Crazy possibilities of saving your perfect moments and stories from Instagram!
How to Save Instagram Stories? 5 Working Ways!
Unfortunately, your Insta stories will be deleted from public access after 24 hours. If you do not have time to save your favorite story in the archive, then you are likely to lose this photo or video forever. But sometimes we invest in editing of an ordinary story much more time than we spend on preparing a photo for publication in the profile.

Therefore, I’ve decided to prepare for you several ways how to save story on Instagram in order not to lose them forever and preserve all the important and dear moments forever!

P.S. Well, take the available arsenal of your Instagram and let's go!

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How to save Instagram stories: 5 Unique ways!

I've prepared 5 methods: using a web app, through the Instagram archive, using your iPhone, through Highlights panel and even through Direct. Take a look and save your Stories, finally!

Each of the methods has some pros and cons, your task is to find the fastest and the most convenient way for yourself. Choose carefully!

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How to save Instagram stories on PC: Using a web application

Quite working and common ways of saving Instagram stories are to use a third-party web service. Usually, such services are professional tools that allow you to carry out full work on creating Instagram stories, including automatic loading and saving the most successful stories. For example, you can use EmbedStories, which has the following functionality:
  • Save any kind of stories as photo and video;
  • Create a gallery;
  • Keep and share on other websites;
  • Create widgets and carousels;
It is possible to archive the necessary stories from several accounts that you keep at the same time.

How to save Instagram stories using PC

In order not to get confused with the setup of this service, I have prepared for you the instructions for use:

  1. Find the official site of the app;
  2. Sign up on the site and enter your Facebook account;
  3. Approve the public access to you acc;
  4. Choose the select button.
Now you have all the possibilities of working with stories and downloading Instagram stories.

The principle of operation of this service is as follows: every time you upload a new story, the service automatically saves it and adds it to the necessary section, from which you can then extract it and work with it in the future.

This service is the perfect solution for managers and bloggers who are interested in the promotion process on Instagram, as this function of the app can save lots of time, money and effort, and download old Instagram stories.

How to save an Instagram story: Using the Instagram archive

This is a classic way to save Instagram stories, as it is already built into the functionality of Instagram.

To start using this method, you need:

  1. Open your profile and find the settings;
  2. Find the settings of stories;
  3. Find the section of saved publications and click on save button.
After that, each of your new Instagram stories will be automatically saved in this archive of publications.

This method is simple! To view all stories, you need:

  1. In the settings to find the archive;
  2. In the achieve, there are all saved stories.
Using this method, you can permanently preserve the moments and use them in the future. In addition, you can add them to the highlights panel and after that download old Instagram highlights, so that your followers can repeatedly view them.

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How to save an Instagram story: Using the ability of iPhone

If you want to save Instagram stories to your mobile then you can do it manually:

  1. Choose a story and tap to watch;
  2. Push on three dots;
  3. Choose the button "Save";
  4. Choose a photo or video;
  5. Next, click the “Save” button and this publication will be automatically saved on your phone.
This method does not require special skills or the use of third-party applications. However, remember that you need to manually download Insta story you like separately.

How to download Instagram stories: Using the highlights panel

This is a recent innovation of Instagram, which allows users to save stories in the profile header, for repeated viewing by other users. Such highlights work on the principle of boards on Pinterest.

The main idea of highlights is that with their help you can make real live albums of publications that will emphasize the aesthetic component of your Instagram profile.

In addition, highlights are an indispensable tool for marketers and businessmen, as they have the following advantages:
  • The client can find the necessary categories;
  • The client can choose the appropriate product;
  • The client can find reviews from other customers;
  • The client can identify the section with customer questions;
All this will help to structure your Instagram page and quickly orient the client to find the necessary. For that:

  1. Click and open your story;
  2. Touch the panel of moments;
  3. Mark the story or add the new one.
Now the Instagram download story you need will be saved in the panel of important moments in your profile.

How to save Instagram stories

In addition, you can make a beautiful cover for each of your collections of Instagram stories:

  1. Go to your profile add the new stories;
  2. Find the necessary stories and choose them;
  3. Push the Next button and choose the cover and title of highlights;
  4. Push the add button.
You can also change or edit the preselected settings. These are standard Instagram features that everyone should be able to use.

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How to save Instagram stories: Using the Direct

Using this method, you can share stories not only on your account but also with friends through the use of Instagram direct. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the active story;
  2. At the bottom of the story you will see the share button;
  3. Then select the desired user to whom you want to send the story;
  4. After that, click “Done” and the sent story will be displayed in the direct box.
All your saved publications you can see in the dialog with the selected user.

Save Instagram Story: Don't forget!

Many people mistakenly assume that if they take a screenshot of another user's story they like, they will be able to save it on their phone in incognito mode. However, I disappoint you: a person will receive a notification if you make the screenshot.

So, the function of adding the person's stories is not working till the moment, because there is no application for saving stories, both their own and others'. Instead, you can use the above 5 methods and save your stories for future using or for having committed them in memory forever.

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