The photo-sharing platform is developing at the speed of light and it’s not surprising that you want to get sales from this app! And rightly so! What do you need to know and use to catch a wave of Instagram success? Read this article.
Inflact: How to promote your Instagram account?

How to promote your Instagram account by “white” methods?

The time has passed when you could rise to fame overnight on Instagram. Today the number of Instagram users is growing. So, it’s time to step it up a notch. Well, let's look at legal methods for rocking your Instagram.

1. Giveaway

You have repeatedly noticed in your newsfeed pics with the words "Giveaway". Perhaps, you have even participated in this online fun. Giveaway essence is that the organizer promises users a chance to win a prize if they reshare your content and fulfill several simple conditions.

Reposting is more suitable for promoting and boosting your audience than a creative contest. The repost rapidly goes viral and helps to gain more followers.

2. Celebrity endorsement

Celebrity branding or celebrity endorsement is right on the money. Most of their followers have already guessed that the star doesn’t recommend something to them, but earns money in this way. But despite this, such a form of the advertising campaign is effective.

3. Flashmob

It can be an extremely powerful marketing instrument to create brand awareness. You propose a topic, and participants post photos with this topic on their pages, tagging your account and using your niche-specific hashtag.

To motivate users to promote you so passionately, you need to choose an intermediate winner and give him a small prize, discount or mention in your profile.

4. Participation in events

If you participate in an event or provide information, sponsorship or other support to it, the organizers mention you before the event, during and after it. Accordingly, the larger the event in which you participate, the greater the impact you will receive from it. The more often you participate in events or act as a partner, the more people will know about you.

5. Mutual PR

It is better for mutual PR to choose similar accounts. Your target audience should overlap, but your products should be different. It’s ideal when products complement each other. For instance, if you sell clothes, it will be logical to negotiate a mutual business with an accessory store.

It’s time to boost your Instagram!

One of the ways to attract fresh followers and potential customers is to employ an Inflact. Using an automated promotion service you can successfully promote your business acc without colossal time and energy losses.

Inflact is an automation tool for promotion. It is produced to boost your audience and get engaged in your niche through following, liking, tagging, direct messaging, and commenting. A bot can do the set of tasks on the social media platform without your support.

With intelligent and simple growth services you can move forward, enlarging the horizons of the possible and achieves prodigious results.

Inflact is an attractive saving-time instrument

Using growth service you focus on a superb visual content grid that gives individuals real value.

It attracts fresh followers every hour

Bots don't need to sleep, eat, travel. They work around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can relax under palm trees or make a world tour on your bike, and the bot will continue to rock your Instagram.

You can get an instant increase in audience

You don’t have to waste weeks on the promotion of your business to draw attention.

It helps to understand your audience

Inflact provides detailed stats and insights for your account. Analyze and track your page with accurate reports.

Instagram direct message online. What’s that?

Inflact is dedicated to automating your casual routine. It performs the functions for you.
  • Autolikes help you to gain mutual likes.
  • The superpower of autofollow/unfollow button is that it highlights your acc and stimulates organically your engagement.
  • Well-written comments build your brand awareness and loyalty.
  • An extremely valuable IG scheduler saves your time, helps keep the optimal rhythm of posting, publishes content at a perfect time for the audience.
  • Using Instagram DM online you can build, support and stay in contact with followers. You can address DM to new followers, all IG users, and uppermost fans.
Direct Messages bot helps automate Instagram DMs online and Instagram DMs on pc and send mass messages from your notebook and computer.

The top-notch automation instrument can send auto private messages, build a leading position for your brand, greet and contact with your followers, broaden and deepen targeting filters for your Instagram promotion.

The Instagram DM Bot is an important element of your Instagram success. Tons of companies are implementing automated direct messaging in their promotion strategy for continuous engagement with their customers. You conserve every penny with this intelligent and simple service.
If you face some problems with your Direct, read my article - “Instagram Direct Message Not Working”. Why?

Five reasons to start using Auto DMs bot

It frees your time. You don’t need to spend hours and hours sending mass DMs manually. By using automated Instagram private messages you write down different patterns at once. You can include a link or a picture to your Instagram messages online.

It gives you the chance to communicate with every follower. You get the possibility to say your fans “Hello! We're very pleased to see you. Have you ever heard about us? Just click the link and start your ride to IG success”. This is an excellent manner to keep in touch with your audience! According to the stat, two from ten individuals reply to IG direct messages.

It sends Instagram Direct Messages on computer. It's the most popular question to Instagram bot's developers "How to dm on Instagram on pc" or just "Instagram direct messages on pc". There is no need for using the Instagram app. With an Instagram dm bot, you can completely control your profile from your notebook and send Instagram messages on computer.

It helps you to build confidence in your brand. Don't turn down a good chance to tell about your intention. Communication establishes closer ties with your customers.

It has a convenient filtering option made up of different elements such as age, gender, and history activities. Narrow down your audience to find out your potential clients.

Direct messaging is a general practice to gain more followers. An automation DM bot could be fuel for your Instagram success.

Automated IG direct messages assist you to enhance brand awareness and make better audience engagement without titanic time and energy wastes. Set up service, send Instagram Direct message on pc to drive traffic and boost sales without breaking a sweat.