We prepared awesome Instagram direct templates that will make a great impression on your followers. Use them as a source of inspiration and try to achieve better results.
Genius Instagram Direct Templates That Will Inspire You!

Why do you need a newsletter?

Direct messaging is a promotion tool, the effectiveness of which depends to a great extent on the characteristics and needs of your target audience. Let us highlight the most common directions for Instagram messages:

  • Promo, poll, discount, or offers messages.
  • Welcome messages for new followers.
  • Partnership offer messages.
There are two ways of how to send direct messages on Instagram:

Send messages manually. It doesn’t require cash investments, but it is an extremely tedious task. This method doesn’t require the transfer of a login and password to third-party resources for entry, therefore it remains the only way out for very suspicious users who are wary of fraudulent actions.

Send messages via Instagram bot. It is very fast and simple, but it requires a little skill and money investment.

Inflact Direct Messenger

Inflact offers the service of automatic Direct Messaging for those who want to communicate with their followers.

After a simple registration you will need:

  1. Select the “Direct” tab
  2. Tap on “New message”
  3. Type text. Here you can attach a picture or beautify the letter emojis
  4. Select a list of users, configure filters and click "Activate
  5. You can pause the sending or change the settings at any time.

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Welcome Instagram Direct Templates

The Internet is full of great examples of welcome messages. The following are exceptionally successful Instagram Direct templates for promotion.

Scenario #1. You are the shop for camping gear.

Welcome to #XXXXbuilt! Camping is a cure for day-to-day chaos, whether it’s alongside an alpine lake, a vast ocean, or any ol’ dirt lot outside of the city. We create an incredible package of camping gear for your ideal vacation. Now you will the first to hear about new our products, exclusive offers, and more. Get tuned!

Author remark: Don’t forget to add the high-resolution photo with people using products so that followers understand and become interested!

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Why does it work? You can’t conquer Kilimanjaro, but you can always climb the nearest hill and spend time with friends in comfortable conditions.

Scenario #2. You are a cosmetic brand.

Welcome to the real thing! Nothing but pure. It’s time to get real - about the world, about beauty and ourselves.

We have been successfully creating the highest quality products based on natural argan oil for 10 years. Our success lies in 100% naturalness. Your welcome gift is 10% off any purchase!

Why does it work? This welcome message addresses all the highlights. The topic welcomes the new follower and the pre-title calls for action. The message says about the company's competitive differences. And furthermore, the follower is sent back to the page, attracting him with a 10% discount.

Scenario #3. You are a ski travel agency.

Thank you for the support! You have successfully followed. Now you are one step closer to your perfect mountain vacation! You will learn about the latest news from the world of mountain recreation! Our latest offers, news and snow reports will be with you shortly. Alternatively, if you'd like to speak to one of our ski experts right now then call us on XXXXXXXXXX.

Why does it work? This welcome message is action-oriented! It takes some time to greet the newcomers and then goes straight to the point. We also like the phone number.

News, Upgrade, Discount Instagram Direct Templates

We learn to competently develop and present messages about new products/services, improvements, and promotions. We create an offer that will interest your visitors.

Scenario #1.

How are you? You are a Spanish school.

What is your purpose? Your purpose is to inform your followers about launching an intensive course.

Spanish grammar in the intensive format! We don’t promise that you will learn all the Spanish in 3 weeks. But you will be able to put your knowledge into practice 21 days after passing intensively “Learn basic grammar once and for all”. The intensive Spanish course is composed of online lectures, homework, practical exercises, and conversation clubs, where you can finally overcome the language barrier. You will receive a certificate, bonuses, and discounts for other courses at the end of the intensive course!

The seats are limited!

Intensive course starts on 10 September.

Scenario #2.

How are you? You are a design tool that helps anyone to create great animated graphics with low effort.

What is your purpose? You share the good news about updating your system.

We accept PayPal! You can now get any our plan with your PayPal! Create stunning designs with our new premium collection of XXX high-quality images, upgraded search, and 20+ templates – login with your PayPal and get Advanced or PRO plan in just a click. P.S. Due to technical difficulties, you cannot pay for your XXX plan with PayPal if you have active promo codes. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and are figuring it out!

Scenario #3.

How are you? You are the clothing store

What is your purpose? Tell about the new collection’s sale.

The discounts are coming! In need of a dream dress? We are giving you a 40% discount to buy your ideal dress. Apply this promo code XXX-XXX and break men’s hearts. Hurry up, the offer is limited ;)

Partnership offer Instagram Direct Templates

A commercial proposal is a business card that forms an opinion about a company in 1-2 minutes. Therefore, it is important to create a partnership offer in a creative and modern way. Drop all stereotypes and tell why it is beneficial to work with you.

Situation#1. Response to request.

We send a commercial offer to a specific client request. It means that the client wants to study our commercial offer. The situation is very favorable because we don’t need to “warm-up” the client. It is enough to tell him what he asks for and make it brightly.

Hello, April! We carefully studied your request and execute it right away, so that you can quickly get all the information on stationery. These are the conditions for the positions that you requested. At the same time, we can choose analogs based on the account (or price) of another store so that you can compare prices and make the best choice.

A final tip: If you have been asked for a price, don’t send a “bare” table. Add personalization - contact the customer by name. You get close to people that way.

Situation#2. Blow to the main problem.

Any business has problems. Each business area has common problems. And some problems cannot be solved by existing opportunities. This scenario is ideal you need to sell a new unique solution that helps save the client from an acute problem.

See how we grapple with this situation and prepare a commercial proposal for a new widget for online stores, which allows you to make and present accurate measurements of things. Buyers must be sure that the indicated sizes correspond to their natural data:

If you are an online clothing store, you know that 40% of clothes are returned by customers for the most common reason - the size doesn’t fit … You use size tables, make detailed descriptions, attach high-quality photos, but clothes keep coming back ...

We emphasized a real problem relevant to the target audience - the systematic return of goods due to size mismatch. This is a weak spot for online clothing stores because the buyer sees only the picture and before buying doesn’t have the opportunity to try on a dress.

Situation#3. A visual representation.

“A visual representation” is when you offer really interesting things. It is ideal when they have pronounced differences that are useful to the target audience.

The main feature of this technique is to use product images at the very beginning of a commercial offer. The reader will look at the pictures, and if they attract him, your text will be read more carefully.

New fashionable women bags! Free shipping! Rich assortment - more than 1500 models per season! The minimum order is $ 200. Look at these bags! Red is very good, right? Therefore, it is in the center.

Do you get the portion of inspiration? It's high time to work and conquer a peak of communication skills! Good luck!

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