Are you a business owner or IG account manager?
Instagram Client Management: From Leads to Loyalty with an Automated Tool

Are you a business owner or IG account manager? In this guide you will learn:

  • Effective social CRM and client management models for IG.
  • Ready-made Instagram adjustments from A to Z that will skyrocket your IG sales by 50%.
  • Basics and practical tips to employ Direct chat as part of your social customer relationship management – you will master time-management and save the efforts of your support team.
  • Social listening techniques to engage with non-following clientele.
  • Templates and guidelines to deal with requests with 100% effectiveness – from orders to negative feedback or negative comments.

Chapter 1 uncovers major theoretical highlights that can improve your business model. If you are more action-oriented, scroll to Chapter 2 where you can find the practical settings, templates, and scripts.

Chapter 1 – Client management basics: this knowledge will boost your customer satisfaction

IG account manager

Social CRM – why your business will benefit from it in 2021

Many brands successfully present their goods and services only on Instagram. They don’t have a website, and they handle clients’ requests only through Instagram DM - and they make a fortune. (Find win-win business ideas in this ultimate guide to Instagram business.)

The fact is, Instagram is a platform where the customer experience on every level takes place – from customer acquisition to customer support and upsales.

CRM is an acronym that refers to customer relationship management. Business processes involve many stages and a huge amount of data about each client – contacts, preferences, order history, etc. A CRM system aims to effectively manage this information.

Social Customer Relationship Management, or social CRM, refers to the methods and deployment of customer relationship management tools over social networks. The goal of social CRM is assisting brands to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction through social networks.

Instagram Client Management

The biggest challenge of social CRM on Instagram is the amount of unstructured data presented in the app. You can’t categorize clients until you check the history of your Direct chat.

Good news – Inflact has solved the majority of the CRM issues you face on Instagram, so that you can manage orders, requests, sales, and feedback right on your PC - even if the account is managed by several employees. See how the Inflact Direct solution meets the challenges of social CRM in the table below.

Challenge of social CRM

Inflact Direct solution

Unstructured data which an Instagram manager has to deal with. Hard to recognize clients based on their inquiry status, order status or purchase history.

Labeling chats right in the messenger. You can sort conversations like “Solved issue,” or “Refund requested,” based on the status. As a result, every IG manager will get the issue.

You can filter labels for easy search.

A large amount of personal data about clients you can’t mark in-app or in any IG desktop system.

You can leave notes about Instagram customers – their preferences, orders, contact details, tone of voice. Personal remarks will help managers to systemize data on each client.

Further, you can find chats by indicating notes in the search bar.

Many requests should be handled manually because a manager should know the context of the issue. Communication is time-consuming and clients have to wait.

For example, if clients ask the same questions in DM, a manager should type a personal response for each in private messages.

Automated replies, quick replies using shortcuts, and replies by labels make your client support 100% more effective and speedy. For example, you can mark Instagram users according to the items purchased, sizes, and preferences, and easily reach out to them based on their needs. As a result, customer service becomes consistent and well-targeted.

Read Chapter 2 to find out about DM settings for building effective CRM.

You can try all the features now and test them in the Inflact Demo chat. But I advise that you read this guide to the end to master your skills in customer relations first.With the Inflact Direct CRM you benefit in the following ways:

  1. Deliver great customer support right on Instagram.
  2. Interact and engage with clients in real-time thanks to automation.
  3. Resolve issues speedily by using shortcuts and Quick replies.
  4. Find and reward brand advocates and customers who help others.
  5. Increase engagement and deepen relationships with customers.

Social CRM strategy that improves your clients’ satisfaction

great customer support

Starting as a platform for sharing memories with friends, Instagram has now grown into a fully-fledged customer support service. If you organize it right, that is.

