There can be many reasons explaining your desire to change your Instagram name, however, the solution is always the same. And it is described in this article.
How to Change Instagram Name: Easy-to-follow Tips

This article is written for you if you want to know how to change your Instagram name but yet have no ideas on how to do it.

Why may you need to choose a new Instagram name?

Though the changing process is amazingly simple, we ask you to think beforehand whether you really need to do it.

Based on the analysis of the situations when users want to find out how to change an Instagram name, it is possible to say that there are a couple of the most popular cases:

  • Let’s suppose that a user created an account 3-5-7 years ago. It used to be just a private account and nobody cared about the name. But now he or she wants to promote a blog. So, a more noticeable and easy-to-remember name is needed.
  • When the specificity of the account is to be changed, the name should be changed as well. For example, If earlier you were selling toys for children and now you are offering tyres for cars, it will be sensible to reflect these changes in the account name.

If you are not promoting your account, of course, you can also change your Instagram name. And you shouldn’t even try to find any reasons for it in this case. You can do it just because:)

If you have a business account or blog, we recommend you not to change the name “just because” as your audience already knows you under your current name. Do you want them to learn your new one?

Moreover, in any case, please, bear in mind that after you change your Instagram name (=delete this username), it won’t be available anymore.

How to change Instagram name: Step-by-step instruction

If you are sure that you want to change your Instagram name, let’s do it.

  1. Open your IG account.
  2. Press the 'Edit profile' button.
  3. Change your username.
  4. And press the 'Done' icon.

Could it be easier?

By the way, if you want to change Instagram account name from your PC, there's no problem. It can be done the same way.

  1. Open your IG account on PC.
  2. Click the 'Edit profile' button.
  3. Make all the necessary changes.
  4. Save the updates.

Cool! Everything is ready!

As you see, this procedure won’t take long hours. You can repeat it as many times as you wish. But our recommendation will be not to do it very often if you have a public account and you are trying to promote it. Your audience may decide that in such a manner you are playing hide-and-seek with somebody and as result, you may lose the trust of your followers.

What should you do after you make changes?

Though your username everywhere inside IG will be changed automatically, you still have some things to do.

Here’s a short reminder for you:

  • Inform your audience. People should clearly understand who this person with an unknown name is.
  • Do not forget to change all the external links to your account with an updated name.
  • Order new printed materials (like business cards) if you have any.
  • Change your email signature.
  • If you have previously made any publications on external platforms and they’ve linked to your Instagram, ask them to change the link.

How to make users notice you?

Yes, you’ve changed your Instagram name to help your potential followers better recognize you. But how to help people find your amazing content, enjoy your photos or maybe even order your products or services (of you have a business account, of course)?

It may seem a rather difficult task (and sometimes it is not very easy). In general, of course, you should clearly understand that you need to have a well-developed strategy to promote your account on Instagram. On the Inflact website, you can find an impressive amount of blog posts where the best IG experts share their thoughts and tips on it.

But there is one thing that is universal in all the possible strategies — promotion via hashtags. Just add the most popular and the most interesting ones for your audience and enjoy your growing popularity!

Where to find the hashtags that will bring you to the top?

Inflact Hashtag Generator is all that you need.

How does it work?

Upload your pic or add the link to your published post, and the AI-powered system will offer you a long list of hashtags.

Choose the hashtags that you like most, copy and paste them to the captions.

Sounds perfect? Do you know that it is completely free?

Now, when you know how to make your account even brighter with a new Instagram name, are you ready for a breathtaking promotion? Great! And we are ready to help you.