How to delete your Instagram, permanently or temporarily, from a computer or phone — you'll find every possible way you need in this account deletion guide.
How to delete an Instagram account in seconds + direct link to deleting an account

The first thing you should know right now is that it is impossible to delete your Instagram account directly through the mobile application. So, how can you delete your Instagram account permanently in seconds? Read on and get 5 proven ways to do this in seconds.

You can delete your Instagram account permanently or just temporarily if you want to be able to restore access to all your saved materials later. We will tell you how to do this, and also about how to "clean" authorizations in third-party services. By the way, don’t give up hope of making great Instagram content – and think twice before deleting your account forever. This can't be restored.

Delete your Instagram account permanently

You cannot delete an account in the mobile app, only from a computer or from a phone through a browser.

First, use a computer to log into the account you want to get rid of. If you forgot your password, recover it via your phone number or email address!

You cannot delete a profile without authorization and a password. When you are logged in to your profile, open the account deletion page, or follow these steps:

  1. Open "Profile". Scroll to the end.
  2. Find "Help" and click on it.
  3. In the left menu, select: "Account management" - "Account deleting".

how to delete instagram account


You’ll then get this link:

You can also follow this link from your phone!

Follow it and then, in the three-line menu, select: "How do I delete my Instagram account?".

Find in the text: "Delete account".

Choose any reason.

Enter your account password and click "Delete account".

delete instagram


When deleting an account, Instagram will offer you options for solving the problem you indicated. You can choose any — the main thing is to confirm the action with a password.

The account will be erased from the social network irrevocably.

What comes next after you delete your Instagram account

  • All photos, videos, and likes will be deleted, as well as information about your followers and followings. You won't be able to restore them even through support, so if some photos are dear to you, save them in advance.
  • And in general, think carefully: if in the future you still want to return, you cannot do it with the old profile name. Although the account will be deleted, its name cannot be used when registering a new one or changing the name of another.
  • You’ll delete followers on Instagram if you erase your account
  • If you had clients on Instagram, you will lose them for sure. Think twice before deleting Instagram, as you can sell on Instagram even without a website.

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Remove your Instagram account from your phone permanently

Log in to your Instagram account through the browser on your phone. Then:

  1. Log into your account and click "My Profile".
  2. In the upper left corner, click on the settings icon (gear).
  3. In the "Help Center" find the “Account management” item. Click on it.
  4. In the three-line menu, click on "How do I delete my Instagram account?"
  5. Scroll down to find the text "Delete account" (highlighted in blue).
  6. Choose one of the reasons, enter the password.
  7. Click: "Delete account".

delete instagram account


Before you click "Delete account", pay attention to the text below.

The account will be temporarily blocked for 30 calendar days, and after 30 days it will be permanently deleted.

instagram delete account


Temporarily close your Instagram account

Temporary deletion of an Instagram account is also possible only through a browser from a phone or computer.

Disable Instagram account from computer

  1. Log in to your account and go to the settings, to the item "Edit profile".
  2. Scroll through the settings, and you will see at the bottom a link to a page for temporary deletion.
  3. Click here to go to the page to temporarily disable your profile.
  4. Choose the reason for the disconnection — here you can simply indicate that you need a break, and Instagram will not offer solutions to the problem. In the same way, confirm the action with a password and click on “Temporarily block the account”.
  5. Select the reason for the temporary blocking and confirm the action with a password.

instagram delete my account


Disable Instagram account from a phone browser

Open your browser and log into Instagram on the phone. Then click: "My profile". Select "Edit profile", scroll to the end of the page, click on the button: "Temporarily disable my account." Select one of the reasons, confirm the action with a password. After clicking on the button, the account will be temporarily blocked.

As soon as you click here, the system will cancel authorization, and you will see the main page of the social network with a proposal to enter it or register.

In the event of a temporary shutdown, your account will be "frozen" – hidden from subscribers. All correspondence, photos, videos, likes, saved stories will remain in place. You can restore your account at any time – just log in again.

How to remove authorizations via Instagram in third-party services

When you log in to third-party services via Instagram, they access your profile data. And they may continue to track activity even if you stop using them. This can be prevented by removing the access permissions. This can be done both in the application and in the browser version of the social network, but the path in the settings will be different.

In the mobile app

  1. Go to the settings, go to item “Security”.
  2. There, go to “Applications and Sites”.
  3. Disable any authorized website or app.

delete my account instagram


In the browser

The path to authorizations in third-party services in the application looks like this.

In the browser version, the path is shorter.

  1. Click on the profile icon, then on "Settings".
  2. Select “Applications and sites” in the left menu.

Three clicks, and you can disable unnecessary authorizations.

When you get into the settings, you will see a list of all services that have access to your profile. Instagram divides them into three categories:

  • active ones that you have recently used and which can request the data they have allowed;
  • expired, which you have not used for a long time, but which still have data;
  • inactive - deleted, which can no longer request information about your account.

To revoke permission to access data from a service, simply remove it.

How to delete Instagram authorized apps and what you get as a result

Click to disable authorized apps and the services will no longer be able to request data.

After deactivating the permission, sites and applications will go to the deleted section. They will not be able to request new authorized account information, but they will retain access to the information that you previously shared with them.

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