Customers in 2021 love buying on Instagram, writing fair testimonials, and sharing their experience with products. Even if the communication between a brand and a client is indirect, Instagram is a primary source of interaction, latest news, and brand updates. According to surveys, social media, including Instagram, uncovers unfair treatment. This leads to higher expectations from client support on Instagram. The question is:

What do clients expect from IG customer support in 2021? What are their values and needs?

Business accounts get 4x more impressions and engagement than personal accounts. When following a company on IG, a potential client is expecting 3 main things:

  1. Communication with the brand. Over 83% of IG users follow a minimum of one business account on Instagram. This means that keeping your customers and potential clients updated and engaged is goal #1 of your customer support.
  2. Expressing complaints. Over 56% of respondents address companies on Instagram to get their issues/complaints solved. Also, more than 69% will share their bad experience to warn other people on Instagram. This means that goal #2 is being proactive with customers’ testimonials and, especially, bad experiences.
service-related needs
  1. Getting service. Over 40% of millennials consider social media as a place they can get support with their service-related needs. This stat means that goal #3 of your client management on IG is guiding customers towards the use of your product/service. This means you should be ready to process orders and provide customer support via IG despite the fact you run a website for these purposes. Even though you manage traditional customer support outside social media, the issues have to be processed on IG or redirected from there to a technical support specialist.

Note: Even one issue overlooked and unsolved may cost you your reputation and lead to a loss of loyalty.

Remember: According to statistics, acquiring a new client can be 5X more costly than retaining an existing one. Figures to keep in mind:Growing retention by 5% can boost income from 26-98%.

Well, now you get the needs and goals of social client relationship management on IG.

Let’s review the strategy based on the classical CRM model.




Provide as much information on your brand as you can. Deliver explicit content, answer questions in comments, answer all the DMs to your Stories.

Tools: Optimized bio and business profile settings, content strategy, quick reactions in comments and DM; welcome messages with essential information.

Learn their needs and pain points.


When your community is getting active, you can segment the audience to work on their needs in a personal way. Address each client in a unique manner by leaving notes via the Inflact Direct module.

Tools: Segmenting using the Inflact labels and notes, personalized tone of voice for each category.


In this phase, customers compare your offers with your competitors’. They may ask for the price and delivery in comments, so you need to be active.

Tools: Special offers for a segment “hot clients,” testimonials from existing clients, providing all the competitive advantages in DM if needed, labels for every user who asked about products.


At this stage, the potential client is ready to buy from you. They may ask more detailed questions and be ready to provide their contact details for delivery.

Tools: The Inflact DM notes to write down the contact details – email, address, special requirements.


The purchase is closed and you got the money in your account. You should thank a client, ask for feedback to continue warm relations, and form your loyal customer base.

Tools: Quick replies with thank you messages; post-service, and upsales for labeled clients.


Ask for referrals, provide exclusive deals for new products for existing clients. Solve the incoming issues and provide customer support in DM.

Tools: Auto-replies for common issues in DM, consistent content strategy.

Remember, well-managed customer relations on Instagram will:

  • Improve customer experience – CRM will boost positive interactions with a brand.
  • Grow customer retention rates – well-organized CRM will grow retention and result in more brand evangelists.
  • Increase customer satisfaction – when the expectations of your clients are met, they will become active members of your community and encourage like-minded people to join.

So, let’s move on to the practice ASAP.

Chapter 2 – Instagram settings for improving client management

In this chapter, we will learn the practical implementation of the CRM model described above:

  • Account optimization for successful client management.
  • DM tactics before sales, during sales and after-sales + examples.
  • Templates to deal with negative feedback.
  • Best ways to deal with comments on your profile and in ads.

Checklist for optimizing IG account for customer service


Regardless of your business niche, your clients will have general concerns and doubts when following your business profile. Let’s start a perfect customer experience right from your profile:

  • Essential information in bio

Your bio is your business card. The space of the bio section is limited, so be sure to mention these five touchpoints:

  • Who your business helps.
  • What your products help clients to achieve.
  • Credibility. For example, you may mention over 300K downloads to prove that your app and the link below is trusted.
  • Branded hashtags. Use hashtags that help to navigate through your content.
  • CTA+link. Encourage IG viewers to engage or download.

