2019 is at full speed, and DM Instagram remains popular and in demand. It boasts some of the highest engagement rates among any other promotion techniques. And all thanks to the extremely narrow targeting, which allows you to build a personalized communication with each individual.
Direct Message Template: 30 Eye-Popping Tips For Pushing
However, it is possible only if there is a carefully developed and segmented strategy and you write successful and vivid templates for mailing. If you perform this process correctly, you will easily turn Instagram users into your followers and customers! And then, you need to be able to regularly stimulate their interest in your account, as well as make repeated purchases, if you have an Instagram store. Of course, achieving this success depends primarily on the degree of correctness of the messages for distribution and the service that you have chosen.

Do you remember that I have prepared for you a series of articles that are devoted to automatic Direct Messages on Instagram? Last time we considered the types of messages, and what templates can be used for each type. Have you learned everything well? Then move on! Today we will swim a little deeper, and we will consider with you 30 tips on writing cool templates for mailing!

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Effective mailing is the result of achieving a measurable end goal. The performance criteria (KPI) can be:

  • the delivery and viewing ratio of letters;
  • the performance of target actions by customers;
  • the number of conversions;
  • the average check, etc.
There are Golden rules that turn messages into a powerful marketing tool. To make an effective newsletter, you must correctly perform the basic steps:

  1. come up with a strategy;
  2. adapt the content to read from mobile screens;
  3. write catchy texts;
  4. choose the type of mailing.
I want to remind you that you can send messages to new followers, existing followers, as well as create a special list of desired followers for mailing. But sometimes this is not enough: your competitors make similar mailings, so you can not surprise followers with something new and interesting. So I decided to share with you proven tips for creating drafts on Instagram for mailing! Let’s get started!


30 Useful Tips For Direct Message Templates

Tip #1: Personalize your message!

Mailing is created for correspondence between people. Keep this in mind creating the Instagram DM template.

Ex.: Hello, John! Thank you for using our Bank! Many of our clients ask how to activate a new service of non-targeted payments. We answered this question by reference. Have a good day!

Tip #2: Leave links!

This is an obvious tip: share links with your followers. Thus, they will be able to quickly find the necessary information that you have prepared for them.

Ex.: Hi! I need your support! Vote for me on the link. Thank you!

Tip #3: Offer your audience a lot of useful information!

Regularly surprise the audience with large letters with useful information. You can do this once every two weeks or once a month.

Ex.: Did you miss the recipes? Today I will share with you the recipe of cool pancakes! All you need is 200 ml of milk, 5 tablespoons of flour, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of oil, a frying pan and a good mood. Mix all the ingredients, and start to fry on each side for 3 minutes, in a well-heated pan, but on low heat! Voila! The pancakes are ready. Serve them with your favorite jam, chocolate, Nutella or honey. Bon appetit! For more recipes follow the link.

Tip #4: Make people happy!

You don't have to be a God or a billionaire to do that. To make followers happy, it is usually enough to give them a modest gift. The main thing is that users do not perceive it as a marketing move.

Ex.: The holidays are long over, but the gifts continue! Order a new phone right now and get new headphones for free! Link

Tip #5: Thank your audience!

Say "thank you" at every opportunity. Thank users for shopping, for reading emails, for leaving feedback, etc. This has a positive effect on your followers and forms loyalty.

Ex.: We so rarely say thank you, even though it's so simple. I thank you for being with me today! For your support and interest! Boundless love and devotion!

Tip #6: Make announcements!

Users don’t like to read promotional messages. You can solve this problem by making commercial messages look like neutral ads.

Ex.: New arrival! We decided to please you with something new and interesting! In our catalog, there are many new items that you have not ordered. Don't waste time! Order now. Link

Tip #7. Use text replacement to create unique email messages!

If you look at the standard text in the working area of the program, you will surely notice that many words are dotted. This is the spin text – that is, words that will be replaced by synonyms (pre-defined by the user). What is the advantage of this function? It is known that spam filters can block messages of the same size and with the same text. With the use of spin-text, it turns out that every time you create unique letters that have minimal differences in vocabulary and size but are the same in essence information. Such a cunning move can increase the delivery of mailings.

Ex.: {Want you to tell|I Have for you something there is| Good news!}

Tip #8 Use your brand phrases!

People are social beings, so your message should create a sense of dialogue.

Ex.: Today - you already the other! Self-development courses open a new stream of students for seminars on business promotion. If you agree with us that every day we are different people, join our community. Link

Tip #9. Ask the recipient to do something!

Just not too much. You do not want to scare anyone by asking to fill out a questionnaire with a lot of corrosive questions. Invite your followers to take the next step with you.

Ex.: Let's change the world together! Follow the link and become a volunteer! We help the animal to feel secure in this world! Become a part of our team! Link

Tip #10. Monitor follower behavior immediately to prevent inactivity!

If you do not want your followers to become "dead souls", don’t wait a few months or even years.

Ex.: Hi! You're part of my Instagram community! I want to know you better! I created a special chat, where I communicate with my followers and learn a lot about them! Follow the link and join us! Link


Tip #11. Provide bonuses and incentives in your welcome letter!

If you offer a discount, then write it at the beginning of the letter, while the reader's attention is not lost.

Ex.: Hunting season is open for discounts! We have launched a game in which everyone can participate! Make orders in our online store and become a member of the game, the main prize of which is the annual supply of discounts! Link

Tip #12: Show that you care about your customers!

Your followers receive dozens of messages a day. They hardly pay attention to every offer to download something for free, take advantage of a 3% discount, and also ignore questions about the desire to earn millions without effort and start-up investment.

