Learn how to register on Inflact painlessly to start promotion while your coffee is getting cold.
Short but Sweet: Inflact Registration Process!
The experience of using Instagram bots can be disappointing. But not in the case of Inflact! Probably you did something great in your past life, cause you came across the best automation tool for your Instagram account, which can go to the end of the earth to get your TA. Look how easy you can reach the heights with Inflact.

Complete 4 basic stages:

  • visit Inflact homepage;
  • sign up your account for Inflact;
  • add your Instagram account;
  • confirm your Trial!

Once you complete all of them, no one will beat you in Instagram fame. Let’s get to it!

How to get started on Inflact?

  1. Do you see the button Get Started in the right top corner of the Inflact home page ? Click it without a second thought!
  2. In Sign Up section enter your Email, create a Password, confirm it. Press Sign Up.
  3. Now connect your acc to Inflact: enter your Username (without @) and a Password of your Instagram account.
I want to assure you, all your personal data will be buried with us, we’ll never ever disclose the info to third parties. They are safely encrypted, and no one can even get access to it! Your account security and our reputation are at stake.

I can’t add my account. Why?

First, if you see on your account tab on the main Dashboard, that means that your account doesn’t meet some requirements:

1. You should have no less than 9 posts in your Profile;
2. The latest post of yours must be at least 2 weeks old;
3. Only public accounts are welcomed
4. You should verify your email address and phone number (it's advisable.)

Second, it can also mean that your Inflact acc hasn’t been verified. You need to check it by clicking the icon . Enter your Username, a Password and press Update Account.

Third, his majesty Instagram is requesting your account verification. The popup will ask you whether you want to receive a Confirmation Code on your Phone or Email. Choose any option you like and enter the code after receiving it.

How to confirm the Trial?

4. Once you add your account, it’s time to validate your Trial! 3 days for a token price. But before you get it, in section My Profile:
  • choose any Module you’d like to use after these 3 trial days;
  • choose the Running Time and the Number of Accounts you’d like to promote; Please, note that the more accs you promote and for a more extended period of time, the higher will be your personal discount. Isn’t Inflact cool?
  • choose the currency you’d like to pay with. You are allowed to pay both in US Dollars and Euro.
  • choose your account Timezone. It’s vital for Inflact to operate on proper time and to show you Statistics accordingly.
  • choose what Notifications you’d like to receive by email: All, Only Important or None.
You'll complete the confirmation by verifying your Membership.

How to verify your Membership?

5. Verify your Membership by picking the payment service: Credit Card or PayPal.

  • If you have Promo Code for the discount, press Promo Code, enter it in the section Get the Discount and press Apply Promo Code.
If you want to get Promo Code, do not be afraid to ask our Support Team about current special offers via hello@inflact.com or through filling in the form.

6. If you choose Credit Card: enter the Card Number , Valid Thru and the Name (written on your card), click Confirm Payment. The money will be taken off immediately.

If you choose PayPal: enter your Email Address and press Log in to enter your account. If you don't have an account yet, click Create an Account. Then make a payment within the system. The time for money being taken off varies.

7. Once you are done with that you will be redirected back to Inflact and will be notified that your Membership was successfully verified. The trial starts right there and right now.

That’s it, your Trial has just been set up! As I’ve already mentioned, after the trial period is over, the payment for the tariff you’ve chosen will be debited from your account automatically. You can cancel it at any time either within Inflact or via PayPal.

That’s it, gang! You’ve passed all 5 stages. That was hard but you struggled like brave warriors. I bet it took 2 minutes to do that so now you can relax and enjoy the first results of Inflact’s work!

Inflact register how to

How to cancel the subscription?

Within Inflact: Click in the right top corner of your Dashboard, then click Profile. Now you see your Subscription Plan section, click Cancel and when the pop-up window with Membership Cancelation appears, press Yes, I’m sure. The Confirmation Code will be immediately sent to your email, so do not forget to enter it. Point out the reason for unsubscription (too expensive, difficult to set up, low activity, no necessary features) by leaving the check mark or enter it in the line Unsubscribe reason and then press

Via PayPal: Do you see Settings button in the right top corner of your Dashboard? Click it, then find Payments section. Then click Manage pre-approved payments, select the merchant whose contract you want to eliminate and click Cancel.

Confirm the action by clicking Cancel Profile.

Promotion is easy with Inflact. You can assure oneself of it by reading our blog - there are a lot of real cases and guides for promotion: for photographers, models, businesses, etc. Feel free to read it before you start. If you still doubt or vice versa are ready to sign up your account right now, take a minute break. Remember that Inflact is not just any other IG bot that you can come across at every step. It introduces advanced functionality which will take your promotion to the new level. Next time I will tell you how to adjust all the setting to start your flawless promo campaign with Inflact and how to do it like a PRO. So, be ready, keep your ear to the ground, I will be right back with new articles! Stay lucky and

If you face some troubles with registration, do not hesitate to write to our Support Team!