Hack: Your name is a searchable field – don’t simply duplicate your brand name. Use keywords to specify your niche. For example, “organic cosmetics for women.”
products for existing clients requests in your IG customer support
  • Highlights

Add to your Highlight common business issues: delivery options and destinations, price list, current sales, testimonials, FAQ. This info will decrease incoming requests in your IG customer support.

ultimate guide about Highlights

Read our ultimate guide about Highlights to make the most of this feature.

  • Add contact buttons

Help your clients to get connected to your business without leaving the app – use contact buttons. You facilitate communication management with address, phone, website.

Moreover, redirecting clients to your customer support pages will unclog your DMs and will connect issues to the right employees.

ultimate guide about Highlights
  1. Edit ProfilePublic Business InformationContact OptionsAdd action button.
  2. You can choose the Actions buttons connected to other services like Booksy, GoDaddy, etc. so that clients can take action without the need to leave the app.

Now your profile is perfect for managing clients’ requests and getting orders right from the IG application.


Millennials and Generation Z want to get an immediate response to their questions and comments.

Insight: 9 hours is the average time customers wait for a reply on social media.

If your brand ignores DMs, Stories, Live, and IGTV comments, your engagement will suffer. I recommend that you turn on the notifications for all activities to improve reactions:

  1. SettingsNotifications.
  2. Go to each section and choose On.

customer service response

Now your customer service response time will be decreased to the minimum time.

How to manage DM requests for several business accounts:

You can operate multiple business profiles from the desktop by using the Inflact Direct module. Here are several perks of using it as a customer support service:

  1. All DMs in one place grouped by colors. You can see threads and requests from customers texting to all your accounts on one dashboard so that they won’t be buried in your inbox.

DM requests
  1. Automated replies for requests. Do you receive the same questions in DM requests? Set up auto-replies by trigger words (e.g. “price, delivery, sizes,” etc.) and the requests will be answered automatically.
messages for new followers
  1. Welcome messages for new followers. Answer the most popular requests as soon as a potential client starts following you, even before they ask, in a welcome message.

Try the Demo chat and don’t miss any request from potential clients. Find the exact Direct settings in the next part of this guide.


  1. Try desktop services and automated tools. Client management will become more effective when you use the desktop Direct messager. Yes, you can answer the requests using the Facebook messenger free, but Inflact gives you the full benefits of a CRM service.
  2. Organize IG Direct workflow. Regardless of whether you have a team of support agents or you run the whole business by yourself, I advise you to hire a moderator or a community manager for Instagram This person will monitor and react to comments and DMs.

Hack: If several managers deal with requests and sales, you can easily optimize the workflow by leaving notes to each other and by labeling clients. All your employees will have access to the Inflact CRM without the need to log in in-app. The history is saved in the cloud.

Note: You should maintain a single brand style and voice in every DM and comment. Negotiate the usage of emojis and the way you will address your clients, and state the rules for every manager.
  1. Organize communication between your Instagram manager and other specialists on your team.

Some questions can be too intricate to be answered by a social media manager on Instagram. If a customer needs a specialized answer, a more experienced person should be on hand to resolve it. Use team chats to solve even the most sophisticated issues on time.

Tactics to deal with Instagram orders and requests using DM + templates

Let me introduce key Inflact DM functions that will help you to improve the quality and speed of customer relations. Further, I will provide several techniques for using these features for the most common issues a business owner faces on IG.

exact Direct settings


Benefit + Implementation


Inflact DM functions

Your database on IG is categorized* by various niches:

  • Customer groupings (Cold client, Hot lead, Active follower, Purchased once, Loyal fan, etc.)
  • Status of request (In progress, Unsolved)
  • Purchase decision (Doubting, Waiting for samples, Ready to buy, Closed deal, Need to upsell)
  • Collaborations (Influencers, Ambassadors, Sponsors)

Multiple employees can have access to this database, so they’ll have a shared understanding of the issues. There is no need to check on the DM history and bother other managers.

