If you need to discover Instagram users for outreach, you can now share the results of your inquiry with anyone – just copy the URL. And you can easily categorize the accounts from your query by the number of followers and posts.
User Search for IG is updated: share the link to search results, and sort the accounts

Below you will find out how you can show the displayed results to others.

How to share the suggested accounts

discover Instagram users for outreach

On the User Search page, you will find the button that allows you to share the link in one click.

For example, I need to find accounts for "hair extension." As you can see in the screenshot, there are 4,336 relevant results in the User Search database. Let's imagine I want to show the displayed accounts to my colleagues.

When I click on the highlighted share button, the link is immediately copied to the clipboard. If I paste it and click on it, I will be directed to precisely these search results.

How can you use this feature:

  • Share the search results with your team. You can copy and paste the link into the group chat with colleagues. When they follow the URL, they will see the profiles you've discovered. For example, if you browse bloggers in your niche, you might need to show the people you discovered to your colleagues.
  • Save this link for yourself. You can paste it into your notes or any document to quickly find specific results.

Keep in mind that customized lists are also available in the User Search. You can sort the selected accounts by groups and open these lists at any time. This function is helpful when you negotiate with various audiences and need all their contact data at hand.

How to sort the accounts suggested by the User Search

User Search for IG

After the latest update, you can organize the search results by the number of posts and followers. This feature will help you optimize the accounts to your goal. If you need to find users who post often and have a big audience, you can adjust the filters.

The filter is placed just below the number of found accounts.

What’s more, the User Search by Inflact allows you to view the detailed statistics on every account. Click the button Analyze under a profile you want to check. You will be redirected to an advanced analytics page that you can apply individually from the User Search tool.

The function of filtering combined with the profile analysis will help you when you are looking for bigger accounts for promotion. You can simply determine if this profile is truly worth your attention by checking the activity rate, top-performing posts, and posting frequency.

Stop spending hours searching for influencers and partners on the IG app. Instead, make use of the advanced and convenient desktop database with filters.