Your account is disabled? And now you have no idea how to come back to your audience? Do not worry, in this post we are going to explain how to reactivate Instagram account.
How to Reactivate Instagram: Easy Tips for You!
If you want to find out what can help you to reactivate Instagram account, read this article!

Today Instagram is quite an important part of life for quite an impressive group of our society. Sometimes it may seem that practically everyone today has an account on this platform and spends at least a couple of hours online. That’s why it’s clear that when your account is disabled, you may feel that something lacks in your life. If you have a business account or if you are a blogger with your audience, it is also obvious that even temporary deactivation can seriously affect the level of your income. It means the faster you will manage to come back to this virtual space, the better it is for you.

Is It Possible to Reactivate Instagram Account?

First of all, please note that in this article we are going to share with your our knowledge on how to reactivate Instagram account. This method will work only in such a case when your account was temporarily deactivated but not deleted. Otherwise, the only way for you to say "hi” to the Instagram community once again will be to register a new account. According to the up-to-date social platform's policy, your old username and posts as well as the list of your followers can’t be restored.

But as for deactivated accounts, they can come back to life practically at any time (but not just immediately after you have disabled it. As a rule, the system needs a couple of hours to proceed with your first request. However, as soon as it is fully disabled you can activate it).

By the way, if you decided to go offline for some time and make your account inactive but you need to have some published content always at your hand, why not to download it? With our Instagram Downloader, you can do it just in a couple of minutes. Just open the tool, paste the link to the page where your valuable photos are posted and choose what that you want to save on your PC or smartphone.

Let’s Reactive Instagram Account Right Now!

If everything goes perfect there will be only 2 steps in our plan.

  • Step 1. Open Instagram.
  • Step 2. Enter your email, phone number or email and password.

Instagram screenshot

Congratulations! Well done!

However, sometimes it won’t work and some more efforts will be needed.

If you do not manage to reactivate your account due to the issues with logging in, we can offer you another variant.

And once again, the plan of actions will be a rather short one.

  • Step 1. Find the Forgot password button (or it’s better to call it - link), it is located under the Log in button and the Login with Facebook link. Click on it.
  • Step 2. Type the email addresses that you entered when you created your account or enter your username. If you specify correct data, Instagram will send a letter that will help you to set a new password. And a result, you will have a chance to return to Instagram life.

Why Your Account Can Be Disabled or Blocked?

Still no success? Maybe there are some more serious issues.

If you definitely remember that you haven’t even planned to disable your account on your own and simple procedures for activating have turned out to be useless, it is possible that your account was disabled due to some violations of Instagram’s terms. Why could it happen? To clearly understand what rules you have violated, read the most recent version of Instagram’s policy. However, below you can find a couple of violations that may lead to your account being blocked.

  • Publication of some content that does not belong to you without getting an allowance from the author or at least making a reference to the owner;
  • Publication of something that is not appropriate for underaged people;
  • Open disrespect to other members of the Instagram community;
  • Sending spam;
  • Usage of Instagram for conducting illegal actions.
Is it possible to use Instagram accounts again after they were blocked by the administration? It depends. If the violation was really serious, your account may be blocked forever. But in the majority of cases, you can do it just following the instructions that are placed above.

What to do if our instructions do not work? The answer is simple! Try to contact Instagram’s administration directly via their Help Center or Instagram's official page on FB.

So, now, we hope you won't panic when it comes to the necessity to reactivate your Instagram account, right? But in case you will have any questions about dealing with IG-related issues, you should know that in our blog you can find a lot of useful tips from Instagram experts.