Search and messaging by labels allow you to address each group with a unique tone of voice.

*Categories are fully customizable. You add them by yourself and choose the color for each.


database on IG

You can leave searchable remarks with detailed info about every person.

You can add the address so that your delivery guy won’t need to check on the DM history.

You can mention an email in notes to easily integrate your IG database with an email list.

Filters and search

searchable remarks

Filter accounts – Manage several business profiles. Choose All to see all threads. Leave one account to skip any unwanted chats.

Filter labels – Leave only those labels that you need and reach out to these people with a prefabricated offer.

Search by keywords/ notes – You can easily find threads by mentioning phrases you used in notes.


several business profiles

Set up automatic answers for every common issue you get in DM. This setting speeds up your customer service and saves the managers’ efforts.

Welcome messages will help you to provide essential info to every new follower.

Quick replies

common issue you get in DM

Save prefab answers with associated shortcuts to reach out to clients/partners and manage requests with time-effectiveness.

Filtered bulk messaging

notify all your followers

You can notify all your followers if an important event takes place – no manual reach out is needed. You won’t be blocked for spamming since you can add numerous versions of messages.

Strategies for 5 common issues

Customers ask for a price/conditions in comments


Comment: Hi. Price?

Reply to a comment Send a prefab Quick reply in DM Label as a “Potential client”

Quick reply in DM

  1. Hello. Answered in DM. Reply to a comment is a must, other followers will see you are responsive and supportive. This will encourage more action.
  2. Save Quick replies to common issues you get in comments.
  • Go to the Inflact Direct module Direct chat
  • Tap on 3 dots.
  • Tap on the + icon. Input the text of a message and a shortcut.
  1. Label this thread so that you will know this person is interested. You can continue the conversation if the deal is not closed according to your sales funnel strategy.

NOTE: Don’t blindly copy and paste prefab answers. Use variations and address a potential client by name if it is indicated.

Customers want more information in DM


Is this course available in May?

Adjust auto-reply by trigger words Check threads Ensure the issue is solved Label as Interested person

Inflact Direct module
  1. To answer repetitive questions for the issues that don’t vary, use automatic answers:
  • Go to the Inflact Direct moduleAuto-replies Reply to Keyword
  • Mention all the possible trigger words, separating them with commas
  • Input the text of a reply to these questions

Note: If one incoming DM contains trigger words connected to different replies, both replies will be sent.
  • Tap on Add message and add a follow-up question to clarify: “Is your issue solved?” You can add more auto-messages to the thread, they will be sent after the main message. A question after explanation guarantees that a client got a valid response. If they answer “no,” check on this issue manually.
  1. Label this person as Interested or leave a Note for other managers. If you couldn’t answer the request, mark it with the label “Not solved” so that you will return to it when you get the information.

Customers want to order on IG

Use this process for the incoming requests:

Reply to a request in DM Indicate the details in Notes Label this person as Customer reach out to get feedback via Quick replies

a request in DM

  1. Open a thread and find the section with information about the customer.
  2. Fill in the details of the purchase.
  3. Assign a label.
  4. Use Filters and search to find this person in the future. Type a keyword from Notes. Add a Quick reply with an exclusive deal for customers according to your sales funnel strategy.

Hack: You can track your loyal clients’ birthdays and anniversaries. Mark the date in Notes and indicate 3 days before in your calendar. When the date is close or on the day X, greet your client and offer them a gift:

Happy birthday [name], here’s a gift from us to you!

Hack: If a person wants to buy a good that is not currently in stock, leave a Label or Note to find this thread easily across your DMs.

