Check out how to conduct Instagram analytics to reach your audience, post more engaging content and develop a more effective social strategy.
50% Engagement Growth for Free: Instagram Analytics for Your Account Evolution

'Health, Fitness, and Yoga' is one of the most popular directions on Instagram after traveling, beauty, and fashion. If you represent this niche, together with highly possible success, you get a huge competition. That’s why it’s important to use all means and try out different strategies until you find one that will get you to the top.

This article will tell you how to conduct the Instagram profiles audit and how to interpret the results through the example of Flora Beverley. Plus, I’ve gathered some general recommendations that rookies may not know.

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Analyze Instagram Profile!

How to work with Instagram Analyzer?

Instagram analytics tool by Inflact is the most advanced high accuracy analyzer developed for you to have full insight into your account performance and some idea of what happens on other accounts.

To get the Instagram statistics:

  1. Go to Profile Analyzer page;
  2. Enter your username or any other username and click Analyze;
  3. You will see the profile audit result.

Here is the most interesting part starts — results interpretation.

Instagram analytics: Metrics to observe while analyzing your own profile

Instagram analytics: Metrics to observe while analyzing your own profile screenshot

Uploads and Followers

The first thing you notice is the number of followers and number of uploads (publications) — these are the numbers you know without Analyzer, but they are vital for calculation of other rates and figures.


As you can see from the screenshot, Flora’s number of posts is huge, which is great. And it seems that the number of followers is great, all is good here, right? Not quite. Look at the engagement rate! 0.06 % is low for such a number of followers! That means improvements are needed vitally. Otherwise the profile won’t grow and bring much profit.

Average user activity

This figure shows how many likes and comments occur for a number of posts and for a number of followers. 4% is definitely not enough for increasing the audience’s engagement!

Average user activity screenshot

Engagement by weekdays

As we can see, the best time for publication for Flora is 6-7 PM on Saturdays and 8-9 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays — the ER of these posts is much higher. That is what matters.

Most popular post time

Flora posts at 8 PM on Mondays more. That’s the right strategy as it coincides with the time of greater engagement.

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These were metrics that primarily interest a user. It is they that help to understand the user's weak and strong points and develop a solution for improvement.

Get a broader picture of your account state! Make relevant adjustments!

The following metrics are great for analyzing other users’ accounts and taking a page out of their book:) Flora’s way of running an account can be an example for aspiring Insta fitness trainers, studios, and bloggers!

Instagram analytics tool: Metrics to observe while analyzing other users’ accounts

Instagram analytics tool: Metrics to observe while analyzing other users’ accounts screenshot

Top hashtags

These are the hashtags that are used more often. That means a user can see their value. You can see that Flora uses marathons-related hashtags and quite a popular hashtag — #fitnessmodel. That’s not surprising. Fitness models become popular on Instagram quite easily. Check out our selection of best fitness models — 20 Hottest Instagram Models and Sexiest Fitness Girls.

Top caption words

This section is for those who are still choosing their way of writing captions for posts. Pay attention to what words were used more often and try to add them to your captions. It can work out!

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Audience interests

This chart is for a better understanding of a users’ interest. It shows the categories which are specified according to the hashtags and caption words that were used by a person. Thanks to it, you can trace either the interest of a user you look up to or to identify the areas where you can continue developing and attracting a certain audience. For instance, Flora can publish more content about clothing and clean food, and thus, she will attract even more people. As well as talking about an extreme sport.

Instagram tracker: How to find content ideas

Top most commented posts screenshot

Top most commented posts

You see the top 3 most commented posts of a profile. Look at post, estimate the pictures.

The pictures are clickable; they will direct you right to the post on Instagram. There you can estimate what type of caption was written, what call to action was used. Take a person’s point.

Top most liked posts screenshot

Top most liked posts

What motivates people to like posts? Maybe that’s the sincere smile? True! And a no less sincere caption. Here are the three posts of Flora’s profile that were liked most of all.

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Instagram statistics: General recommendations

1. Do not choose the accounts of celebrities as a prime focus. Why? These people have already gained their popularity; they do not use hashtags; they do not publish proper captions; they do not try to engage the audience — they simply do not need this.

Choose an example to emulate among those who reached success through Instagram.

2. Always search for profiles example of which you will follow. Each time choose a more successful account. Thus, you will grow with them.

3. Regularly check your profile analytics to timely define weak points and eliminate them without harming your account.

How does Instagram analysis help you?

1. Engagement growth
You understand what the engagement rate of your profile is. If it’s not high enough, work on it. Moreover, the correlation of your activity and the activity of your followers and random users is vital for the engagement rate growth.

2. Activity increase
A number of posts per day/week/month are important for maintaining high activity on the page. Plus, niche leaders’ numbers will give you a hint on how often to post.

3. Best hashtags and captions ideas
You will find what hashtags your icon uses more often and include them into your list of must-use hashtags. The same is true for captions. Take a look at what captions are used by your niche stars.

4. Reach expanding
You can find new audiences if you track the User’s Interests chart.

5. Post ideas
You can finally start realizing what posts are liked and commented more than others. Thus, you will increase the activity on your page and the ER of your audience by up to 50%.

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