How to create an Instagram audit in a proper way? Stay calm, take a cup of tea and read very carefully! We’ve collected all the useful data for you!
How To Do An Instagram Audit: Algorithm, Nuances, Tests!
Did you know about such a phenomenon as an audit Instagram account? This is one of the fundamental things that should be done when running Instagram. A qualitative audit allows seeing weaknesses and growth points, as well as help to form the right strategy for your promotion.

If you do not know how to perform Instagram audit correctly, then catch the full guide with the prepared audit steps, after which you will be able to analyze the maintenance of the profile as accurately as possible!

Step #1: Define goals

In the beginning, it is good to deal with the tasks of your account. Answer the question clearly: What is the purpose of your profile?

For example, your goals may be:
  • Promote the personal brand;
  • Reach a large audience;
  • Create a brand image;
  • The establishment of communications with clients of the brand;
  • Generate traffic to the site;
  • Increase the sales.
Then, focus on the definition of KPI, which will display the indicator of success, or in simple the Instagram language - it will determine the effectiveness of the implementation of the goals. Usually, it is determined based on the following positions:
  • The total activity of the audience;
  • The ratio of the quantity and quality of traffic;
  • Total number of sales;
  • General coverage of publications.
The important point: the KPI should be specific-accurately determine all the necessary parameters, measurable-quantifiable, as well as relevant to the task - to meet all the necessary goals.

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Step #2: Identify the brand

Don’t forget that the brand profile you maintain should not differ from the classical model of brand promotion. In addition, it must perform the same task that it confronts in general.

For example, if a user appears on your page, which is devoted to eco-friendly dishes, he should understand at a first glance what exactly your company does and how he can get the product you sell.

Naturally, there are original strategies and concepts when you can deviate from this generally accepted rule. However, today we are talking about those fundamental rules that everyone should know before starting to break them.

What are the rules? Profile picture, written bio text, stories, texts under publications, comments, special hashtags that would convey all the nuances of the brand.

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The next question is: have the account the individual visual style? After all, as we know, according to the unspoken laws of design, each publication should ideally visually fit into the overall background.

Step #3 Provide an analysis of the content strategy

Undoubtedly, when you provide the IG audit, remember about the content. After all, it plays a key role before the user who visited your account decides to follow you or not. Therefore, it should be as attractive as possible, not contain a lot of advertising inserts, a large amount of unnecessary information.

How To Do An Instagram Audit

Remember that your potential clients and customers should clearly understand the field of your occupation even don't scroll the profile till the end.

Therefore, before conducting a comprehensive analysis of the entire profile, pay attention to the last 9 publications, which are primarily evident to the user. How to do it? Read on!

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Analysis of media files

As you know, Instagram is a visual platform. Therefore, users here appreciate the visual aspect of the profile. So, it is important to support the main visual concept of the profile and you need to provide the whole design harmony of each published post.

Of course, your posts shouldn't use the same colors: this technique was fashionable back in 2016. Today, all your posts must have their own highlight, but at the same time create the aesthetic visual line. For example, you can select one color to be the key color and include it in all publications.

Take the time and look at each publication separately. pay attention to the quality of photos, the general composition, originality of media files, its relevance and actuality. After all, Instagram users like to see high-quality and relevant content, not frames from stock photos.

Besides, pay attention to the format of your media content. Horizontal shots (the ratio of 1:91:1 - unfortunately, attract less attention), but vertical proportion 4:5 - attract more attention, thanks to the entire screen.

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Evaluation of texts for posts

Here draw attention to the main rules of providing analysis by any SMM communities:

  • What topics are used in the profile?
  • How often do they repeat themselves?
  • Post types: news, product posts, useful posts, ads, UGC.

This is followed by several related questions, such as Is it useful for users? Will it attract users? Can it increase sales and loyalty?

Don’t forget to analyze the whole working approach. To do this, check whether all the features of Instagram you have used in the management of the account. After all, in addition to the standard tape, you can use stories, polls, IGTV, live videos.

Step #4: Define the engagement rate

So, congratulations! We’ve dealt with the quality analysis. Now it's high time to deal with the quantitative analysis. Here, we will need to evaluate the following numbers:

  • Followers;
  • Posts;
  • ER;
  • Likes;
  • Views;
  • Comments.

To speed up the work on this step, you can use a special tool for social networks Analytics. It quickly counts all the necessary metrics for any profile. You can choose from the many options on the Internet.

Remember, in the first step we analyzed the KPI. So, now count the results: involvement, coverage, followers.

Besides, to analyze your own account, you can use the built-in Analytics. It allows you to view the total coverage of the account and publications for a certain period of time: a month, two weeks, a year.

How To Do An Instagram Audit

Step #5: Communicate with your audience

This step is incredibly important to follow. Even famous bloggers and brands should always interact with the followers - they communicate with them in comments and answer in direct.

Therefore, do not forget to evaluate the general usefulness of answers, taking into account the points:

  • Do all questions have an answer?
  • Does the brand solve the problem of a user?
  • Do the answers accommodate with the previous ones?

Step #6: Consider recommendations for further growth

When you complete the Instagram audit report, consider further advice for future working.

The idea of providing such analysis is to find weaknesses, to pay attention to them and to change the direction. Perhaps, you can change the visual design and style of your profile or create a new content strategy.

Suggested steps help to improve the account, as well as to increase its quality and the audience: contests, targeted advertising, placement with bloggers, mutual publications or joint actions with accounts of similar subjects.

Instagram Audit: The results!

All these steps help you with a competent audit: to eliminate weaknesses, to think through the right strategy, and also to change your usual view of working with an Instagram account.

Good luck, my Insta addictive users!