A step-by-step guide on how to use Instagram stories will drive traffic to your acc and website. Learn what to do here!
How to Use Instagram Stories at Full Speed? 9 Ways to Drive Traffic
People love watching and uploading stories on Instagram. They are interactive, likely to be noticed, and don't bother followers. Simple techniques of using Stories will boost the traffic on a website, and stimulate sales.

How to get more clicks and account visits? How to spur DM conversations? You need a strategy here! In this guide, we share nine up-to-date techniques to drive traffic on the IG page. Prepare and make notes!

9 tips on how to use Instagram Stories

#1 Add links

Don't worry if your page doesn't count more than a 10K audience. Yes, you can't attach any links, but we'll list the options for you below. When you supply a Story with a link, do as follows:

  • Make sure a link directs the right page.
  • Explain why followers should swipe up. Provide a short capture and a call-to-action.
  • Add a provocative GIF. Otherwise, attach a customized interactive "Swipe up" button.
  • Use animated Stories. A catchy vid or a Boomerang will drive more clicks!

This quick and easy effect is a visual prompt for viewers, encouraging them to repeat the same motion and explore your content.

#2 Call to follow the link in Bio

Remember that the link in Bio will drive traffic to your site, portfolio, or social media account. Regardless of you already hit the desired 10K followers, this tip will work great for the promotion!
  • Apply funny GIFs to encourage the viewers;
  • Add a capture arouse the attention to the link;
  • Tag yourself in a Story – that is how people will hit the link in one click;
  • Use services to monitor the efficiency of the link.

Maximize the power of the bio section – add the link in your Story!

#3: Apply Shopping IG Stickers

How to drive not just traffic but sales via Stories? Tag your goods using the Shoppable stickers. This instrument is a must, and that what you are to do:
  • People can use Shoppable Stickers only in particular locations. Make sure your county is on the list.
  • Assure you run a Business account.
  • Install the latest OS on your device.
  • Study the merchant agreement and commerce rules on IG.
  • Attach your business to an FB catalog.

The Sticker will work as a shopping post on Instagram; the number of your audience doesn't matter. That is how you streamline the viewer directly to purchase in-app and influence the website traffic.

Remember about aesthetics! You can customize the color and shape of a Sticker according to a Story design. Read about the latest AR effects in this article.

#4: Supply a link to an IGTV

How to make IGTV video more popular? Redirect traffic from your Stories to IGTV – post a working link to follow. Further, the audience from IGTV will visit your website or links that matter for you.

The journey from your Story to an IGTV is just one swipe! Remember to encourage the visitors to pass the link with a catch capture or a GIF. The number of followers doesn't matter; you are allowed to add an IGTV link anyways.

No doubt, videos are the most engaging type of content. Thus, a link to the vast video database will lead to views, likes, shares, and sales!

How to stimulate more attention on an IGTV vid? Add a CTA!

Example: "Tap here to get a discount!"

#5: Make use of Ads on Stories

Some of the mentioned above techniques are not eligible in certain countries. That's a shame, but don't give up! Advertisements on IG do wonders, drive traffic, and boost sales all over the world.

Stories ads are getting more popular than original ad posts. More people prefer watching Stories rather than scrolling the feed, and brands use this trend. The potential audience is over half of a billion people over the globe! When you aim to receive traffic with Stories, develop a short but strong CTA. Use words that attract your target audience based on your tracking and testing.

You don't have to write an essay. A Story is quick and disappearing, so the message should be simple. Ask a copywriter or monitor how do the competitors create their CTA. Remember, you can attach a phrase on a particular part of the video.

#6 Develop and follow a strategy for Stories

A good conversion is never a fortune. You should monitor the audience's tastes and plan appropriately. Online services, like Inflact, allow you to schedule Stories in advance. We'll reveal the exact blueprint on how to use it further. Prepare!

Why is Stories planning essential?

  • The content is posted strategically. When watching simple vids, you may think people shoot them spur-of-the-moment. But the truth is that Stories are always correlated with a digital marketing plan!
  • Planned CTAs are more traffic-driving. In-stories encouragement is better to attach to your marketing aims and moth sales goals.

Post-planning Stories is a worthy investment – Inflact is falling in price right now!

#7: Drive a takeover

Giveaways and contests with partnering brands and influencers drive a valuable audience on your page! It is not just traffic measured with numbers; it is a sales booster!

We bet IG takeover will not only lead like-minded audiences but build brand awareness. The issue is to indicate an influencer in your niche; it may take time. How do you gain traffic organizing a takeover?

A blogger will mention the link on your profile or online shop so that you will easily measure the effectiveness of the cooperation. Before the takeover, sort out the exact guidelines for your companion. The agreement will help to avoid the misunderstanding for both parties.

#8: Highlight the TOP Stories

Sometimes we love the content so much that we regret that Stories disappear in 24 hours. What if more people could see it? Save for those who missed the deal – add a Story to Highlights! They will reach more people in a short time.

Plan the Highlights and arrange them according to their value. That is how you will receive more traffic after a Story vanishes from the timeline.

We advise you to upgrade the Highlights constantly since new visitors always check this section. Try to make them catchy! Remember that a new episode on the Highlight brings it in the first place and more reachable.

A branded cover for Stories will help you to encourage people to open it. Use your corporate colors and name a Highlight so that people get what is inside.

#9 Analyze the results

The monitoring of the results is a crucial part of any plan. The in-app analytics will help you to indicate certain trends and use them further. Inflact offers extended analytics, division the audience considering the location, gender, and other characteristics.

Did you get +100 impressions when posting a video with the puppy? Probably, this content is fine-tuned for your account. Use the winning idea again!

The Golden rule: only the content that resonates with your followers will drive the traffic on your account. Don't upload the content, which leads to the drop of views; otherwise, you lose time and custom loyalty.

Measure, analyze, customize!

Online service to drive more traffic on Stories

Do you remember, you should post Stories regularly? The consistent plan will drive more views and result in following the links. Inflact Scheduled Posting is a handy tool to manage both posts and Stories from a computer. Moreover, you will determine relevant hashtags when applying the in-built hashtag generator. What auto-planner allows you to do?

  • Share pics and vids in posts. Proceed to your account and tap Posting. Start uploading and generate a bright caption. Remember, you can add emojis and pick your geo. Choose the date and time considering the best posting hours.
  • Edit images in-house. Inflact allows you to crop photos without the need to leave the website. Remember to save the adjustments you've made!
  • Share carousels. Hard to choose? You can postpone several pics from the gallery. Push the "Plus" as long as you added the first image. You can attach up to 10 pictures in one post.
  • Manage Stories. Scheduled Stories will drive more traffic and engagement. Think over the monthly strategy and add drafts right now!
  • Use hot hashtags. The integral Hashtag Generator will drive traffic to posts and Stories. Proceed to the "Schedule Posting," download the content, and pass to choosing tags. Inflact redirects to the smart tool, offering the niche hashtags based on key phrases, images, or a link.
  • Save the drafts. Create a post or a Story from A to Z and save in drafts. Push publish when needed or set aside the exact time.

All in all

How to drive more traffic through IG Stories? Insert links, tags, and in-app stickers! Also, make sure the website you redirect the traffic is optimized for mobile. Assure the link you attach is not long and leads to the desired place. Remember to track the metrics to analyze the winning content for your account. No matter what you aim when driving traffic, scheduled posts, and Stories will make the promotion strategy several times effective!