To effectively leverage IG account an authentic idea is not a basic premise. It is the way you are able to shed light on things. Get aware of content creators who smash the platform by opting for third-party profiles.
They Mastered Criticism to a Tee: Instagram Trolls We All Adore

You may stick to social media marketing gurus who claim you should generate authentic content to make it big in the digital environment as much as you like. Yet, real cases prove the opposite thing. Not convincing enough? Open your eyes and check what goes first. After you’ve found “social” there, the idea of an engaging profile comes. In other words, the content which doesn’t drive the IG community to hash it out is doomed for oblivion at the bottom of a SERP.

It won’t surprise you much that sometimes comments take the biscuit over the published material in terms of likes received. Well, sounds like a guide to action. Therefore, some go even further and turn their own profiles into sounding boards for the IG users.

Sketches on the topic of the day gather the Internet community around, as they are able to succinctly express the opinion of the majority and at the same time save others from a time-consuming process of formulating. It is enough to simply repost or share to make yourself clear instead of coming up with something from scratch, be it a post or a routine chat in DMs.

So, we have discovered the best trolling accounts, recognized as such by Instagram users.

@khaby.lame a Life Hack Killer

An Italian blogger has been testing life hacks and tricks offered on the Internet. It is clear the web is now swamped with such oftentimes improving things too hard actually makes them worse. So, Khaby went viral overnight by showing that many of the so-called quick fixes were literally made up of nothing. What makes the effect even more dramatic, there is not a single word in his videos, it is mimics that has the work done.

In one of the videos, he mocked a life hack for more convenient cleaning of greasy surfaces while washing dishes. The author of the original video, a girl with an impressive manicure, suggested gluing parts of an iron sponge to the inside of the nail in order to remove dirt right off. Lame shared a reaction by trotting out how vexing this method is. Good old holding the sponge in your hand turned out to be a far better alternative. And we are on the same page with him. Just check out how scary it looks!

Khaby life hack

In the next video, a young man cut up a gettin-out-of-a-chair technique. We can't but agree that opting for a stepladder is an overkill. As usual Khaby found a much more obvious solution. And we bet, you know it too. It is still enough to use legs to get the mission completed.

getting out of a chair life hack

Khaby ends up almost all videos with a signature gesture. It goes like raised arms, plums up, pointing to an easy solution. Basically, this is how the blogger is hinting at the narrow-mindedness of those who overcomplicate. The hallmark itself turned into a meme, so screenshots of the Italian are used online to evaluate other people’s advice as useless and ridiculous.

Khaby Insta meme

diandialahai­_ in Vogue Home Sessions

The Chinese blogger has every chance to take the IG audience with his stunning outfits from Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga, you name it. Ok, technically no. But just look at how masterfully the guy keeps the high fashion theme you may come across in magazine covers. Such a fascinating result can never be anticipated at the beginning of a Reel. Especially after you see the author fiercely snipping, splashing, tearing, from all accounts, abusing the fabric in every possible way just to get such an amazing output.

brands outfits memes

Let's dive into the process of creating a Gucci look. The guy grabs ordinary black socks to make a bow out of them, which will later become the main accent on a white knitted long sleeve shirt. He casually puts on his white jacket while snatching a cup from under grandfather’s nose and voila. There is a true perfection on a red velvet background.

brand look meme

The blogger’s magic lies in the huge contrast between the environment at the time of creating the video and the final result. Iit seems that couture fashion simply cannot be born among crumbling plaster, concrete walls and protruding fittings. All together generates such an enormous dissonance that some users simply cannot believe him to be one and the same person.

brand memes comments

@celestebarber Queen of the “Ordinary Girl” League

Celeste is an Australian comedian, a mother of 4, and a media personality.

She made big on Instagram with her #celestechallenge jokes. This lady had the guts to do what we all actually fancied long ago – to mock life in the lap of luxury and do skits on celebrities’ posed snaps.

Yet, it has never been merely a way to make people laugh. The meaning is deeper. It’s all about sharing the message that we don’t need to fit someone’s mold of beauty to be attractive, interesting, or sexy.

Celeste challenge jokes

The gist is not in scoffing at the celebrities themselves. The blogger shows up conventional beauty standards and glamorous lifestyle imposed on society by social media.

Celebrities’ take-offs highlight a far cry between an ideal life and a real one. Since Celeste fits a “normal” woman (or at least what she believes it to be) living “normality” in the insta community where everything goes off the beaten track. It is OK for this woman to fall from high heels, to put on a two sized smaller bikini, to sip daiquiri all night long, sitting beside an empty swimming pool.

Celeste Barber claims humor, both for those living an “Instagram-style” life and being at odds with their body, to be the best possible way to get along with our true selves.

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The Bottom Line

There is nothing wrong with using other users' content or getting inspired by somebody else’s ideas to publish your own, as long as you are able to rethink it. The main thing here is to coincide with the target audience. And humor is actually a smart step. Yet, sarcasm which is valued by you or a select few will not be a great account booster. It is only after it hits the masses, your posts have the chance of going viral and, this way, propelling you to the top of the Instagram hierarchy.

For those who doubt their comedy, the Story viewer bot that appeals to such an understandable human emotion as curiosity can be a safe option for attracting followers at the start. Since Instagram mass story viewer bot is able to interact with the maximum number of profiles without violating IG limits, it is a good chance to increase reach and, accordingly, your visibility on the platform.

At the same time, be it humor or curiosity that brought the user to your page, quality content always comes first. Retaining profile visitors still remains your responsibility.