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Dispelling Myths: Why Instagram Automation Tools Have Nothing to Do with Cheating

Prejudices against using Instagram automation tools, or Instagram bots as they’re often referred to, are not uncommon. However, there’s a huge difference between smart AI-powered assistants to automate Ig account management and bots used for buying fake likes and followers. In this article, we will explore the benefits of utilizing Instagram bots and break some myths associated with these popular tools.

What is an Instagram Automation Tool?

Instagram automation tools are software programs or online services that help Instagrammers automate their accounts. The main purpose of these tools is to free users from simple but time-consuming routines, so they can tackle higher-level tasks.

‘Instagram bot’ is a term with a broad meaning and can be applied to various types of tools, including those ruled out by the platform. However, in this article by an Instagram automation bot we will mean a software solution that is able to perform absolutely legal activities such as liking posts and comments, following, scheduling posts, and DMing.

Instagram automation tools usually have features that allow users to enhance their marketing strategies on the platform. They have proven helpful in maximizing user engagement by increasing a business’s presence on Instagram, approaching relevant audiences, providing reliable customer service, and more.

What Can be Streamlined with Insta Bots?

Account management includes many aspects. If you’re a thriving small business or an influencer with limited human resources, chances are you lack time for non-strategic tasks related to your social media account management. Using an Instagram bot can be a way out.

Instagram automation tools allow users to:

  • manage their accounts more efficiently
  • spend less time on repetitive tasks
  • focus on creating valuable content
  • improve other vital growth metrics

Let’s see what account management processes can be automated with the Inflact Instagram bot.

1. Follower Growth

An Instagram bot can help users grow their followers by automatically liking posts and comments, as well as following accounts based on specific targeting parameters. You can use locations and hashtags for better targeting as well as apply advanced filters such as gender, languages, time zones, and more.

how do Insta bots work

2. Direct Messaging

Automation tools can handle direct messaging, which is a crucial part of Instagram user experience. Instagram DM automation tools help maintain effective communications with followers and keep them engaged. Providing answers to queries shows your customers that your brand cares for and values them. With our Instagram bot, you can send bulk messages and set auto-replies and welcome messages.

3. Content Viewing

With Insta automation tools you can view your target audience content including Stories. Getting on the viewer list increases your account exposure and visibility. People whose Stories you’ve viewed may want to explore your Instagram page. This can bring new customers and have a positive impact on your engagement rate.

4. Post Scheduling

With automation tools, you can schedule your posts in advance, ensuring that content is shared at the best time to maximize engagement. Furthermore, automated scheduling helps ensure posting consistency and pace.

5. Engagement Tracking

Automation tools offer detailed analytical insights into interactions, from tracking likes, comments, replies, shares, and other engagement types.

Ig tracking with bot

6. Hashtag Research

Instagram promotion tools can help identify trending hashtags relevant to your business and account subject and aligned to your brand voice.

Nine Tips to Make Ig Management Right

To leverage the power of Instagram automation tools and grow your presence on the platform, you should be knowledgeable about how to set your Instagram bot for maximum efficiency. Here are several tips to maximize the effect of Instagram automation tools:

  1. Launch the Insta bot in a safe mode so that its liking and following actions resemble human behavior.
  2. Use automation tools’ audience targeting features to reach an audience specific to your niche.
  3. Engage with your audience, responding to DMs and mentions and liking other users’ posts and comments to enhance your brand reach.
  4. Analyze when your followers are most active. Based on the data, schedule your posts for days and times when your followers are online.
  5. Leverage Instagram DM automation tools to DM new followers about a discount or promo code, exclusive offer, or simply present an appealing call to action.
  6. Make sure your DMs are personalized — if not, they will most likely fly under your customers’ radar.
  7. Review insights gathered through automation tools, which can help in refining and adapting your social media strategy.
  8. Remember that overreliance on third-party automation software can lead to marking your account as spammy and being suspended.
  9. Set reasonable limits on the daily numbers of actions your bot performs. Otherwise, your account activities can be considered suspicious by the platform.
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How to Use Instagram Automation Tools Safely

These simple steps will help you stay within Instagram’s limits:

  • Use reputable automation tools
  • Never buy followers, comments, or likes
  • Limit automation activities
  • Avoid mass following/unfollowing and liking
  • Be ethical and respectful, remain true to your brand mission
  • Follow Instagram guidelines

Breaking Myths about an Instagram Bot

Instagram automation AI is surrounded by myths, many of which are far from reality. Here’s why.

Myth 1. Instagram automation tools are bots that buy fake followers and likes

When you’re running a business on Instagram, you have to handle a multitude of tasks, from building a marketing strategy and planning your content weeks ahead to providing customer service via DMs and liking your followers’ posts. At a certain point, you may be faced with an unmanageable workload.

