Users have been waiting for so long for the web default IG Direct. While this messenger is okay for personal accounts, it leaves much to be desired for business accounts with a big audience. Learn how our Direct module helps you to earn, not just to communicate.
The Inflact Direct module vs. Instagram default messenger: what should you choose for a business account?

If IG is a primary network where your conversations with customers take place, you require a more high-level service than the default messenger. The Direct Module by Inflact helps you connect with buyers at every stage of the marketing funnel thanks to its technical capabilities and automation.

For instance, automated welcome messages can turn cold leads (people who just started following you) into interested and hot prospects. If you provide fresh followers with a personalized discount, they become more attentive to your goods. They’ll probably stop looking for similar offers among your competitors. Plus, a bunch of automation opportunities like bulk messages and automated responses to Stories reactions will boost engagement in your community.

Let's overview the difference between the Inflact Direct Module and the built-in desktop messenger. Also, check the recent blog post 5 cases in which the advanced Direct tool is the only solution.

Connect many profiles vs. switching accounts every time

The Inflact Direct Module allows users to run conversations in up to 10 IG profiles. On the dashboard, you can view your dialogs by accounts or view all the conversations at once. It's helpful if you run various shops along with a personal account. Also, it's a solution for social media managers whose job is answering customers in several accounts.

At the same time, the built-in Insta messenger only lets users view chats in a particular account. You will have to switch whenever you want to view other accounts' inboxes. It's not a problem if your DM is not busy. But for a big commercial Instagram, the opportunity to manage all profiles on one dashboard is crucial.

Multiple automation options vs. basic shortcuts

The Inflact Direct Module is the king of smart, customizable auto-messages. The preplanned messages will earn coins for your business while you are away from the keyboard.

In fact, the speed of answering DMs is a key factor for many Insta users when they shop. Companies that reply to DMs faster beat the competition. With the auto-responses, you will get more orders and more customers.

The automation possibilities are listed below:

  • Welcome DMs – These help you to get in contact with new followers (your potential clients). Don't wait until they text you – greet them with tempting offers to convert faster.
  • Replies by keywords. These responses will help you to hold a conversation even if you are offline. Often customers inquire about similar issues, so you can prepare standard replies, and they will be sent in 5-10 minutes. Surprise them with your responsiveness and customer care.
  • Responses to Stories' reactions and mentions. Stories are a great way of communication within your Instagram tribe. When users engage with your story, they are looking for a response from you. Why not reply to everyone with a personalized message? Not many of your competitors are so attentive to their clients – be the first!

Thanks to auto-replies, your business wins because not one message will be lost in your requests. No client will be left without attention.

The number of auto-replies per day on Inflact is unlimited now. You can set the limit wherever you like, but we don't recommend exceeding 1,000 per day.

  • Bulk messages – You can connect with past clients or all followers and sell with the help of just one message. If you use bulk messages right, they can bring you revenue in minutes – simply announce sales and give away promo codes.

In the default messenger, you would need to open every chat, every follower, and copy and paste your message. It would take you days to reach out to people. In the Direct Module, you can create different versions of your message and send these to thousands of people at once.

The only automation option that the Instagram chat offers so far is shortcuts or quick messages. You can save responses as shortcuts, and when you start typing the keyword, the full message appears on the screen.

This function is also available on the Inflact Direct Module, but you can also randomize your text with the Spintax feature. The Spintax feature helps you design versions of one reply so Instagram won't recognize your messages as spam.

Personalized client info and labels vs. just nicknames in the chat

What makes the advanced Direct Module special is the CMS functionality. In a customer management system, you can fill in personal data about every client so every manager can access it. You can do the same in the Inflact Direct Module – it's super convenient because you can search by any word you have entered in these sections (for example, you can find users in a certain area, or people who bought a certain product).

You can specify the address, phone number, email, and leave comments about orders in the Notes section. There's also a click-link to a user's IG account. It's convenient because you can integrate Direct with your customer email database.

What’s more, it's possible to organize your chats and group users by labels that are fully customizable. For example, you can create categories for leads, potential clients, influencers, etc. The IG default chat is a bit messy and it's impossible to group users. The only personal data you know about interlocutors is their IG nickname.

Search bar and filtering by labels & keywords vs. inconvenient manual search

The search opportunities in the Direct Module deserve attention because you can find anything from the search bar. Instagram desktop chat that you open in a browser doesn't have a search bar at all.

In the app, you can filter Flagged, Unread, and Inbox, but nothing more than these basic options. Also, it's impossible to browse chats by keywords from messages.

However, in the Direct Module, users can find chats by words from messages or words from clients' individual data, and you can filter conversations by labels. This feature will help you find specially tagged audiences to reach out to them when you need them. In the default chat, you would need to find certain people manually – so time-consuming.


To sum up, the advanced Direct Module by Inflact is an all-in-one web-based instrument that businesses need to sell and communicate through Instagram. Unfortunately, the default desktop chat is not convenient for this. But if you only want to communicate with a close circle of friends, it's more than enough. Find the specific Direct Module settings you need in the guide How to sell on Instagram with DM for brands and influencers.