At the beginning of 2023, the most followed personality on Instagram (could you make it right first time?) raffled signed boots among the subscribers. Despite the fact the giveaway had just one sponsor, the profit made was €1,35 m. It must be said, you will hardly beat Cristiano Ronaldo even on the digital field, so should you have him as a role model to skyrocket the account?
What’s wrong with Instagram giveaways? How then to get followers? + best Instagram autofollow bot [updated]

But who deducts taxes from these amounts? How are giveaways organised in general from a legal and tax point of view, and why are brands increasingly refusing to participate in them? We've secretly found the answers to these questions through a little investigation based on interviews with layers.

Instagram giveaways

What is a giveaway?

Giveaways are a quick way to attract new followers to your Instagram profile. Influencers (less often brands or companies) give away expensive gifts: large sums, Apple smartphones, cars, etc. To participate, all you need to do is subscribe to a specially created contest account and to the profiles of the advertisers sponsoring the giveaway.

As a rule, the organiser of the giveaway is not the blogger themselves, but third-party specialists.

What does the Instagram loop giveaway scheme look like?

  • The organiser comes to the Instagram blogger. They choose the concept of the draw and negotiate the fee for the giveaway.
  • Then the organiser looks for sponsors. They can be celebrities, brands, or small bloggers looking to build an audience who are willing to pay money for it. Participation can cost a sponsor from tens to hundreds of thousands of rubles – it all depends on the size of the giveaway.
  • When sponsors are found, active promotion of the draw begins. In posts and stories, the blogger encourages subscribers to try their luck in the competition.
  • After subscribers become participants in the giveaway, sponsors get new subscribers, the blogger gets money, and the lucky participants get valuable prizes.
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Who earns on giveaways, and how much?

Bloggers themselves can earn about 20-30% of the sum of all placements and monetization of giveaways, as calculated by the creative agency Triko. But if they act as organisers (that is, they carry out "personalised" giveaways), then their earnings often exceed 80% of the total amount.

What are giveaways fraught with for sponsors?

Often for an advertiser, a giveaway is a surefire way to end up paying out to ditch an account. The massive influx of followers and the following wave of unfollows (more on this below) lead to the Instagram algorithms deciding that something is wrong with the account and drastically limiting the reach. As a result, not only new, but also old loyal subscribers do not see the blogger's posts.

If everyone who signed up for the giveaway unsubscribes, and there is talk on the web that 'the blogger's friend won, as usual,' then the credibility of the organiser will be undermined and the sponsors will not want to participate in the giveaway the next time. And then the organiser will lose what it was all for – profit.

How prizes are given to dummy winners of giveaways

No one ever seems to win a huge Instagram giveaway. The main task of the organiser at every stage is to get as many followers as they can and prevent massive unfollowing.

“We support the client's account for the duration of the giveaway and give recommendations on how to maintain it in order to increase engagement. On average, 30-40% unsubscribe. The final figures depend on the quality of the content of the sponsored page.” — the organisations of giveaways creation say.

To reduce the rate of unfollowing, sometimes they go for tricks. For example, immediately after the end of the draw, the account is blocked for about a day. Then the giveaway members cannot find it in order to unsubscribe immediately. Another option is to announce another rally next.

How the law regulates the Instagram giveaway

Although giveaways are not directly regulated by law, the party that publicly announced the payment of money or the issuance of an award is obliged to fulfil the promise if the winner performed the necessary actions within the time limit established by the rules.

Judicial practice suggests that giveaways are most often interpreted as advertising services.

What other difficulties may arise in court?

If a blogger decides to "merge", then it will be difficult to prove that it was they who announced the competition – the Instagram account is not tied to a specific person.

Since a citizen is not identified by passport data, the courts are unlikely to accept the plaintiff's arguments that the account belongs to a specific person, unless the defendant himself denies the fact of posting a post / story.

If the prize is not given to the winner, it is extremely difficult to dispute.

winners of giveaways

About Instagram sanctions, or how giveaways kill your account

Instagram is categorically against giveaways and prevents them in every possible way from being held: it blocks contest pages, imposes restrictions on the number of simultaneous subscriptions, and blocks contest posts. There were cases when Instagram blocked the accounts of bloggers who conducted giveaways.

If you go to any page of a past giveaway, you will see the following picture:

the Instagram giveaway

Due to bans, the transparency of participation in giveaways for followers is lost:

  1. The blogger uploads the contest video and indicates the page that you need to follow – the participants go to the page and subscribe to all sponsors;
  2. Instagram deletes the contest page;
  3. The blogger asks participants to follow a new page for the contest (constantly changing the contest pages in the description of the contest post);
  4. Instagram deletes the new contest page.

And so in a circle….

As a result, by the time of the broadcast, only the last of 3–10 contest pages remains, which participates in the contest. All the rest, to which the first participants subscribed, simply do not participate in the competition.

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