Direct on Instagram can be opened using the desktop version - how to do this, what services are used and how this work can be automated - about all this, in our new blog post.
Instagram Web Chat: Ride The Upside!
Some users are not even aware of how many features are available in the web version of Instagram, so they often prefer a mobile app. Of course, Instagram with a PC has some limitations, but with the help of a computer, you can start a new profile and keep it without any problems. And to pass information to a friend, just go to direct on Instagram through the computer.

Modern browsers allow you to work in a social network with a PC. And additional software provides the user with the missing features. But, alas, not all of what ordinary users of the platform are used to. So, how to write in Direct Instagram web chat: let's analyze the main points.

The following features are available to the user in the browser version of the client:

  • view the news feed;
  • view your page;
  • view images of your followers and other members of the system;
  • commenting, putting "likes" under the publications;
  • edit page settings.
The Direct option is not provided by the developers of the browser version. However, there are methods on how to enter the Instagram web chat from a PC and use all the features of the Instagram messages on the web.

Instagram web chat: How to use it on PC?

To date, there are three ways of using your computer for Instagram Direct:

  1. install the Instagram app for Windows -10 on your PC;
  2. use Android emulator to work with the mobile version of the client via PC;
  3. use the functionality of third-party services and apps.


Consider each method of the Instagram DM web in more detail.

  • Instagram from Microsoft
Installing a specially designed app is the easiest, and most importantly, free option to be able to use the Instagram Direct feature. Everything is quite prosaic:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store.
  2. Find Instagram by typing the name in the search box.
  3. Open the client and push the "Get" button.
  4. To download the app.
  5. Open and enter to the system.
The interface of this app repeats the mobile version of Insta with the identical arrangement of buttons, sections, and functions. How to write messages to users of the system? Very simple:

  • In the upper right part of the page will be an icon in the form of an airplane, which opens direct.
  • Click on it and select the option "new message".
  • Select users from the list or drive the nickname of the addressee in the search box.
  • Type the text.
  • Send.
  • By pressing the camera button you can send a photo or a picture from the memory of your PC to the addressee or a group of persons (up to 15 people).
Many people ask whether it is possible to use direct from the owners of computers with Windows -7, XP, MAC and below, we can say yes! Read the article about other ways to use Insta for a MAC.

  • Using the emulator
This step will allow you to use the mobile version of Insta on your PC. The scheme as follows:

  1. Download the program from the website.
  2. Log in data from your Google account.
  3. Find the app store.
  4. Find and install Instagram.
  5. Enter to the client.
Use Instagram, just like on your smartphone. To enter direct, click on the button with "airplane". How you can read a message that comes in Direct? Very simple: click on "airplane" if the message came from your follower, it will be highlighted directly when you open the section opposite the nickname of the respondent. If you receive an email from someone who is not your follower, you will be notified with a request for correspondence.

Services from PC on web

Specialized Instagram Direct online services will be useful for those users who do not know how to access direct on Instagram from a computer without downloading additional software. The most popular can be identified:

The advantages of these resources include very good functionality, high speed of sending, clear settings, and easy management, the ability to work with multiple accounts. These services allow you to use a special designed Instagram bot which can promote your IG account without your efforts and time.


How to create Instagram Web Chat from Stories?

Besides, recently in direct, you can create group chats. Invite your friends in these chat rooms, you can use Instagram stories, which has been added a special sticker. Your follower can click on it and he will be directed to a special Instagram chat which you have created before.

This feature allows you to simplify Instagram communication. After all, the ability to create group chats further simplifies users' lives and they now do not need to move to another social network for group communication. Now everything is in one place. Yeah, Instagram, well pretty!

Final word

You have learned several ways for sending messages and now you know where direct is on the computer. If any of the methods do not suit you, try other options. Look for safe and trusted sites to not lose access to your account on Instagram. The web version of the popular platform + additional software = full profile maintenance without using a mobile app. Good luck, my Instagrammers!