You target Facebook ads accurately but still don't get real clients and leads. The issue is there is a more vital measure in this year – creativity. Get into the nitty-gritty to improve your CPC
Instagram ads revealed: targeting is dead, creativity is the new gold (learn how to convert in 2021 via examples)

In 2018 smart targeting could overload your inbox with orders and your website with views and purchases. But now the market is getting more saturated, so advertisers must be original with their banners and captions. It’s challenging for solo entrepreneurs, but I provide solutions for you below.

Facebook (a.k.a. Instagram) algorithms are getting so smart they can analyze the visuals you apply for your promotions. Moreover, the time users spend on interactions is also analyzed. That is how the platform identifies relevant offers to show to more users.

This means that if your creatives are truly entertaining, your cost per click will be lower. That's why when you surprise the audience with non-trivial content, you win.

In this article, you will discover practical solutions to improve the quality of your ads, making them far more engaging for the viewers, even if you are not a creative person.

Note: I suggest you dive deeper and study our comprehensive tutorial on Instagram ads – it will help you choose the correct settings and understand the mechanism to lower the cost.

Get ideas for Instagram ads from the Facebook ad library

The most obvious and simple solution to improve the quality of your creatives is to inspect what your rivals and top market players are using. In the Facebook ad library, you can monitor any active or inactive campaign from around the globe.

Just imagine – big companies have whole marketing departments to develop visuals, texts, and targeting. You can study from their experience. I won't recommend that you steal their ideas, but it's an option to get inspired when running out of thoughts. You can study not just your niche, but companies whose marketing you admire.

Below you will find examples of ads that are trendy in various industries now. You can easily catch up with trends by studying lessons from them.


Instagram ads revealed

Milk cosmetics is using a slideshow for their creatives that is really in trend. This company applies testimonials and images of influencers and customers that used their product.

It's possible to montage such a slide show in any editing app. So why not apply this idea to your business?

You can screenshot reviews users leave on a website, write in Direct, or publish on their accounts. By showing that others are already loving your product, you create a sense of urgency. Also, potential customers would like to be aware and test a product that is getting popular in a niche.

So, to use this trigger you won't need high-end production. Canva and user-generated content can do wonders for your CPC.


how to convert in 2021
The lesson from coaches you can apply is – engage and stimulate people to watch your ads for a longer time with longer captions.

Valerie Elhurr uses a super-descriptive caption combined with a video; it helps to boost the interactions with the ads and build trust. If you are running an info business online, you should be descriptive, so people become convinced of your expertise. Moreover, they should be attracted by your charisma.

As you see, a high-priced camera is not needed for an ad video. Film yourself on your phone in daylight while walking – this what stimulates people's trust now.

Concerning your caption, make it as sincere as you can – reveal a personal story behind your experience. If you find it difficult to write long and authentic copy, don’t worry – there's a hack. Voice record what you want to say, as if you are talking to your best friend. Listen to your recording and start typing.

There's nothing simpler yet more effective than such authentic creatives.


target Facebook ads

In the case that you prepare content for people, the ads behind it should be appealing. If people like your style and way of thinking, they will follow you and check out your website.

Look at the funny ads by Science101. These images will grab dog owners' attention and, combined with a witty caption, will encourage viewers to click on the link.


improve your CPC

Are you selling clothes or hand-made items on IG? This platform is perfect for it. And if you want to attract clients with ads, you don't necessarily need to use edited images from product photo shoots. Keep an eye on more lively and genuine content – real people wearing your clothes.

Ask your clients to share videos in stories and in the feed. You can even announce a contest among them to collect such precious content. It's a brilliant idea for your ad creative – using clips, images, and stories posted by satisfied customers.

Lilly & Lime Swimwear is using screenshots of customers' stories for carousel ads. The idea is just right. But the screenshots are too small, you need these visuals in original quality. It's simple to download them with our Downloader for all Instagram content.


attract clients organically

If you work in a niche where it's challenging to showcase creativity, use tried and tested marketing hacks like lead magnets. This is a free thing you offer to people who follow your landing link and fill in a form. The technique is worth attention if your goal is collecting contacts and building a database.

For example, Gladfidh Property Investment offers on their banners all property investment secrets in one downloadable file. After a user clicks the Download button in the ad, they are redirected to a landing page where they fill in a contact form.

Hence, this ad is a part of your marketing funnel, helping to get contacts of people interested in your products.


All in all, investigating the hacks and tricks that top accounts use in their creatives will help you develop fresh ideas. Also, I recommend that you screenshot every banner that attracts you when you scroll Instagram. Collect all these ideas in a file and analyze why you got hooked. You won't have any trouble getting ideas next time you need to launch a campaign.

Finally, you can monitor what ads a certain user is running now right from the app. To do this, open this account, click on the three dotsAbout this accountActive ads. After this, you will be redirected to the Facebook library.