Now you can analyze any public account with a single click. Use Instagram analytics to see any account's engagement rate, most popular post time, most used hashtags, captions, and other nine basic metrics.
Top Instagram Analytics Tool in 2023! (updated)

We did it — released superior in quality Instagram Profile Analyzer. Check what it is about!

What is Instagram Analytics Tool?

Instagram Analytics Tool is our unique development that helps you audit your own profile or profiles of other Instagram users. It analyses 13 metrics:

  • Number of followers
  • Engagement rate
  • Average user activity
  • Posts per day
  • Posts per week
  • Uploads amount
  • Posts per month
  • Most popular post time
  • Top hashtags used
  • Top caption words
  • Audience interest
  • Top most commented posts
  • Top most liked posts

How can you use Instagram Tracker?

Just two actions required:

  1. Go to the Instagram Profile Analyzer page;
  2. Enter a username and click Analyze.

To learn more about how to use Instagram analyzer, read the case 50% Engagement Growth for Free: Instagram Analytics for Your Account Evolution.

How Instagram analysis benefits you?

Instagram statistics and analytics helps you to understand all the Instagram processes and discover what your strong and weak points are, as well as helps you define the better strategy for managing your account. Thus, you can:

  • Find the right hashtags to add
  • Find what captions are liked by your audience more
  • Increase the engagement of your audience
  • Start creating better content
  • Find a better time for posting
  • Reach new audiences
  • Find influencers for collaborations

So what should you do?

Any successful strategy starts with STRONG INSTAGRAM ANALYTICS. Don’t miss the chance to work it out the best way possible.

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