When it comes to recording videos for Instagram, you might feel some doubts. Is it too complicated, expensive, and time-consuming? This article is a mythbuster – anyone can post excellent clips without special skills or equipment.
The simplest ways to film and repurpose Instagram videos (do it with a phone and without leaving your apartment)

In 2021 creativity and simplicity are more important than the costly equipment you might have in mind when thinking about videos for Instagram.

Being creative doesn't always mean you need to open the camera on your phone and press the record button. Videos for Instagram can be smartly repurposed and help your profile look aesthetically attractive. Also, you don't always need to think over a video script – sometimes an eye-grabbing composition can drive users from Explore to your account.

By the way, if you ignore the importance of videos for Instagram, you might overlook this important fact:

Clips are more noticeable in the Explore section. They maintain 4 times more space than images. One square with a video equals 4 squares with photos.

Let's drive more Explore viewers to your account.

5 Ideas for Instagram videos that can be applied in minutes


Why film Instagram videos when there are people who already do it with passion? TikTok users seem to be gurus at engaging video content, and they won't mind if you show their masterpieces to your audience. Surely, sometimes it's necessary to ask for permission (and don't remove the TikTok watermark with the user’s nickname).

What is important when you choose to add a TikTok video to your feed or stories is it should be relevant to your followers' taste. The clip above is a good example of reusing a TikTok video. @iloveechihuahua is a niche community, and this clip posted in the feed gathered over 12K views in less than 11 hours. Thanks to appearing on the Explore feed, more people discovered this community and probably started following it.

People who follow you on Instagram might not check TikTok. And by showing clips to them, you help the content become viral and more appreciated. What’s more, you can simply download TikTok clips right from the app.


What if I need to explain something to the audience or film a tutorial? It's impossible to download it from somewhere else.

Yes, in this case you inevitably need to open your phone camera. But the major trend on Instagram in 2021 is authenticity and no edits (explore more about Instagram trends 2021 in this blog post). This means you can shoot in ordinary daylight, right in your apartment or shop.

If you don't have a stabilizer for the phone, place it on a windowsill and stay in front of the window. In this position, you will get good lightning. You can cover a window with a white curtain of cloth to make the light milder if it's too sunny.

The video above is a perfect idea of how you can film styling tips for a shop or makeup and fitness tutorials.


It's actually a trend among feature accounts and business accounts to find rare and eye-popping scenes from movies, ads, clips, and interviews and post these media on the Instagram feed.

This trend is highly prevalent because Instagrammers were kids in the 90s and 00s, so the culture of these times resonates with them. What’s more, if you are selling something to this audience, you can post excerpts from Disney cartoons, old fashion shows, and MTV shows. They will likely find this nostalgic and double-tap.

As you can see – you don't need to press the record button to gain views and likes and build a personal relationship with the audience. Research and brainstorm instead.


When you scroll the IG Explore feed, you can find extra short clips that look like live images. They are so short that sometimes you need to go back to it again to view all the details. That is the key – short videos get more views.

What is crucial in this genre of IG videos is an eye-popping visual aesthetic that should stimulate viewers to play it again and again.


Lastly, you can publish clips that your customers make of your goods. It can be challenging to amass such content, but you need to announce it like a competition, and your customers can get bonuses by participating. Some growing companies provide discounts, while big brands set the rules by themselves and choose among the best clips.

Collaboration with your existing clients and influencers that talk about your company is a tested sales driver. It helps to boost the interest of cold leads that might be still hesitating to try your products.

Also, you can grab visuals made by influencers and content makers in your industry and post them in your feed. It is legal if you ask permission, tag, and mention the original source of the video in a caption.

Remember to use the Inflact Downloader to save clips and visuals of other users on Instagram in original quality.

How to download videos and reuse them – do the research on your own

Top 5 platforms to find ideas for Insta videos:

  1. Explore section – Browse the Explore feed regularly to keep up with trends, get inspiration and evolve your content. You can keep feed videos, IGTV, stories, and Live sessions with the help of the Inflact Downloader. It also allows you to download content in bulk and to track and download stories automatically.
  2. TikTok – The best source of video content if you work with the younger generation and need to be in trend. It's possible to save any clip with watermarks if a user allows it in their settings.
  3. Pinterest videos – Adjust the search criteria and view video pins. Video pins can be downloaded right from the website or in the application.
  4. Facebook videos –Browse Facebook Watch, Facebook feed, and Facebook communities to research clips you can repurpose for Insta. You can download Facebook videos in original quality with this tool.
  5. Twitter videos – This social platform is full of memes, the latest news, and user-generated original videos that you can share on Instagram. It's possible to download Twitter vids with our downloader in authentic quality.


All in all, you've moved from nothing to a bunch of content ideas for Instagram. Videos stimulate shares, and it's perfect that you don't even need to film them. If you want to dive deeper and learn how to maximize the ROI from creating IG videos, read our guide about filming clips for Instagram.