Gareth Leonard has gained 94K followers and got 25 sponsored posts using the best travel hashtags!
Increase Traffic by 73% And Get 94K Followers Using Best Travel Hashtags!
Hashtags helped Gareth Leonard to promote his travel blog on Instagram. In 6 months using trending travel hashtags, he has created his project “tourist2townie” on Instagram, where there are 94K followers now. Among that, he boosted the traffic to his page by 73% and increased the overall number of impressions by 88%.

travel blogger who uses best travel hashtags

For that, he was picking up travel Instagram hashtags using Inflact hashtag generator and tracking trending tags. From the usual man, he transformed into one of the high-paid Instagram travel blogger! It became possible thanks to putting the right hashtags under his publications.

Boost 73% Traffic To The Page And Gain 94K Followers!

Today, we will consider his case-story and tell you how to choose the best travel Instagram hashtags for your Instagram popularity!

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Gareth conceived his project as an idea to travel and share with the audience photos of the beautiful parts of the world. He wanted to make not just day trips to cities and countries, but to carry out full-fledged travel for a few weeks, as much as possible to soak up local culture, as well as to see all the beauty of the visited place. After that, he wanted to publish beautiful pictures from the whole world and tell people about other countries, people, customs and cultures.

instagram account with best travel hashtags


Gareth set some goals for his blog. He divided them into non-material and material:


  1. Introduce the audience to travels;
  2. Popularize the blog;
  3. Show the audience the most remote countries of the world.

  1. Boost the traffic;
  2. Increase the number of advertising offers;
  3. Attract new followers.

Gareth chose hashtags as the primary tool that would help him achieve all of the above goals. He has believed that this tool allows to accomplish all goals without material investments and interested people can find the blog and follow it if the content is to their liking. And he was right.

However, he understood that to put hashtags thoughtless is unlikely to bring profit. So he created his strategy for the implementation of which he decided to use Inflact hashtag generator.

His strategy was as follows:

1. Before going on a trip to any country, he has collected a list of the most popular hashtags from Inflact trending hashtags from 4 categories: today, last 7 days, last month and all time and has divided them into the categories:

  • 100 frequent hashtags;
  • 100 average hashtags;
  • 100 rare hashtags.
In this, he was helped by hashtag generator, which can divide the necessary hashtags into three categories: frequent, average and rare.

2. After that, he has written several variants of trending hashtags mixed with relevant tags generated with Hashtag generator. Usually, he used not more than 10 hashtags and obligatory added space before the next hashtag.

best travel hashtags with Inflact

3. The next step was to make a complete analysis of the selected hashtag, which greatly facilitated the decision to use it under publication.

best travel hashtags

The first thing that Gareth has noticed was hashtag difficulty. The first and second diagram showed him how many posts used this hashtag for all time, as well as today. Then, on the hashtag difficulty, which reflected the chances of this publication to be in the top using this hashtag. Finally, he conducted a weekly analysis of the use of the hashtag to track which days of the week it is most often used.

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The plan of his work was as follows:

  1. When Gareth uploaded his post, he used only Rare Hashtags to collect likes and comments from this category of hashtags.
  2. Next 30 minutes after posting, he would remove the rare hashtags and change them to Average and collect likes and comments from that category.
  3. Then after another 30 minutes, he changed the Average Hashtags to Frequent and collected likes and comments from this category.

Instagram post with best travel hashtags

This scheme allowed Gareth to go to the top in different frequency categories and collect likes and comments as he competently used all the trending hashtags that the hashtag generator has chosen for him.


In 6 months of leading the travel blog on Instagram Gareth has achieved the following results:

  • followers - 94,6К;
  • posts - 960;
  • average likes number - 5K;
  • average comments number - 250;
  • traffic - increased by 73%;
  • overall viewed - increased by 88%;
  • the number of ad proposals - 25 proposals per month.
Putting the right hashtags, Gareth has created and promoted not only his travel blog but also got lots of ad proposals, barter trips and proposals for cooperation.

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Best travel hashtags: Additional features

Besides, hashtag generator allows users to select hashtags not only using keywords, but also by photo or URL link.

This is especially important for those who do not want to spend a lot of time on the selection of niche and unique hashtags.

All you have to do is upload a photo and click on the generate hashtags button. After that, the generator will select the most suitable hashtags for your photo.

inflact hashtags generator

The generator by URL can be used in the same way. For example, if you want to update existing hashtags under your post.

Try to use all the features of Inflact hashtag generator and feel all the benefits of Instagram popularity!