Obviously, you’ll start considering hiring an assistant who will handle part of the account management tasks. You can put your newly recruited colleague in charge of liking your audience’s posts and comments, viewing their content, communicating with them in direct messages, and more.

Now, let us ask you a question. Will recruiting such an assistant be considered a violation of Instagram rules? Absolutely not. That said, what makes you think that using Instagram bots to perform exactly the same tasks is cheating? An Instagram bot is just a digital aide and nothing more.

Myth 2. Instagram automation tools allow you to sit back and relax

As an adult, you must know it’s too good to be true. Ask any Instagrammer with a huge following if they were sitting around drinking tea while their Insta bots were working hard. Chances are they will laugh you down because they did put much effort in boosting their accounts.

benefits of using Insta bots

Automation tools work for you, not instead of you. Indeed, they can help streamline tasks, however, there is still a need for active monitoring and evaluation on your end. While Instagram bots can attract new followers, retaining them is in your hands because it is you who are in charge of the content marketing.

Once you’ve built a loyal community around your brand, they have certain expectations, and it’s up to you to live up to them. Bots only will assist you in maintaining your constant presence on the platform. Relying on automation services without a proper strategy can be counterproductive and impose risks for the success of your Instagram journey.

Myth 3. Instagram automation can bring instant results and boost your account overnight

When you plant seeds into the fertile Instagram soil, they are not likely to sprout in an instance. Your efforts will be rewarded, but be prepared to wait. A slow but steady growth is way better than a surge followed by plummeting, right? There will be peaks and valleys, it’s for sure. But the good news is you will achieve high results in a longer term, we promise.

Set realistic goals and keep patient when using automation tools. You can’t get an Instagram bot to like 1,000 posts or follow 1,000 users in one day, as this will have an adverse effect on your business and your authenticity in the eyes of the platform. You need to advance in small steps, and it can take your growth strategy months to yield more or less meaningful results.

Pros and Cons of Using Bots

While Instagram bots can offer benefits and ease account management tasks, they also have potential drawbacks. In a nutshell, the pros and cons of using Instagram bots are as follows.


Time saving

Instagram bots help complete various tasks that would have been time-consuming to handle manually. As a result, one can save time and focus on other vital aspects of running a business.

Higher engagement

Your automated account manager can be by right called an Instagram engagement bot as it helps increase engagement, promote brand reach, and grow followers through automated liking and following/unfollowing.

Cost effectiveness

Compared to social media marketers or agencies, Instagram bots are relatively inexpensive and can be more affordable for individual users and small businesses.

Metrics tracking

Most automation tools allow users to track essential engagement metrics, see the latest followers, posts analytics, and insights about which content engages users best.


Artificial engagement

An Instagram bot cannot replace the personal touch of engaging with followers. Also, if used unsafely, its actions can be considered inauthentic, resulting in lower engagement.

Algorithm restrictions

Instagram is constantly updating algorithms and changing its rules and policies. There is always a risk of being penalized or restricted by the platform for violating its terms of use.

Risk of account suspension

Overusing Instagram bots or unsolicited direct messaging can lead to account suspension or deactivation.

Limited customization

Most Instagram bots come with in-built features that might not perfectly align with your specific goals. Without proper customization, effectiveness may be lower.


Instagram AI-based automation tools are becoming increasingly popular, primarily due to their effectiveness in managing and growing an audience, which leads to higher user engagement and business profits. There are myths associated with Instagram bots that are not necessarily true.

If you opt for automation tools that only perform actions in line with Instagram’s policies, you’ll always be on a safe side. With features like auto-liking and following, DMing, content viewing and post scheduling, which saves hours of manual data entry, your odds of gaining new followers sky-jump.

Want proof? Try this tool by Inflact, a service that can be used for Instagram automation both on a PC and Android or iOS mobile devices, and watch your account grow.


Is Instagram Automation Allowed?

Using automation tools that violate the platform’s terms of use by buying followers, likes, or comments, aggressive mass-following or spamming can lead to account suspension or even deactivation. Such automation activities as automated liking posts and comments, following and unfollowing, post scheduling and analyzing an account’s performance are allowed.

How to Do Instagram Automation?

Creating your own automation strategy for Instagram can be split in several steps.

1. Choose a reputable automation tool. Inflact’s Instagram bot has proven to be a reliable and effective service for Ig account growth.

2. Connect your Instagram account following the instructions provided by the chosen service.

3. Define specific parameters, including geography, targeted hashtags, and the type of users you want to follow or unfollow automatically.

4. Set up scheduling posts, auto-liking, auto-following/unfollowing rules.

5. Monitor performance metrics and adjust your automation activities if certain methods prove inefficient.