Instagram is now started to block some hashtags in search. How to make sure that hashtags that you use are not at risk and how to avoid ban? Easy to use tips, which would help you to be a law-abiding user.
Is it a hashtag? No, it’s a jail!
Instagram’s community is constantly growing, and, as you know, developers involve a lot of new useful features for their users all the time.
But, besides the innovation tools for your convenience, any social network also requires such mechanism, that would “clean-up” unwanted or unnecessary content. You may already noticed that some of your hashtags are not working anymore...Unfortunately, this may be a sign that your profile is in trouble. But don’t be in hurry to get upset - we prepared this article especially to show you the solution for this problem.

Why your account may be at risk?

Recently, Instagram administration decided to make a clean-up, and they started with hashtags. Developers have banned a lot of them in order to filter content within the community, and this could affect your account too. The reason is in hashtags that you may already posted with your pictures.

Is it important to avoid using of banned hashtags?

Hashtags are playing significant role in your account promotion. If you already stopped getting likes, followers and engagements in instagram, it’s mean that you “invisible” for other users - so called “Instagram Shadowban”.

So it’s better for you to stop using “spoiled” hashtags before it’s too late.


Examples of banned hashtags

#adultlife #alone #asia #beautyblogger #brain #babe #bikinibody #costumes #curvy #curvygirls #desk #direct #dm #eggplant #elevator #goddess #girlsonly #gloves #happythanksgiving #hardworkpaysoff #humpday #ig #instamood #iphonegraphy #killingit #kansas #kissing #lingerie #like #lean #master #models #mustfollow #petite #pornfood #popular #skype #snap #snapchat #single #singlelife #stranger #saltwater #tanlines #tgif #todayimwearing #teens #teen #woman #womancrushwednesday #women

As you can see, the list is endless, and this is not even a half of a banned hashtags! That’s why we strongly recommend you to check up all the hashtags that you posted.

How to check whether hashtag is banned

If you want to prevent misunderstanding, we recommend you to check all your hashtags as soon as possible. You can do it few ways.

1st way - use your Instagram application

Just type the name of interested hashtag in the search and move to the tab “tag”. If content is not appeared - this hashtag is banned. In this case you should immediately stop it’s ising. Even if interested hashtag is appeared - tap on it. It’s link may lead to broken page, which means that hashtag is also banned.
It’s usage may bring inconveniences to you, for example - temporary or even permanent ban. Note: hashtags may be banned permanently or temporary, which means that it may be restored from a blacklist.

2nd way - using of third party application

As you already may know, our service seeks ways to make Instagram using much more convenient for our customers. Fortunately, we are prepared to oppose these “hashtag cleanup”. Our free hashtag generator is perfectly suit as a solution tool to this problem. First of all, you can also check hashtag as in the Instagram application, because our hashtag base is absolutely replicates the actual base of the Instagram.
Moreover, you have a possibility to choose a pack of hashtags from our verified base and post it with your picture without any worries and doubts. By using of our service you can avoid “blacklisted” hashtags even easier, than ty. You can check on the accessibility of similar hashtag using our free hashtag generator.

As in the Instagram application, you can also type the name of interested hashtag and check the result.

Our recommendations

Don’t forget to check hashtag before it’s publication
Collect your “safe” hashtags somewhere or use our service for such purposes
Pull hashtags in the capations rather in the comments

As you can see, this is not only a great promotion tool, but also a filter of unsuitable content. Stay with us and be in “safe trend” ;)