You will never reach the Instagram top without knowing the language its community speaks. It’s time to learn the most popular Instagram slang words!
20 Instagram Slang Words To Become Folksy
If you don’t speak Instagram, you can’t be in the mix, sorry.

Scrolling down the Feed, you often come across the unknown letter collocations… HIFW and AMA, DAE and YOLO. What’s the heck is this?

You know what DM is and that’s it, enough, you are done? Not to burst your bubble, but it’s far from enough to understand what is going on Instagram. Instagram language is the reflection of its trends and streams. If you can’t keep up with it, you lose.

With my article, you will learn the language the Instagram community speaks. So that you don’t have to look up all the slang words in an urban dictionary. Have your notebook ready!

20 Instagram Slang words

AMA — Ask Me Anything

If you came across the post like, “I spent 5 years in Australia, AMA”, freely torture the person with your question about Australia as AMA means the person is ready to answer any questions.

CSL — Can’t Stop Laughing

In fact, another version of LOL. See the video of singing Husky? Leave your CSL under it!
If you haven’t found such accounts yet, there is one for your inspirations and endless CSL — Huskies You Need to Follow on Instagram Right Now.

DAE — Does Anybody Else

“DAE use Inflact Free Hashtag Generator to increase the reach of the content you publish? If not, you definitely should!”

That’s my example, now your turn to try!

ELI5 — Explain Like I’m 5

To express your extreme ignorance of the topic use ELI5. Eg., I know nothing about Java API for XML messaging, ELI5! That’s the great word to engage your followers in the conversation:)

FBF — Flashback Friday

Almost the same as #TBT, #FBF is the day of old photos, only this time it falls on Friday. By the way, that’s a great hack to get more likes and followers. But if you are dead set on promoting your account, it’s better to do that with Inflact. It guarantees the most careful and risk-free promotion and provides you with stunning additional services — Auto Direct Messaging and Scheduled Posting. So if you haven’t tried that yet…


Crazy you! There is no porn on Instagram. As a rule, foodporn is a hashtag that is placed under photos of delicious food. If you haven’t read my article about this kind of porn Bon Appétit, Baby: Food Porn On Instagram, you should do that!

FTFY — Fixed That For You

If this dude wrote something with a mistake, grammatical, or logical one, let him or her know that and don’t forget to add FTFY at the end.

This is an ideal example, a standard, an example of what everyone wants.

This word is placed under the pictures of what you want to achieve, what you visually really like. It is used mainly by Insta-girls talking about relations and friendship: such as "friendship goals," "relationship goals," etc.

GOAT — Greatest Of All Times

It is used to praise someone or something, or to note that they are the best. Call your friend a GOAT in the comments, and I can assure you, he or she will be thankful!

HIFW — How I Felt When

When you want to narrate how you feel about something, but have no words, upload a picture, a video or gif and add a caption HIFW. People will get your message.

TIL — Today I Learned

Nope, it’s not a reference to Til Schweiger. When you want to share with your followers some new information you discovered and that impressed you so much, just start your post with TIL or use it as a hashtag!

MIRL — Me In Real Life

Do you love laughing at yourself? Find a meme describing you in the best way possible and add MIRL. People will appreciate your sense of humor. Or you can simply add it while posting a photo of you as you are without any photoshop and people will know that’s an authentic photo.

MFW — My Face When

That’s also a meme-phrase — an additional method of having fun on Instagram.

MCM — Man Crush Monday

Monday is the day when everyone shares photos of their favorite men, usually celebrities.

OH and RLRT — overheard and Real-Life Retweet

Such ‘retweets’ from life came from Twitter. They are used when users refer to a story they heard in real life. Usually, this is something strange, shocking or funny from overheard conversations.

OOTD — Outfit of the Day

This is usually used when people on Instagram share photos of what they’re wearing today.

POTD — Picture Of The Day

Instagram users put the #POTD under the photo that they think is the most successful of the day. Well, or just under the one that reflects their mood today.

TBT — Throwback Thursday

Nostalgic Thursday, the day when users post old photos on Instagram. Perhaps from childhood. For example, as someone with the whole family went to Disneyland or went camping.

YOLO — You Only Live Once

It is used all over the Internet, so people have got tired of it. It is used as a motto for risky actions, so as not to miss interesting moments and live a full life, because you have only one. But most often it is used as an excuse for your action, which you should not commit, but still, want to. Or as an ironic remark when someone does something crazy or idiotic.

WCW — Woman Crush Wednesday

The Wednesday of women whom we adore. This is an appeal to users to share photos of women whom they admire. Please note, only on Wednesdays:(

The homework

That’s the full thesaurus of Instagram slang for today. Enjoy and do not forget to use it to keep pace with the Instagram world. And always remember that you can always entrust your promotion on Instagram to Inflact!