Quick replies for your business on Instagram! Check all the nitty-gritty details!
Instagram Direct Update — Instagram Quick Replies

Any business will claim that the response time is vital when it comes to sales. Statistics say that 73% of customers appreciate the brands and services that value their time and respond to their requests within a couple of minutes.

That’s why Inflact has upgraded Instagram Direct Module and added Instagram Quick Replies Function.

What’s Quick Replies?

Quick Replies

is a new feature of Instagram Direct Chat that allows creating templates of responses and send them instantly by entering the shortcut.

Note: Shortcut is an anchor word, a hint, entering which you will be suggested the appropriate message for quick sending.

You can create an unlimited number of such messages.

If you haven’t used Instagram Chat yet…
Do not miss the opportunity to streamline your communication with customers and boost sales!

• Use from any device, OS, browser;
• Multiple account support;
• Labels, Notes, Clients’ Details;
• Message Search;
•and now — Quick Replies!

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How to use Fast Replies?

To create a quick reply template:

1. Go to your Inflact Cabinet and find your Direct Messenger;
2. Click any chat and find a Message icon at the very bottom of the window:

Instagram quick replies

3. A new window will appear. Click New Quick Reply, write a message, and think up a shortcut for it. Click Save:

Quick replies by Inflact

4. Make up as many messages as you need;

5. Next time you need to send a fast reply, just write the shortcut. A relevant message will appear:

Quick replies screen

6. Click on it, modify if needed, and Send.

How will it benefit you?

Instant message replies’ is a great possibility for any business. Except for great time saving and convenience, this feature allows:

  • improving customer experience;
  • increasing the speed of customer service;
  • boosting sales;
  • bringing up customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

If you face any difficulties or have any questions, feel absolutely free to contact our Support Girls!