Ex.: Good day! Maybe you have long wanted a new dress or bag! Now in our store are huge discounts. The action ends in 2 days! Hurry up and buy everything you dreamed of! Link

Tip #13: Tell users what to do next!

Do this with calls to action.

Ex.: Summer is at full speed, and you have not rested on the sea! No problem! All August we have a discount on family travel! All you need to do is follow the link, select the desired tour, arrange and fly to meet new adventures.

Tip #14: Remind users what you do and who you are!

This technique will keep your followers up to date with your business and new products!

Ex.: Hello, the best follower on earth! I’m a young mother who has learned how to properly manage my time and have time to do everything in 24 hours. Do you want some? Read my blog and learn with me. Link

Tip #15: Increase relevance with current memes, trends, events!

Ex.: Do you know that a trip to the sea makes a person happier several times? We don’t doubt it (sticker, emoji, emoticon). So we decided to make you a little happier and arrange a competition, the main prize of which is a trip to XXX! All details on the link.

Tip #16: Praise yourself!

Don’t be modest if you or your company managed to achieve some success, awards or differences.

Ex.: Good day! We have great news! We became winners in the category best Internet store on Instagram! On this occasion, we would like to thank all our followers and customers for whom we work! Thank you, stay with us!

Tip #17: Review or announcement of an event!

The exhibition, awards, interesting events. Have you ever been anywhere? Why not share it with your followers?

Ex.: Hi! As you know, just recently I was on an educational trip to England! I brought with me a large number of useful materials for education. I’m ready to share them with you. Follow the link and pick up right now.

Tip #18: Interviews with followers!

You can come up with or find interesting stories about how your products or services are useful in people's lives.

Ex.: Do you remember our new product that helps fight acne? So, we have prepared an interview with a person who was very helped by our product and solved his problems forever. You can get acquainted with it by clicking on the link.

Tip #19: Easy texts!

Simplify your messages for mailing. Remove the excess. The submission of information is based on the principle: one letter — one idea.

Ex.: Hi! We have launched a new project! And would like to know your impressions about it! What it is and how it works you can find out by clicking on the link!

Tip #20: Text decoration!

The color of the text should stand out against the background, but not tire the eyes.

Ex.: Hi! Do you want to take part in our advertising game (purple)? Register via the link and follow the news (brown)! After all, you can be the lucky one who will win the GRAND PRIZE (blue)!


Tip #21: Break the message into blocks!

When a letter is written in one large text, it is very difficult for readers to perceive it. To avoid misunderstandings, break your messages into semantic blocks.

Ex.: Good afternoon! How are you? Do you remember that we have been working on our new collection for a long time! Right now we are ready to present it to you! You can get acquainted with it by the link! Besides, in the first order, you are waited by pleasant gifts.

Tip #22: To remind about something!

It's pretty hard to send people mailings reminding them of something without getting annoyed.

Ex.: Good day! Spring is coming! Are you ready? We do, so we have prepared a cool spring collection for you. Follow the link and place your order.

Tip #23: Tell a story!

Interest your readers. Do not write a dry and boring message.

Ex.: You've been waiting for a year! We have worked on this for two! Are you ready to see what we did? We promise you will be shocked by our work. Follow the link and be surprised!

Tip #24 Call to hidden desires!

If you are in one of those industries that attract people's attention, make the most of this factor.

Ex.: Do you want to lose weight but always break off the diet? I'll help you. Two years ago, I weighed almost 150 pounds and was able to lose 70! For all this time I have developed my system of weight loss! Come to my profile where I share only proven tips! Link

Tip #25: Readers should be interested in you!

Interest is the engine of progress! If you want to become popular on Instagram, you need to get the audience interested.

Ex.: Since childhood, I didn't have any friends! My family didn't give me enough love and support. I grew up a worthless man with a sense of complete self-destruction. However, I was able to go through it. Do you want to know how? So, follow my blog. Link

Tip #26: Test your messages before sending!

This will help to improve the quality of the letter, thereby increasing the effectiveness of its impact on the audience.

Ex.: Hello, a new follower of my blog! I publish cool stories from my life that you can read at this link. Besides, I actively interact and communicate with my followers. So write comments to the posts! Have a nice day!

Tip #27: Don't be afraid to experiment!

No need for every distribution to use clichéd phrases! Try to work effectively on each new newsletter.

Ex.: Salut! We have done a great job with you this month: we were able to gather an army of followers - 2 million! Thank you so much for being with me. Today you are with me and I am happy!

Tip #28: Give gifts!

We all love presents! It will be very cool if you please your followers with different bonuses and gifts from time to time.

Ex.: The show must go on! We decided to extend our promotion 1+1=2! So order even more cool products in our store! Buy more - pay less! Link
Tip #29: Target your audience!

It is almost impossible to write a universal message that will fit any audience! Therefore, it is best if you first decide on the audience, and only then will write a unique message for it.

Ex.: Girls! We with Dior, have launched a competition in which each of you can participate. To do this, you need to follow this link, fill out the participant form and perform the necessary actions.

Tip #30: Write the truth and nothing but the truth!

Your audience trusts you, and it won't be very nice if you start lying to them or telling lies. Therefore, announce only real events, drawings, and contests.

Ex.: It's time for the giveaways! I know that you are always looking forward to a new competition in which you can win a large number of different prizes. So, I decided to launch a new contest with even more cool prizes! Follow the link and participate!


Final Word

As you can see, the Direct message template will help you to improve the quality of sent messages. Thanks to that you get effective promotion and increasing attention to your profile. What else do you need for, my Instagram dependent people?!

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