Shoot the best videos and follow all Instagram video size rules to be at the top!
Instagram Video Size: Shoot Them Right!
Back in 2010, when the social platform Instagram appeared in the online app store, it was conceived as a visual application where each user can share bright and exciting moments of their lives through photos. However, today, Instagram is a digital platform where users can post their videos, stories, and even live video on IGTV.

However, to upload video files, you need to follow all the rules not only for shooting but also for the size, format and distribution of video in broad access. Otherwise, this social network will not allow you to share your video with followers and you risk not collecting a ton of likes!

How to upload videos to Instagram and follow all Instagram video size rules? Take cookies and a cup of tea! I will tell you all about this topic!

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Instagram video size: Requirements

You've probably had some cases where you've made a cool video, but Instagram didn't allow you to post it. And all this because you had the wrong Instagram video size and resolution. But the size of the published file is of great importance. Also, there are separate rules for posting videos to your profile feed, as well as to your Instagram story.

Therefore, we will analyze the rules and requirements separately so that you do not get confused and do everything right!

  • Instagram video size for Stories

Instagram stories are short 15-second videos that made a real revolution in the vastness of this social network a couple of years ago. After all, they can not only increase the overall engagement in your account but also significantly increase the number of your followers. Today, Instagram stories are viewed 3 times more often than regular posts. Therefore, you should remember about such a cool and useful features of Instagram.

You can increase the length of the video in the story, but it will just continue in the next story, creating a cross-linked effect. It is important to keep in mind that such a video should not last more than 1 minute. However, the maximum video size should not exceed 4GB.

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  • Instagram video size for posts

The size limit for a video file to be placed in the publication feed is the same as for Instagram stories and is equal to 4 GB. However, if it is smaller, you will have a chance to increase the length of the file. As standard, your video can last from 3 to 60 seconds. If your video is longer in time, then use the video carousel capabilities.

Instagram video size: Aspect Ratio

The second important aspect, after the size and length of the uploaded video, is its aspect ratio. For example, it can be portrait, square, or landscape. These types are available for both posts and Instagram stories.

So, let's look at the available options for shooting Instagram videos in more detail.

  • For stories, it is worth giving preference to landscape videos, where the ratio is 16:9. The size of this video will not take up much space on the screen, but you will have a lot of space to add any labels, stickers or emojis. This format is perfect for landscape photography.
  • A 9:16 ratio will have the opposite effect. It is called a portrait and will take up the entire screen.
  • 4:5 format is suitable for portrait shooting. However, most often, users choose the standard 1:1 square format for such videos.

Remember that whatever video format you choose, Instagram will still crop it on your news feed.

Video format and resolution: Possible Choices

Instagram keeps up with global trends, and increasingly, users are uploading video files in .MP4 and .MOV. These are the formats that most modern phones record video. Therefore, to upload it to Instagram, you do not need to change the format or record the video again, but in a different format.

As for the resolution of your video, Instagram supports 1080p. Yeah, it’s no joke. Instagram is also developing and doing everything possible for your convenience and comfort.

As for specific figures and requirements, they are as follows:

  • For square videos, the minimum allowed resolution is 600x600. While the maximum allows you to upload videos in 1080x1080.
  • Portrait videos have a minimum requirement of 600x316 and a maximum size of 1080x1350.
  • Video for Instagram stories should be in the minimum resolution equal to 600x1067 and the maximum - 1080x1920.

After working on all the requirements and rules of Instagram video size, you can create and upload cool videos that will help you not to stay away from the rising popularity of your Instagram account.

How to increase the video views rate?

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