Zalgo Text Generator

Modify any copy to a zalgo text in a second.

What font is called Zalgo?

This font style includes regular characters combined with diacritics around each symbol. In a zalgo font, you will find all the possible diacritics typical for various languages. As a result, you can convert any basic copy you need to paste to social media into a more catchy style. This font type is sometimes hard to read, so make sure there's not too much of it. Finally, it will help you to emphasize some words or phrases; it's mostly inserted into Insta bios.

How can you create a Zalgo font?

You can see a free Zalgo Generator that will transform any copy in the Latin alphabet into Zalgo style on this page. The ultimate action you should perform is to enter the original phrase into the converter and preview the result.

After you activate this Zalgo text translator, you can see that symbols got a bit messy and strange. For this reason, we advise you to apply these fonts whenever appropriate. Keep in mind that the word "Zalgo" refers to fear and disorder, so utilize this style if only it relates to the mood and philosophy of your account.

What are the possible use cases?

The letter you see on this screen fit any social platform, messenger and website. Here are several common practical cases of applying Zalgo font:

  • Instagram bio. You can find Zalgo characters on bio descriptions across IG. It's getting trendy to transform the default font into a more eye-popping one to gain views' attention. Ensure that the word in Zalgo is readable. A name composed in Zalgo will attract more attention.
  • Instagram captions. You can transform some words via Zalgo text converter to get more impact with your captions. It's a bad idea to apply messy symbols for the whole copy.
  • Website and blog. You might want to get an unusual look for your webpage with Zalgo symbols. A bit weird characters with diacritics can be utilized for some words and headings.
  • Social media platforms. You can paste the transformed text across all social networks – into the name sections, groups descriptions, comments and captions. Feel free to stand out with a bit of strange letters.


Is it free to copy Zalgo text?

Yes, you are welcome to try the converter without payment.

How does the Zalgo text converter work?

The tool that you see above works based on copy and paste. You insert any piece of text, preview, and copy the result.