You want to reach out to a certain customer group

Use this strategy for keeping in touch with existing clients:

Filter chats by the label Customer (Loyal client) Add a Quick reply and save shortcut Paste the message into each thread, adjust it by inserting the client’s name mark the outcome of conversation in Notes

conversation in Notes

  1. Input your offer in the text field.


We’d like to let you in on an exclusive club. Respond to this DM and we’ll put you on a list to see our content first before it goes public.

  1. When a client replies that they are interested, leave a Note - “Interested.”
  2. Find these threads later by indicating the word “interested” in the search field.

You can use the same strategy when reaching out to influencers on IG.

Reasons to keep in touch with existing clients:

  1. Ask for feedback.
  2. Invite to an event.
  3. Notify of important updates.
  4. Offer exclusive content, courses, discounts.
  5. Notify when goods are in stock (if requested).

Customers leave feedback on IG

When clients mention your brand on IG, they may still not be your followers – they might have ordered from a website or visited your offline store. You can add this person to your Instagram CRM:

clients mention your brand on IG

Reach out in DM Label on DM Ask to revise the feedback (if negative)

  1. If your account was mentioned, you may text this person in DM:
  • If the experience is positive, ask to use this on your account.

Hey [name], I saw your post. I’d love to feature it on my feed, would that be okay?

  • If the experience is negative, offer help.

Hi [name], I saw that you’re having issues with our product. I’d love to help you out with that if you have a moment to give me a few more details.

  1. Label it “Unpleasant feedback” (for example) to find this thread again in a week if feedback was negative. If it was positive, you can mark the user as a Client.
  2. When the negative issue is solved and the client is satisfied, ask them kindly to clear this up on their page:

We are happy that the issue is solved and you are satisfied with our service. We would be glad to see the positive outcome of this situation reflected on your account. Best regards.

Important: don’t be annoying in DMs – customers will unfollow if they receive an offer or message from you every other day. Spam is a reason for decreased engagement and a social media crisis for some brands. Moreover, Instagram randomly checks messages, so ensure you are not spamming – especially when reaching out to non-followers.

When thinking over a new DM campaign, ask yourself this question:

Will this message bring value to my audience? Or do I just want to push up sales?

DMs are a secondary feature and your sales strategy shouldn’t be based on them. Use DM for legitimate communication, influencer outreach, and solving incoming issues.

I hope your business never gets negative feedback from clients. But it happens to the best of us. I want to keep you prepared. Let’s learn the ways to handle unpleasant reviews on IG in the next section.

Insta-zen: how to manage negative comments

discount or free product

Despite your great content, speedy customer service, and high-quality products, satisfying all your customers is still a utopian dream. Instagram is a great place to address unpleasant feedback and interact with these clients. Your goal is to showcase genuine concern and provide them with the way out.

Insight: It is 5X more expensive to attract a new client than satisfy those who are in your client base. Over 50% of IG customers will turn to your competitors even after a single unpleasant experience.

Here are some methods to put into practice to make this daunting process easier:

  1. Be prepared for potential issues in advance. While handling objections during the process, track the issues and complaints you receive from your clientele. Write down common objections and share this document among your employees so that they deal with negative feedback professionally and quickly.
  2. Never offend your fans and avoid arguing in comments. Although having numerous comments can lead your post to the top of Explore, bypass any negativity that will damage your brand image. Your tone of voice should be neutral and helpful.
  3. If a negative comment offends other community members, block this user. Your clients should feel comfortable on your account. You can mention in your account rules, that you will block those people who disrespect your loyal audience.

DM templates to respond to negative feedback:

  1. B2B

Dear @nickname,

Thank you for {feedback, review, Story, post}. I appreciate you bringing this issue to my attention.

I'm sorry to hear that {mention the problem}. That's not what we like to hear. We have done {explain your measures to solve this issue – added a Contact button, updated the FAQ}. We will reach back out to you {when you will be able to contact if an issue needs time to be solved} concerning {mention delayed problem}.

Your business means a lot to us. Please write me back if you have more questions.

  1. Retail

Dear @nickname,

Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience. I'm sorry to hear that {mention the complaint}.

