory by reading it - Make It a Moonshot! What is Direct Message and How to Use It?

So, Instagram is a coward thing, you know, it seems to me that every day its team is sitting in a basement and create new features to make us stay on Instagram more and more and therefore to hold on to power. Thus, in addition to the standard instant messaging feature, they decided to introduce the Video Chat option last year.

To say that I was happy is literally to say nothing. To be frank, I'm a little bit lazy to type messages, especially if it's a long story to tell. I'm sure you will support me. If earlier, we had to switch from Skype to Instagram, then to Snapchat and back, now we do have the possibility to save a little time and communicate on Instagram to the utmost.

I know I talk too much, so it's time to move closer to the topic on how to create video chat on Instagram.

What is a video chat?

Video chat is a kind of video call on Instagram. The feature is similar to the Skype concept - the chance to see the beautiful faces of your friends, colleagues, and partners. For now, you can add only 6 interlocutors to your chat excluding yourself. But I do not preclude the possibility that in future we will be allowed adding more mixers.

Another cool gimmick is that you can minimize the video chat window and continue using your phone, scrolling down the Feed.

How to create video chat on Instagram?

You can do that in two ways. But first, make sure that you have the updated, the newest version of the Instagram app. Did it? Ok, continue.

To start a video chat, you need to:
  1. Open your Instagram app, go to the Direct;
  2. At the top of the page, tap the Camera icon. The pop-up New Video Chat will appear;
  3. Now you should choose the partakers by putting the checkmark or by searching them in the Search line if they are not recommended to you.
  4. Tap Start at the top of the pop-up. The users you've chosen will receive the notification about the video call.
Remember, any user can add you to the video chat as well. If you don't want to communicate with a particular person, just block him/her or switch off the notifications. I've already told you how to do that - How to Delete Direct Messages on Instagram? Just Recall It!

To add a user to the existing video chat you need to:
  1. Create a video chat, as I described above;
  2. In your Chat, tap Details icon ("i" -at the top);
  3. Then tap Plus icon to Add people;
  4. Choose new users or find them through the search line. Again the chosen people will receive the notifications.
By the way, in the Details section, you may click Approval Required to Join to set a barrier for freely joining.

When you add someone to the group chat, this person will be able to see old messages in it, but not the Self-destructing photos and videos.

Who can you call?

That's Instagram, baby! You can add any person. The question is, whether they will join the conversation or not. I added Barack Obama and Prada accs, but unfortunately, they never responded:)

So it makes sense to add those people who are to join. I'm talking about your friends or people who you have some business with. Moreover, pay attention to their status, it's better to try to connect with them when they are online.

How to use it to your advantage?

In the app, the number of personal accounts is tightly intertwined with commercial profiles. And if ordinary users call their friends to discuss someone's new photo, people who do business on this network can adapt the video chat for its development.

Since the gimmick is quite new, you can stand out among competitors. How many people can talk with their customers face to face or show their goods in real-time?

Individual approach is always highly appreciated.

There is an alternative…

Not so private one, but not less interesting. You can go live with one of your followers!

There are 2 ways to do it.

You can ask your friend to join your Live or join his/her one.

To go Live and to invite a friend, you need to:
  1. Open an app, tap the Camera icon (left top)
  2. Swipe right to Live and tap Go Live.
  3. Tap Two Emojis and than choose the user. You can choose the person who is watching your Live only.
That's all. If a person accepts the invitation, the screen will be divided for both of you.

To join the Live you need to:
  1. Start watching the Live of your friend and tap Request
  2. then tap Send Request.If it's a good friend of yours, he/she will accept the request.
Joint broadcasting allows you to diversify your account, as well as attract more viewers: of both participants. Double live looks more original and creative.

I hope I managed to answer all your questions to the maximum! Video Group Chats can become your consistent business tool and serve your success. Do you want to learn how you can promote your account with the help of Direct? Inflact introduced the new service!

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