Fancy font generator

Convert any caption into a fancy text with this tool.

Why is fancy text a new IG trend?

With fancy text in your bio, copy, and captions you can easily stand out in the feed. Basic IG fonts are not helpful when you need to gain the attention of the audience. What is more, these fancy letters can be used not only on Instagram but on your website. When you leave comments on big Instagram accounts, it might be overlooked. But if you highlight the message with attractive symbols, there will be more chances users will notice it. Also, such text helps your audience to read the essential information first of all.

How to use the Fancy text generator?

Good news – anyone can paste a unique text to their social media accounts without coding and downloading extra software. This fancy font generator contains a wide collection of symbols and styles that are copyable and compatible with various socials. The service is based on the Unicode system which contains letters in the Latin alphabet. Don’t miss a chance to highlight the main idea of your captions.

  • Enter or paste any text into the fancy text converter.
  • Choose the most eye-popping version. Now you need to choose the most suitable version of your text. Keep in mind that the letters should be simple to read. Also, don’t use too many unusual texts – emphasize just the most vital facts.
  • Past the converted symbols where you need them. Not the words are ready to use in your account description, IG name, and captions. You can highlight headings or certain words. Also, use them in IGTV titles.

Use fancy letters across social platforms

Remember you can apply the converted text not only on Instagram but on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, your website. When you paste the modified letters, more people will notice your post. At the same time, you should remember that the general meaning of your caption is more important than the decoration. So, make sure that a copy is well-structured and the heading is specific. After that, indicate the main thoughts you need to gain attention. Use fancy letters for these thoughts or words but don’t modify the whole caption.


Can I use the fancy text converter for free?

Yes, you can convert the default IG text into stylish letters without any fee and registration.

What alphabet can use when inserting the text?

The gallery of fonts contains mostly Latin letters. You can also find symbols and emojis.

Where can I paste the transformed text?

The fancy letters you get can be inserted into any text field on IG and other platforms, messengers, and web pages. You can preview the final look on the page.