I and all of us here take feedback seriously. Hearing that {details of the experience} is not what we want to hear.

I've passed your review to {responsible employees if involved in the situation}. We would appreciate it if you accept our apology in the form of {something you can offer free, with a discount}.

We hope to see you again soon!

  1. E-commerce

Hey @nickname,

Thanks for notifying us about {problem}. It looks like {explain the reason for the mistake clearly}. I’d recommend {how it can be solved}. If it doesn’t work, please contact our technical support agents at {link, email}.

We are looking forward to your response.

Social listening: PRO customer management that grows income

Your clients are not always your followers. How can you monitor and manage requests outside your community? Try these exercises to perform professional client management.


In 2021, people love to talk about brands on their personal IG accounts, even if they are not influencers. They share experiences with a narrow group of their followers but this experience can change the brand image in any way. Moreover, you will learn who is your customer and can get more free shoutouts.

Note: Often customers provide free business solutions and recommendations in Stories, IG posts, videos. This organic experience will improve your performance and relationships with customers at the same time.
  1. Use tools to monitor the mentions of your brand by customers:
  • Brandwatch. A free app for brands that tracks your mentions across 95 million sources, including Instagram. You will be informed about what people are saying about your company and can react to their comments even if they don’t tag you.
  1. Respond to comments and feedback. Plan your reply like this:
  • Greet and thank a customer for feedback.

Thank you so much for inspiring us to keep growing!

Thank you for spreading the good word on {you product}.

Thank you for taking the time to write your comment.

  • Express your apology if a customer claims a negative experience.

We would like to apologize for your negative experience.

We are sorry you are unhappy with your experience with {your business}.

It doesn’t happen often, but we always hate it when it happens.

  • Provide solutions/answers to a question. You can send a solution in private messages if it’s not for public eyes. But you should show that this issue has been solved in the comments.

Left you a DM with the full answer to your issue.

I’m going to reach out to {a responsible person} and see what we can do to fix it.

  • Provide an apology in the form of a discount or free product. Actionable solutions are the most client-oriented ways to mitigate the issue.

We offer a life-long 20% off coupon for any item as an apology for the inconvenience. {Coupon}
uncover customer

When people write their review on their own pages social listening tools are really helpful. Apart from this method, you can also uncover customer experiences through hashtags.


experiences through hashtags

A well-planned hashtag analysis will help you to discover more brand mentions. You can use your brand name to uncover hashtags originally created by users to share their experiences about your product:

  1. Go to the Inflact Hashtag Generator and type your brand name or a branded hashtag.
  2. Scroll to the Related organic hashtags and check each hashtag by tapping on it.
  3. Find the Latest and Top post on your hashtags. Check what people are saying about your brand and provide feedback. Connect to loyal fans and clients – offer them collaborations.

How can you get connected to your TOP clients:

  1. Monitor your top followers using the hashtags research described above.
  2. Send them a DM. Example:

We adore your dedication to our page; thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Or...offer something more tangible:

As a compliment for being one of our top followers, here’s a [coupon/gift/code] for you exclusively!

  1. Label them as “Loyal fans” for your future activities. Use the Inflact filter by labels to notify these people first about exclusive events, giveaways, etc.
Hack: Use not only your brand’s name but also branded keywords and even misspelled hashtags when searching. You need to analyze what typical mistakes customers make with the name of your company to search these keywords and hashtags.

Also, you can reach out beyond conversations about your company and find potential new customers on Instagram by using industry keywords. Moreover, you are free to track keywords tied to your competitors to offer better deals in comments under their posts.


Users misspelling Reebok in the posts with hashtags:

check each hashtag


People are concerned about themselves when they post on Instagram – they share their values that might be beneficial for your brand improving. Master your client management and relations with customers by showing real interest in the lives of your clients – even a small comment will bring tractions and help to build trust.

Note: When reaching out to clients through their IG pages, write personally to build an emotional bond. This attitude will help you to grow user-generated content you can re-use on your page and in ads.

