Reverse email look-up is a necessary tool not only to find friends on social networks, but also to generate leads and search for partners and clients from your email database. Find out all the possibilities of a service for finding people by an email or phone number and extracting the database of Instagram profiles that are associated with these contacts.
Reverse email & phone lookup: generate a lead database from Instagram in 2 minutes (free tool to extract data CSV)

Almost every Instagram user indicates an email in their profile. A specified email increases the chances of contacts, so users who focus on business connections will likely indicate their email. Therefore, if you run a business on Instagram, or if you plan to search for customers through Instagram, then with the help of the User Search you can generate a database of accounts. It will help you for mailings, and with the help of telephone numbers you can reach out in messenger chats and through SMS.

The chance that your potential client is on Instagram is 100%. You just need to find them by email or phone number. Instagram often contains the latest information about people's lives. Other lookup services will display just the first and last name. But this is not enough for business in 2022.

In this article, you will learn how free reverse email lookup works and how it allows scraping data about Instagram users into Excel spreadsheets. There you will find not only the email associated with these profiles, but phone numbers, links to a website, and the profile description. Using these discovered contacts, you can continue outreach in your usual format.

What can you use the service for?

  • Search for users by email. If you already have a ready-made database of emails, you can find any user profile on Instagram. Collect more personal data that will provide the advantage when reaching out in messages.

For business negotiation, you sometimes need to know more about a client than an email and a name. When you use the free reverse email lookup to find pages on social networks, you will better understand interests and tastes, and gather more facts about their life.

This can come in handy for composing personalized letters for business.

  • Search and collect databases by user categories. You can extract data from profiles. For example, you can enter a keyword, or choose a niche. You will see a list of users who are stored in the database.

Then you can download the entire selection in the sheet, where the email will be written in a separate column. Thus, you will be able to engage with this target audience through their mailboxes. It can be great for finding and connecting with influencers.

Note: Many bloggers do not respond to messages in Direct. Often you can even see a note in the bio that the user doesn’t respond to messages and does not check Direct. However, they indicate a contact email for communication. Thus, you will find an effective way of contacting the target group of bloggers.
  • Reverse search by phone. Just like with email, you can search by phone number. If you already have a contact database of users or past customers with phone numbers, you can find Instagram accounts linked to these numbers. And this can be done using a simple service. In the next section, I will give you detailed instructions.

How to use free reverse email lookup to get data about clients

Situation: you have an email and need to find the person.

What can you do if you have a database of emails, but you need to understand who exactly these potential clients are, what their interests are? Find them on Instagram. Use Instagram User Search.

For example, let’s say I have an email:

Reverse email lookup for Instagram free service


This is a free service with additional paid features. With it, you can find any user in IG using an email address for free. Reverse email lookup will work for Gmail and any other mail service. When registering and subscribing to the service, you will gain access to advanced functions, for example creating user lists and downloading a database to Excel for further work.


Paste the address into the search box. In the settings, select the “Search in Email” item. Click on the Search button.


After a couple of seconds, you will see the account associated with this email. You can click on it to check on this account. Otherwise, you can create a custom list to which you will add more users via email search. Further, you can download this collection of users in the form of a spreadsheet, which is convenient to work with for planning pitches.

Download database from reverse email lookup tool
Important: When reaching out to bloggers or potential clients, try to use as much individual information as possible so that the appeal is personalized. Then the chances that your offer will be read are much higher.

Use reverse email lookup to generate leads on social networks

Situation: You have no emails and need a customer base.

In this case, you can search by niches or keywords.

Keywords are indexed in the following text sections of the profile:

  • Bio
  • Username
  • Name

For example, I need to build a database of emails of the makeup artists who are IG influencers.


You can choose a category from the built-in selection – for example, in my case, Makeup Artist. Otherwise, use the search bar to enter keywords. For example, if you need to narrow the search results to a specific location, you can enter the name of the city there.

Find people by keywords with reverse email lookup tool


On the profile card that suits you for outreach, click on the white circle in the upper right corner. Then select the menu item ADD SELECTED TO THE LIST. Give the list a title to make it easy to find this user collection.

Create lists via reverse email lookup tool


The database for pitches and outreach is almost complete. You can download any user list as XLS or CSV. This is very convenient because you will have at hand a first name, last name, bio description, a link to the profile, email, and phone number (if the user has specified contact information in the profile).

With this smart search, you can scrape data about Instagram users in just a few minutes. Of course, this method is much faster and more efficient than scrolling through the application for hours and looking for the accounts you need.

Collecting leads through social networks will help open up clients from a personal side and make your outreach personal. For example, in your copy you can catch the interest of users using the topics that they’ve covered in recent posts. People will be pleased and more likely to answer you.

Reverse phone lookup: find clients and old friends

Situation: You have phone numbers, but need personal data to compose letters or just find an account on social networks.

Thus, you can grab information if you are hiring for a job and the candidate didn’t provide a link to their IG profile. Or if someone has called you from an unfamiliar number, you can find who it is. It is also an easy way to find old friends or acquaintances on social networks for personal purposes.

How to find a user on Instagram by phone number?

Reverse phone lookup for Instagram



When you enter the phone number in the search bar, select the “Search in the phone numbers” menu item. The search engine will search for users by linked phone numbers. (If the person has not indicated the number on the account, then it will be impossible to find it through the service.)


You can do the same for every number that is stored in your existing customer base. This way you will find personal accounts and be able to establish a personal connection through interactions with people who left a phone number with your organization.

This is a great strategy to attract organic followers to your new business account by showcasing your Instagram presence. Then you can start writing to everyone personally in Direct, but you shouldn't do it right away. To get started, begin interacting with target profiles.

Lifehack: Try automation. The list of usernames for setting up automation can be uploaded from a search by email or phone number. You can start attracting users to your profile automatically. Just copy the usernames to the Promo Module panel.

Inflact is the safest, proven Instagram bot to try for as little as $9, with a money-back guarantee and free VPN.

When you paste the list of target usernames to the bot's settings, it will gradually start watching stories, putting likes, and subscribing to these people and to similar profiles – their followers – who can also become your customers. By drawing attention in this way, you can go to private messages to offer your services and to report on discounts and special offers.

Find out all about the promotion strategy in the Beginner Guide.

How personal data from social network facilitates outreach

If you work in B2B, or you are looking for bloggers for influencer marketing or brands for partnerships, your pitches via Direct and emails will become more attractive with the use of personalization.

  • First Name. Refer to targets by name for building trust. Bloggers receive thousands of messages. Therefore, if they understand that your offer is addressed to them personally, and not copied in large quantities, you will receive more responses.
  • Information in the bio. Grab onto personal facts if the user has indicated them in the bio. The typical bio is about recent projects, missions, or product presentations, so you can use this to show that you've studied a profile carefully.
  • Link. In the spreadsheet database, you will find the link that is indicated in the user profile. You can visit this site directly from the table and explore offers, news, and products or services. Thus, you can draw up a targeted and specific proposal for cooperation.
  • Content research. Instagram in 2022 is a platform where people post content that reflects their interests. Review the texts of posts and recent stories so that you can show your interest in the activities of the contact person or blogger. This will help them understand that you are attracted to them, and you clearly see opportunities for cooperation.