Look at the example of Starbucks showcasing authentic interest to their fans:

client management

Check your tagged posts and use social listening and hashtag research to keep in touch and participate in conversations.


When you ask users to provide their honest opinion you fulfill two objectives – you showcase that you care about your customers and you collect UGC. You can use these materials to grow your client base and sales.

Get inspired by the following example by Sephora:

relations with customers
  1. Create a hashtag to manage and respond to clients’ feedback.
  2. Encourage users to post feedback in their Stories and mention you.
  3. Reply to every comment a user posts under a poll.
  4. Label these users in your Inflact DM as “Engaged clients.” Mark in the Notes the product they like. You can even Paste the entire comment in the Notes.
  5. Reach out to this group of customers with new products when you launch them. Suggest exclusive access to events, content, discount programs.

Hack: You can pin comments on IG in 2021. Choose the best feedback and pin it so that new users will be inspired to try this product.

Using these 4 exercises for social listening on Instagram can really help you to master brand loyalty. In the next section, you will learn detailed techniques for replying to customer’s comments under IG posts.

5 IG comments and ways to react to them for brands

If you respond to comments from a desktop, it’s a win-win idea to create a document with pre-written replies to popular moments. This measure will help keep your responses well-planned and save time and keystrokes.

Note: Never blindly copy replies. Unlike the prefabricated DMs that other clients won’t see, comments are visible for everyone. Try at least to emojis to showcase your warm and personalized attitude, and mention clients by @nickname.

pin comments on IG

Insight: Instagram invented a new feature –pinned comments. Pinning can really grow your engagement rates as the person whose comment you pin will be notified. Moreover, you can move essential info to the top of the feed.


  • One word or emoji

How do you answer a comment that contains just a single emoji? You can simply like this comment. But if you want to get more attention, answer even to emoji comments. You can send back other emojis, icons and smiles.

  • A positive review

Thankfully, people are getting more generous with words in 2021 – captions and comments tend to be lengthy. Your brand needs to be kind to such commentators since they start conversations that boost post reach organically. Thank a client for pleasant feedback and try to encourage discussion. Ask about more details and use this review in Stories, Highlights, or on your website. Ask for permission before taking a screenshot and re-using it.

  • A negative review / spam

If the hate review is not tied to your service, you can report this comment or restrict it. Spammy comments can be dealt with in the same way. Instagram will take care of it. If the criticism is connected with your mistake, answer it and provide the details in DM. Refer to the previous section, “Insta-zen: how to manage negative feedback.” Be polite and professional, but don’t engage much with negativity.

Hack: Don’t react to negative comments instantly. Wait an hour so that a person could calm down. Prepare a draft and negotiate it with other team members before posting.

Note: Never delete negative comments. Your clients should know you address every issue, and you’re not just creating a reputation. Instead, ask a person to update their comment or review it after the problem is negotiated and they are satisfied. They are likely to change it themselves if you mitigate the situation well.
  • Questions

You need to post answers in comments – even though they may repeat. If more details are needed to assist, private message or even call a person back. Also, you can ask for an email so that your technical support can privately send instructions.

report this comment

There is no general blueprint. Every question should be considered separately. But it is always a good idea to hold a Q&A Live or series of Stories if questions repeat. You can ask a member of your staff to clear up solutions for the audience. This content is likely to boost engagement organically.

Read our Content section to master client management with insightful Lives, videos, Stories, captions.

  • Comments on IG ads

If you start a campaign with a Facebook manager, you need to open it to deal with comments. Otherwise, you won’t see them in the IG app. People love to ask questions under ads so that you need to be responsive to attract new clients and followers.

  • Go to the FB ad manager.
  • Click on Edit Campaign.
  • Choose Manage IG comments. The ad you need and comments will appear.
  • Post replies and comments to address users’ issues.
Video Content
Instagram videos: minimum investments and maximum ROI